Make technology work for school

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School and technology is one happy marriage. School is becoming easier because of the internet and other new technological innovations today. But at the same time, your academics is becoming more fascinating and interesting because of technology due to the expansive data base you can access to with just a click on a search engine. As a matter of fact, millions of information bits.

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The generation before you has never seen such things as the iPhone, Facebook, Flickr, the web, tablets, notebook, cloud computing, Android, wiki format, and so on. All these tools are at your disposal.

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Before, you never hear a student feel depressed when a thesis paper is due next week and he cannot use the internet because it is down. The volumes of encyclopedia are gathering dust at the library and at home because they are very outdated in information. Students today want to research on the internet because they want data that is up to date and current. They do not want to make a paper on the Soviet Union and then the teacher will tell him that such a nation does not exist today. It had disintegrated.

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How can you make technology work for school? Here are some ideas

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  1. 1
    Academic websites
    College is getting to be very expensive. Do you know that you do not need to go physically to a real college to get a degree or to get college units? You can have access to academic websites that are for free. These portals have modules that you can finish in one, two or three weeks and you earn a certificate. And they are conducted by prominent professors from equally dignified universities and colleges from around the world. Examples of websites offering such courses are:
    1. Coursera
    2. EDX
    3. Udacity
    4. Khanacademy
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  2. 2
    Scoliosis and back aches are getting to be very common with students because of the heavy textbooks that they have to carry in their backpacks. Their shoulders and backs are so overworked. But today, technology has an answer. The university, even before the school term starts, should have started talks with textbook publishers to have their works converted to e-book form so that they can be transferred to tablets. E-books are much, much cheaper than real textbooks and all the student needs is his Tablet wherein all the books are there and maybe one notebook or two.
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  3. 3
    Video Conferencing
    For group work in school, you need not meet with your classmates in a coffee shop or the library. You can do video conferencing on the internet wherein all of you converge in one cyber room to do either your video call, messaging, and sending of documents to and fro which everyone can access and discuss about.
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  4. 4
    Social Media
    Or you can use your social media like Facebook, myspace, orkut, and tagged. You can send documents to study in one click to classmates only (set in settings).
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  5. 5
    Search Engines
    Gone are the days when the library is the only resource for research. Search engines are the modern instruments used by tech-savvy students to research for their thesis. And millions of data bits will be at their disposal. Examples of popular search engines are:  
    1. Google
    2. Yahoo
    3. Bing
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  6. 6
    Search engines are also becoming more specialized
    1. Medical search:  
      1. Searchmedica
      2. WebMD
      3. GenieKnows
      4. Healia
      5. Bing Health
    2. Legal search:  
      1. Google Scholar
      2. Quicklaw
      3. Westlaw
      4. Manupatra
    3. Real estate search:  
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Tips and Tricks

  • Every day, new technology is cropping up. What may be updated today will be obsolete tomorrow. So for school,
be updated!  Technology can help you to be the best person that you can be!

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