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Hi Everyone, this is Sean from VisiHow and this time I'm going to be doing a video on how to create your gif. I'm going to be showing off a few websites that will let you do that, instead of doing the more complicated method which would be using Photoshop or Gimp or some kind of editing tool that will allow you to do that. That would be a whole separate video on that. These are the easy ways to do it, with anything - a YouTube video, with your own video, with your own images. However you want to do it.

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    First, let's look at straight up just videos. This is a website called GifYoutube. You just put in a YouTube video url like you see here, and then you press Create Gif.
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    It will show you the video and ask you how long you want your gif to be, on the bottom, in seconds. So you can do 5 seconds, and then you would pick a point in the video and tell it to create a gif from that point on. So if I pick 55 seconds right here, and then do 5 seconds, it will be 5 seconds after that point. I can pause it there, and press Create gif, and it's going to create it for me and give me a link to allow me to share it. Very simple, very easy.
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    The other websites I'm going to show off basically do the same thing as well. As you can see, shows a little gif here, a 5 second one, with a link on the bottom. Easy, right? And that is GifYoutube.
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    Now like I was saying, the two other websites I'm going to show off basically do the same thing when it comes to videos, except they each have their own peculiarities. So this first website, basically requires you to register as a free user to get most things done in a none-annoying way. You can still do everything - you can upload your own videos, you can upload your own images - they just might have watermarks or they might have weird things that you can't do. For instance, you can't upload videos from URL without registering first, and if you do images they'll have watermarks unless you register. So there's that!
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    But it is very easy to do, and it is free, and as you can see from the video it is very easy to make gifs from this website, whether you're using videos or images. Most of what I'm showing off here is uploading my own stuff, and it's all pretty easy to do and there's not really any problems with it other than what I previously mentioned.
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    Now let's go look at This has quite a few more options when you want to do that, because you can do straight from Webcam to gif, straight from video to gif, you can do YouTube to gif, adding your own pictures. You can also upload gifs from your computer as well, if you wanted to put it on their website for whatever reason.
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    First for this website, let's look at their videos, which is very similar to GifYoutube. I'm going to have this loaded in advance, because it takes a few moments to load. As you can see it pretty much has exactly the same options as GifYoutube. You just pick what time you want it to start, how long. You can do tags and a few other things that are almost specifically just for this website. At the end it will give you a link to your gif, and show you what it is.
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    When it comes to using their images through MakeAGif, it is very straightforward. It asks you what images you want to use, you click the Add Pictures and select whichever pictures you want, and you would put them in order of the way you want them to show. Then it will just take a few seconds and it will create that gif for you and give you the link. MakeAGif is very similar to ImageFlip as well, where if you don't register there are some restrictions to what you can do, and also some stuff with watermarks. But it's all pretty optional, and if you want to register it's free. It's all pretty easy and harmless to do.
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    With these three websites, you'll be able to easily make a gif with an image or video however you want. If you want to take a URL, if you want to use a video of your own, if you want to use images from the web or upload them from your computer - either way will work, but I will say it is easier to have them on your own computer and upload them that way. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to ask as always, and thank you for watching this VisiHow video!
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Video: Make a Gif the Easy Way

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