Make a May-December Relationship Work

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All is fair in love and war. We often hear people say age doesn't matter when we fall in love, for love knows no boundaries. This is also true in cases of May-December love affairs. While some of these types of relationships fail, like every other type of relationship, there are those that succeed.

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If you are in this kind of relationship right now, or are planning to enter into one, you may want to read over some of the tips on how a May-December relationship can work.

How to Make the Relationship Work

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    Listen to Your Feelings
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    Ask yourself why you want the relationship and if you are really ready to be in it. If you are the younger partner, you may just want to have a mother or father figure - one who can care and protect you at all times. Now, if you are the older one, ask yourself, "Do I really love this person or do I just want boost my ego?" or "Would I be able to keep up with her energy-wise and socially?" Bottom line is: If you think you are ready to be with a partner way older or younger than you, then go for it, as long as you make clear what your feelings really are, just like any other kind of relationship.
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    Having the Common Denominator
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    Besides age, it is important that you two enjoy common things together. If you are active then it may hinder you from doing some activities with your older partner.
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    Be Ready for Challenges
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    While it is true that May-December couples are becoming more socially accepted now, you can still get stares from people around you. If this would be an issue for you, then you are obviously not ready for this setup yet.
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    Don't Change Who You Are, or Try to Change Your Partner
    You belong to two different worlds; just accept that. Your interests may vary (lucky you if your partner shares the same interests as you). He listens to pop and you like the 80's music or she loves to watch tear-jerking soaps and you like UFC. You love the Beatles and she refers to them as "Paul McCartney's first band". Don't force your partner to like what you like, but try to like what they like and you will in return find that he or she will also show interest in your likes.
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    Be Healthy for Your Partner
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    If you are with a younger partner, it's important that you keep yourself healthy, especially if he or she is active. If your partner exercises, you may want to join. If you are anxious that people will stare at you with a younger partner, then take care of your appearance, especially your skin.
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    Hoping The Romance Will Be Accepted by Everyone
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    Of course you should not expect that these relationships will be accepted immediately. At some point, even the people closest to you will discourage you to continue with it. While you should be open to what other people think about your romance, don't let them bully you. It will still be you and your lover, in the end, who have the final say. Do not force them to accept the situation. Just go on with it and be happy. Prove to everyone that you made the right decision and that you are happy with it. When they see that you are satisfied with your decision, then they will learn later on to accept and respect your decision.
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    Just be happy with the decision you made and make the most of it with your chosen partner.
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