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Wall posters have been a huge hit through the ages with preteens, teenagers and young adults. Wall posters can be made of magazine cut-outs or collectibles. They are reasonably priced compared to original artwork, and are often used to communicate a message. Where some feature celebrities (such as famous singers, actors and actresses, and sportsmen), others may serve as souvenirs of past holidays or historic places. City maps, atlases and pictures of scenery are common wall posters people like to adorn the walls of their homes.

Wall posters are also useful outside the home. For example, teachers, in all levels of the profession, have found wall posters with brightly colored diagrams and pictures, an effective way to educate students. Wall posters can brighten an otherwise dull hospital ward and improve the appeal of small spaces. Nowadays, the walls of teenage hangouts and fast-paced cafes are lined with posters that portray the image of technological progress, and successful urban living.

So, what is it that makes these posters such a vital part of life? The secret to a successful poster all lies in its making.

Instructions for Creating a Wall Poster

Several criteria need to be kept in mind while making a wall poster.

  1. 1
    Choose the wall
    The wall on which the poster will be hung should be studied carefully. The size of the poster should be proportioned correctly to the available wall space. The colors of the wall should also be taken into consideration along with the general lighting in the area.
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    What paper you choose for the poster is important. The quality of the paper determines the life of the poster. Take into account other possible specifications such as waterproof coating, especially when it comes to making educational wall posters that will be used for many years.
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    The subject of your poster should be decided upon with great care. This is a very important part of the poster-making process because it is here that the design and layout of the poster is chosen. The poster may be a simple printout of a celebrity profile, as mentioned above, or it may be something more specialized (depending on the preference of the poster maker).  
    1. Appropriate colors are chosen so that the main idea of the poster or the main theme is not lost.
    2. There may be writing on the poster and a border lining it.
    3. Pictures on the poster should be carefully placed so that they don't detract attention from the subject of the poster.
    4. If you can't get your poster professionally designed, you can design it at home using applications as simple as Microsoft Word or Powerpoint.
    5. If the poster is designed at home, printing facilities need to be located. Due to the springing up of many shops specializing in printing posters, nowadays it is much easier to get them printed. You can even do this online with sites like Vista Print.
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    Mounting, or hanging on your wall
    Once the above requirements have been fulfilled, the poster-making process moves on to the final step. The poster is now ready to be mounted on to the wall.
    1. A frame may be provided for the poster.
    2. The poster may just be taped to the wall.
    3. There are "edges" available to buy. One plastic slider slides onto the bottom of the poster, and another on the top. The top slider has already been strung so you can hang it like a picture - from a hook. You can FIND THEM HERE.
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And so, the wall poster is now complete. Wall posters are one of the few things that never go out of fashion. Perhaps, it's because of their reasonable price tags and availability compared to paintings and original art. As the above steps indicate, they are easy and fun to make.

Questions and Answers

How to make wall poster on Manju Kapur a novelist?

Hi sir, I get one task of literature and that task is to make a wall poster on Indian novelist, Manju Kapur. Please solve my problem. I have tried: I am collecting information about her. I think it was caused by: I don't know

Because this is a school assignment you will want to make an outline of Manju Kapur's life and put pictures that correspond with the points of the outline. Add bullet points of information below each section of the outline.

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