Make a Wallpaper Collage Using Old Magazines

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"Are you a person who is fond of reading and browsing through magazines? If you are, I bet you have a lot of old magazines you've read about a hundred times. Do you want to dispose of them in a creative way? I have an excellent idea for you! Instead of sending those magazines off to the recycling plant to be processed to make more magazines, you can use them to decorate your home instead. Yes! It is true old news can be new news; you just have to make it interesting and significant again."

"Magazines usually have pictures of celebrities, they have pictures of models that wear branded items of clothing, they have pictures of food, they have beauty corners and showbiz related articles and a lot more. These HD (high definition) and interesting pictures will provide you with a lot of material to decorate with."

"Instead of buying wallpaper (which can be pretty expensive), you can use these magazines and cut out pictures that appeal to you to create an extra-ordinary and unique wall for your home. It will be a great focus for a particular room and a great conversation piece. It will make your home the center of attention, and you will feel awesome when people praise your great idea and one of a kind wall. What's stopping you from making your own wallpaper collage? It's relatively simple and fun to do. Open your mind and release your imagination!

The end result - you will have an interesting, stimulating and unique wall that is created with materials you already have, and can be appreciated by so many."

Things You'll Need

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  1. 1
    A lot of magazines to choose from.
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  2. 2
    Backing materials (canvas, wrapping paper, cardboard, wood etc.).
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  3. 3
    Decoupage glue (a stronger glue).
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  4. 4
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  5. 5
    A pair of scissors.
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  6. 6
    Your imagination.
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Seven Steps to Creating Your Own Masterpiece

  1. 1
    You have to find the images you want to work with
    You have to find images that are interesting and visually stimulating. You'll be looking at the finished wall for a long time and choosing the design of the wallpaper is crucial. You make sure you like the design and you are satisfied with how it looks. If you do not have an idea of how to do pick a design, you can flip through the pages of the magazines and zone in on the pictures you like. For a successful collage, consider the subject of the picture, the colors and the texture. A collage can have a theme - perhaps you'd like to assemble a collage made entirely of animal pictures, or models, or perfume. Yet, it can be just as interesting if you choose various pictures of various themes, of pictures you like, that all express different aspects of your personality.
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  • 2
    When you've picked the pictures you like, cut them out so their shapes are unique
    If you are making a collage there is no room for uniformity. If you want to make your collage look interesting and leave more space for other pictures, then you may want to avoid cutting your pictures into squares, rectangles and circles. Follow the outline of the picture itself. For example, you like a picture of a sexy model wearing something sensational, do not cut it in a rectangular shape but cut the outline of the model's body.
    Cut outs.jpg
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  • 3
    Set a background for your collage
    A collage is the most effective when it has a solid colored background, but don't limit yourself. You can also use a background with a patterned design as well. Try to make sure the pictures will relate to the background you've chosen for your collage. For example - you have a white wall that you want to add some artistry to; you can use that white background as your canvas and decorate it with a collage made from magazine photos. That will make your white wall pop-up with color! Your white wall will never be boring again.
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  • 4
    If you want your collage to really pop and have a three-dimensional effect, use a canvas
    Instead of putting the collage directly on the wall, you can past the pictures onto a huge canvas (you can have it custom made at any art supply store). Other suggestions for the background are cardboard or wood, or paint the wall a really vivid color - like rich purple. You can also create your collage in sections. Buy several pieces of bristol board, which is available in many colors. Create a mini collage on each piece of bristol board. You could follow the edges of the bristol board making a perfect square, and then attach the finished mini collage to your wall, adding more and more. You could make a perfect patchwork design using the each bristol board mini collage as a huge tile. You could also have the pictures go beyond the edges of each mini collage, and create your own affect using these mini collages as giant tiles.
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  • 5
    Layout Options
    There are three methods you can use to create your collage. OVERLAP - The usual way to create a collage is by overlapping many pictures.
    Overlapping collage.jpg
    PUZZLIZE it - Cut the pictures into shapes like a jig-saw puzzle, and fit them together.
    Puzzle collage.jpg
    SPACE apart - This is a unique way to do a collage. You may need a good patterned background to achieve this.
    Spaced collage.jpg
    If you're using the overlap or jigsaw puzzle layout it, will be easier if you have a solid background (wall, canvas, cardboard, or wood).
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  • 6
    Before you actually paste it on your wall or background, you should do a rough draft so you can see your end result. Do this by piecing the images together and laying your collage out on the floor or a very large surface. This will give you an idea how it will look on your wall. If you are not satisfied with it, you can easily re-arrange or change certain pictures until you get the look and design you are aiming for.
    Layout on floor.jpg
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  • 7
    Paste. Tape. Get ready to affix your collage to the wall. You have to be sure of the positioning of your collage pictures. Make sure that they are in the right place before gluing or taping. Once you are sure - glue the pictures and let it dry for about 24 hours. Ta Da! You have created a collage!
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  • Questions and Answers

    I want to do my small bathroom with women's faces, but I don't have glue.

