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Hi, you are watching VisiHow. This is part three of our online game tutorial for Dungeons and Dragons Online PC game. Today we are going to show you how to create your first character.

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    We are going to click on 'create' which is on the right side of the screen
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    Choose your play style
    By clicking on create it is going to open up our character creation window. We have a selection of different character types. There are melee characters, Which are as you can see on the right side and explains to you that they engage in up close, Hand to hand combat. This is you basically run in and beat on things with a sword or hammer or whatever you may choose.Next we have spell casters who are people who use magic.Some of them use healing magic, some of them use fireballs, it just depends on what you are interested in. This is a high fantasy game so you will have this type of thing.Specialists, are another character type. They can do many different things from ranged combat, traps, rogue, thieves, archers and things to that effect. Then we have the iconic classes which are a special set of characters that start out at a high level and are very powerful, including equipment and a few interesting things that they can do. This is a purchased class though, and since we are on a free account we do not have access to that.Go back up to melee. Now, with any of these classes you are going to click on class. This lets you choose fighter, barbarian, paladin, monk, etc. So, go back up to style and click on spell. Now, when you click on class you get a different set of options. Those options are sorcerer (your fireball), cleric (healers), wizard (fireballs and acid spells), favored souls (kind of like a holy fighter), then Druids (nature people and have an animal companion). For our purposes we are going to stick with a melee class because it is easy. Let's go ahead and choose Melee.
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    Choose your class
    Click on melee, then go down to class. The easiest class to start out with is going to be a class that does a lot of damage.Now the class that does the most damage and has the least amount of buttons to push is probably going to be a barbarian. However, you also have the option of a fighter, a standard fighter, think about a soldier or a medieval soldier. A barbarian is obviously a medieval barbarian. Then you have your paladin, who is actually kind of your Holy knight. Now, on the right side here, we have a list of what each character does. Then we have the statistics for each class. So, here is our Paladin, our Barbarian, and here is our Fighter.
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    Choose a path
    Next, we will want to choose a path. The path is a predetermined set. So, here we have a vanguard warrior, the fighters who go out in the front. Next, we have the stalwart soldier, this one is very good. You can also, click on 'more info' or 'stats' to find out more about each of these characters. Then we also have the choice of 'Whirlwind fighter', we can view the stats, more info about the class, and then the general topics and discussions under the 'General' tab. Whirlwind fighters use two weapons. For our purposes, we are going to choose the stalwart soldier, because it is the easiest to play with.
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    Choose your race
    We are going to choose our race. You have a selection of races to choose from, much like Lord of the Rings, you have humans, elf, halfling, dwarves, warforged, half-elves, drow elf, and half-orcs. Now, drow elves are actually a race that isn't unique to here, but neither are half-elves and half-orcs. If you've kept up with Lord of the Rings, or any fantasy, you are probably familiar with these. Again, for our purposes, we are going to choose 'human' because that is the easiest. If you want, as with the previous section, you can view more information about what each of the races do, their stats, what they start the game out with, and how things are for them. You will also need to specify if you want to be a male or a female from this screen.
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    Customize your appearance
    Go down to 'look'. In this section you can zoom in or out using your mouse wheel, or you can use the on screen buttons. The plus button will zoom in, and the minus button will zoom out. You have different hairstyles, hair colors, facial details, facial features, skin colors, and lip colors that you can choose from. To shift back and forth through the options you can press the on-screen left and right arrows pr choose from the color palette by clicking on the color you want. Name your fighter. Let's name him VisiHow. Then we are going to press 'create'.
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    There we are, now you have your very first character created
    At the moment you can see that he is dressed in rags. We will start playing in our next tutorial and that will show you what you can do to start off with your very first character. As usual, thanks for choosing VisiHow. Have a great day and we'll look forward to playing with you in the next section of our how to videos for the Dungeon and Dragon Online game. Thanks and have a great day.
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