Make a Home Remedy to Stop and Reverse a Man's Receding Hairline

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Men, especially as you age naturally, you can expect physiological changes to your body that are not always desirable.

Many times hair loss is inherited, but there is still much that can be done to stop, and perhaps even reverse, a receding hairline. There are other contributing factors for hair loss, such as mental and emotional stress, lack of a balanced diet, chemical hair treatments, illnesses, and harsh medications. Any one of these can cause more than normal hair loss. By avoiding or treating these causes for thinning hair, you have already made a huge step toward remedying and reversing hair loss.

Hair Treatments for Receding Hair

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    Castor Oil
    Massage into scalp to help your stopping receding hairline.
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    Massage your scalp with lavender essential oil three times per week
    According to a study reported in Organic Facts health publication, medical studies have verified that lavender essential oil massaged into the scalp three times a week was effective in growing new hair for male patients. Here is a lavender oil home remedy recipe that has proven effective in clinical studies. In a small container:
    1. Add 3 drops lavender oil to 3 drops rosemary essential oil.
    2. Pour in 4 tsp. of grape-seed oil and 1/2 teaspoon of jojoba oil.
    3. Stir all the ingredients until it is mixed well. Place it all in a cool, dry location.
    4. Add 2 drops of thyme oil and 2 drops of cedar wood.
    5. Test this mixture on a tiny spot of your scalp (patch test) to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.
    6. If there is no rash from this recipe 24 hours after you have done the test patch, you should be safe in using it.
    7. Massage enough into your scalp to cover it. Do this three times per week. After a few months, you should begin to see new hair growth where your hairline is receding.
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    Use alcohol free hair products on your scalp
    They will prevent your hair from drying out, which can contribute to losing hair.
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    Eat the right foods
    1. Have fish in your diet. With its omega-3, vitamin D and other minerals, this protein food aids in the prevention of hair loss. This was discovered to help chemotherapy patients keep their hair during chemotherapy. Eating fish benefits you in many other ways as well, such as keeping your heart healthy.
    2. Eat foods rich in iron. Mollusks, meat, and poultry are loaded with iron. If you are a vegetarian, nuts, eggs, beans and lentils, squash, pumpkin seeds, and whole grains will provide plenty of iron. Nuts provide zinc and selenium, as does fish.
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    One important home remedy to prevent a receding hairline, and even reverse it, is to find ways to relieve stress
    A receding hairline can be caused by two kinds of stress:  
    1. Alopecia Areata. Your white blood cells are overworked due to stress, and blocking red blood cells from nourishing your hair follicles. This causes you to lose hair.
    2. Telogen. Telogen is hair loss caused by extreme stress. Your hair will not only fall out, but the new hair growth not grow in.
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    Try some form of physical activity that you enjoy, and make it a regular part of your daily regime
    Try meditation or yoga.
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    Attend workshops to learn how to manage the everyday stress
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Visit your family physician if:

  • You have skin problems with any hair loss.
  • You need medical advice beyond a home remedy.
  • You have hair loss after you took medication. Show the medication to your doctor so he can give you further instructions and possible treatment.

Questions and Answers

Home remedy proven effective to combat hair receding hairline?

What would be the best herbal remedy for it?

One of the best home remedies for combating receding hair and hairline is castor oil. You will also need to live healthier and happier. You can also do the following to help your hair:

  • Change from cotton pillow to silk pillowcases.
  • Use castor oil, particularly Jamaican Black Castor Oil (massage to scalp)
  • Massage the affected area.
  • Do not tug and pull hair.
  • Stop using hard brushes.
  • Steer clear from gels (they are usually alcohol based).
  • Take vitamins
  • When you wash your hair, don't be afraid to put a little muscle into it. Men are often afraid that vigorous massage will make more hair fall out, when actually, it stimulates the blood-flow to the hair follicles.

Can DHT blockers destroy a man's hair line?

Every hair on my head is baby fine. I've been taking Propecia for a long time and hair is coming out at sides back and mostly at the hairline. I have a lot of hair but it's baby fine. It happened when I had a fractured skull from an accident. I did not take propecia for six weeks and my hair was thicker with no hair-loss. Now I'm taking avodart with more hair loss 100 a day what should I do?