    How do I start? I've already cut the pictures out so what's the next step? How do I place them on the wall? Were do I start with the photos?

    You can begin sticking them together using duct tape. Fold the tape into rolls and stick them on the 4 corners of the back of the paper of faces. You can now stick these to the wall. It would be a better idea to run down to the stationary and buy glue.

    Warning. If your bathroom has a shower or bath, making a collage of pictures is not a good idea. The moisture in the bathroom will ruin the collage very quickly.

    How can I create a collage of overlapping pictures?

    There are many ways to overlap pictures. To make it simple, you can overlap the pictures by bringing the pictures in front then overlap it to the side with the other pictures. You can also try measuring the picture you want to be overlapped by other pictures first, and simply cut a bit from it to make it neater.

    You can also try to look and gather some ideas by looking at some collage albums and pictures all over the internet or HERE

    Overlapping is simple. Cut your pictures into different shapes, and instead of placing them side by side, with their edges barely touching, or not touching at all, place the pictures where there edges go over the edges of the other pictures. Make sure you overlap the unimportant parts of your pictures, and not overlap something important, like a face.

    Using old magazines as wallpaper.

    If you plan on creating your very own customized wallpaper collage using old magazines, I'm quite sure you can do it - it's just a matter of time and creativity.

    First think of the theme you want to create using your old magazines, then cut out the pictures you like, one by one, so it looks like a jigsaw puzzle and then connect each piece as if you're doing a puzzle. Depending on your creativity - you can end up with perfect eye-catching wallpaper.

    You said that squares and other similar shapes should be avoided, but squares worked out fine with mine.

    Avoiding cutting a picture in squares and rectangles is only an advice, especially if you want to put more pictures on your collage. It really depends of the creator's preferences. You may, in fact, not have many pictures and these types of cutouts will cover more space. One can be creative with these shapes too. You do not need to see the whole picture so you can patch them to make one picture look like it's on top of another. Putting them in random layers also gives that unique texture to your collage.

    If square cuts worked for you, then you have done it well. Many people are creative enough to get these shapes to look fine in a collage. After all, it actually boils down to one's creativity and resourcefulness. Aside from squares, you can experiment with more difficult shapes, too, like the rectangle and circle. Including these shapes in your collage will be a nice contrast, and bring balance to those pictures that are free-cut. Just make sure you don't overuse them, or paste them in too uniform a design, as it could make your collage too predictable, and make the pictures you've cut in other shapes look as if they don't belong. It's all about balance.

    Yes, regarding a person's taste when it comes to using squares in this article. If you are fine with using squares then that is totally fine for you to do so. It's all about what is appealing to you. Other people who don't like squares in their collage -shouldn't use them.

    How is the glue used to mount the magazine pictures?

    I can imagine various ways to use glue (though I haven't experimented with decoupage to know), but I don't want to get the magazine pictures too wet. I'm helping out an elder with some favorite magazines. Do we add decoupage over them after pasting to protect them?

    White glue is not the best option to use, as if you use too much, it will make your collage soggy. Also, with higher temperatures, your glue can melt and that will cause your collage to fall apart.

    It is highly recommended you use a glue gun instead, which uses that plastic-like heated glue. These are sturdier and more tolerant of different types of conditions - humidity, etc. Also, it won't make your collage look wet, because the moment it dries, it basically just stays where it is.

    Wallpaper from magazines problem.

    'Hello! I cut the small pieces from the magazines, like 10*5, and glued them to the wall. It's looking not that bad, but now I am thinking that this room is not big and I need to make the painting itself not that vivid. What do you think, what can I probably do with that? Any ideas?'

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    I'm an avid reader and was thinking of using old book pages, I know I can use the glue for the back of the pages, but what do I do for the front?

    I'm afraid after the glue dries the pages will look too dry. Is there a gloss or something we add to the front?

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    Do you know how to make a face collage?

    How do you make collages that are made up entirely of faces?. I have tried: I have tried making an artistic photo collage out of pictures of flowers. I think it was caused by: Are there any special tricks I can use to make a face collage?

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    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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