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There are many different kinds of calendars. Calenders based on the natural cycles of the moon are know as lunar calendars. Different cultures have their own calendars. There is the Chinese calendar, the Mayan calendar, and the Gregorian calendar. Calendars show the list of days we have in a month, a year, a decade, a century or a millennium. It also helps us with time management and serves as a reminder of an upcoming event, celebration or gathering.

If you are enthusiastically looking forward to Christmas and want to count down the days before the great celebration, you can make your own advent calendar in order to know at a glance how long it will be before the great event happens.


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    Here are the things needed to make your advent calendar
    1. Handkerchief. This will serve as the body of our calendar. (This where you will attach the beads and stickers with numbers.) Your handkerchief for making the advent calendar can be any color you choose. It would be best if you make use of dark colors since the beads are colorful and the color of the Christmas tree sticker is green. If you use light colors for the background the decorations may not show up as well.
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    2. Thumbtacks. You will need these to attach the handkerchief to the wall. Thumbtacks are also easy to remove, so it is advisable to use them rather than nails.
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    3. Thread and needle. These will be used to make the decorations for the advent calendar. They will also will be used to tie up the beads and sew them on the handkerchief to add more embellishment to the calendar.
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    4. Sticker (with numbers and Christmas tree). It is advisable to use stickers with numbers since they will be the ones that will guide you while waiting for Christmas to come.
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    5. Beads. The beads will serve as ornaments for your advent calendar. They will also serve as decorations to make your advent calendar more beautiful and colorful.
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    Find a wall where you can place your advent calendar
    Upon choosing the place, get the handkerchief, position it on the wall and attach it with the use of the thumbtacks. You need to place it on the wall so that you can properly attach the beads when sewing. If it is not attached to the wall you will have hard time putting your decorations. One reason is, that you can check easily if you have put something on the wrong place or when you place the sticker slanting.
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    Take the sticker of the Christmas tree and place it in the middle of the handkerchief
    The Christmas tree should be in the center to emphasis its importance in light of the wonderful event. The Christmas tree should be sewed to the handkerchief to avoid it from falling since it is only a sticker.
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    After putting it on, get the beads and tie it on with the thread
    The number of beads you want to place on your advent calendar will be at your discretion. You will attach the beads by placing them on the Christmas tree to give the Christmas tree more decorations. You can place the beads anywhere on the tree. See to it that the spacing is proportionate.
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    After placing the beads, get the stickers with numbers and start putting on the numbers from upper left corner going to right upper corner and down to the right down corner
    The number 24 should be under the tree to indicate that it is already advent. This is also to emphasize that the great event has come.
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    After placing the stickers, you can put on more designs by placing beads on the corners of the handkerchief
    Keep your advent calendar simple by putting on less decoration so you need only put on the corners. It is also your choice if you want your advent calendar to be ornately decorated.
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    Enjoy your new advent calendar.
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  • Do not over decorate your advent calendar.


  • When using the needle, watch your moves to avoid poking yourself.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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