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It is very easy to make an image gallery using the gallery tag. You can set up a gallery of images on your page to display literally anything that you'd like to display and using the methods below, you can showcase your images by adding tags, links to on site pages and other things that are going to help to point to other on site content.

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Using a gallery is one way to get your readers interested in what you are doing and allow them to follow your steps one image at a time.

The codes for an image gallery will look like this:



File:bug1.png|Item 1

File:bug1.png|link [[Help:Contents]]

File:bug1.png| ''italic caption''

File:bug1.png|on page "{{PAGENAME}}"

File:bug1.png|alt=An example image. It has flowers


When they are displayed, or showing up on the page, they will look like this:

Important Considerations When Building an Image Gallery

  1. Choose the best images. While image galleries allow you to post virtually any type of images, you would not want to post images that are not really of good quality. You need to do this especially if you would like to capture your audience's attention for a long period of time. You would not be able to lead them step by step to what you'd like to show them if the image in the first place is not good enough. Keep in mind that a lot of people are very visual in nature. In other words, what they see is what leads their minds to focus. This is the reason why sites like Pinterest and Flickr have been very huge in terms of community. They offer some very good eye candies and people get hooked to it. You would like to create the same effect on your audience through your image gallery.
  2. Ensure each image makes sense. Avoid using images that are popular and then the content or steps that you link to them do not relate at all. Audiences or readers are now wiser and they cannot be deceived by those types of images. When you do so, you only create a bad reputation towards your site and your audience will never come back. Create images and content that are useful and enticing in terms of the information that it conveys.
  3. Use your own images. Copying images from another site just because it is popular there will not only turn off your audiences, it will also subject you to some legal cases. Plagiarism applies not only to content, but also to images. Anything copied, most especially if there is no proper acknowledgement to the owner or there is no permission at all, is completely prohibited. Therefore, create an image gallery that is original and in which you have full ownership to the photos.
  4. Develop content that is unique. Image galleries will attract more attention when it is something unique or something that your audience has not seen elsewhere. You can be very creative in photos and even create a unique storyline out of it. Therefore, do not just take and post photos for the sake of doing it. Gather some inspiration first and then develop something nice out of that.
  5. Enhance your images. There are already a lot of applications available that enhance further the look of images, to highlight further the good qualities. Be perfectionist with your photos, before posting them. If you do this, you will notice that you are able to generate as much interest as you want in your audience. It will also help establish your credibility as someone who is serious in doing it and not just someone who wants shallow traffic to your site.
  6. Upload consistently. Uploading photos once in a blue moon may attract an audience, but it won't be sustainable if they visit again and they do not see anything new. The online world is very fast now and people yearn for new info all the time. Capitalize on this by constantly looking for fresh content that you can include in your site.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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