Propecia helps reduce DHT which can cause hair follicles to shrink. The good news is you have grown new hair growth. The first stages of new growth are always fine hairs, especially after an injury. If you want, you can abstain from the Propecia for several weeks at a time but do not go longer than that if you want to continue to regrow your hair.

Do I have to use tea tree oil with castor oil and olive oil? Does coconut help as well?

I am 27 and I have a receding hairline issue.

Coconut oil could help but it is a thicker substance when it cools. This can clog up hair follicles and prohibit growth. It works best if it is used for a short time as a treatment or mixed with a separate oil such as the castor oil. Whenever you are using any oil treatments, you will want to make a scrub using raw sugar and green tea to exfoliate your scalp once a week. Rub the mixture into your scalp in a gentle circular pattern and then shampoo as normal.

For the castor oil treatment - how long do I have to keep it on and when do I have to apply it? For example, everyday?

I'm 23 years of age and with thinning hair in the crown area. Every day for 20 to 30 minutes is recommended as the optimum time to leave in a castor oil treatment on your scalp. With any oil, always do a test patch of a small area on your scalp to see if there is any reaction to it such as burning or itching.

What typical solution is used on head without shedding to stop male hair loss?

I was taking Propecia for hair loss and continued to lose hair for a year, my head was fractured and I was in the hospital for a month and not taking Propecia yet. Not one hair fell out. Then I got home and started the Propecia and my hair was falling out in hundreds. My DHT is low 21. Why is this happening? Most of men go bald on top why is mine coming out from the sides and back?

The shedding occurs when you have stopped taking Propecia for an extended period of time. You will regain hair growth once your DHT levels are stabilized. Use a baby shampoo or other gentle shampoo while awaiting new hair growth. Because you hair loss in on the back and sides, you should also consider using something like a satin pillow case to reduce friction while sleeping.

What can I use to reverse alopecia?

I'm a woman, and I suffer from alopecia. My hairline is gone completely. It's embarrassing. I need something that will reverse this and allow new hair growth.

Alopecia can be embarrassing equally for men and women, but the reverse solution in this case is not a folk or natural remedy. There are several possible types of hair loss in the described case: alopecia areata, when autoimmune system attacks hair follicles, anagen effluvium, caused by chemotherapy, telogen effluvium, and androgenetic alopecia, which is hormonal. When telogen effluvium is diagnosed by a trichologist (whom you should see as soon as possible), the reverse phase can actually occur naturally after several months or even several years may pass, which has not been studied well to understand the cause of its occurrence. Anagen effluvium may be reversed once the patient is no longer exposed to the therapy. Other types of alopecia require a visit to a doctor (therapist, trichologist, dermatologist, endocrinologist, gynecologist) and will require several tests for hormonal levels.

Looking to bring back my hairline as it's starting to fall back mainly from the front top corners.

The front top corners of my hairline are receding along with small amounts of my hair is thinning.

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I'm 22 years old and my hair line is receding, I apply almond oil everyday before sleeping, will it work to reverse the receding hairline?

I gently massage the affected areas with almond oil but have seen no results. I have been doing this since six months now. Kindly advise.

It can take up to a year before you begin really seeing results with hair growth methods. Instead of almond oil, switch to Castor oil. After three months, see if you notice a bigger difference. Even over the counter pharmaceutical products take several months before you see results.

Is there an easier way to do it than that?

I want to do it fast and simple. I have tried: Nothing yet. I think it was caused by: I'm only 16, and I already have a receding hairline.

Losing hair at 16 is not too uncommon. The fast but not simple method is hair transplant, which is not recommended for younger people, or other cosmetic methods (lace wigs, hairstyles, or special sprays). Unfortunately, people have been battling alopecia for thousands of years to no avail. However, if there is a specific medical condition that can be opportunely discovered by a therapist, psychotherapist, dermatologist, trichologist, or endocrinologist, then the chances of gaining some or all hair back greatly increase. The cure will be a long and demanding process, not fast or simple. Other methods are described in the article above.

I have hairline itching every time I have color, how can I stop the itch?

I have hairline itching after I get color. What can I put on the itch?

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If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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