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Transform your bedroom into a spring garden haven with a few tweaks and generous sprinkle of creativity and fun. Most kids really find it challenging to eat veggies, maybe constant exposure could help you encourage your kids that veggies are fun, delicious, and healthy. You can teach your kids about vegetables and gardening by creating this amazing spring garden lampshade that moms and kids would enjoy. Although the directions are designed for medium-sized type of lampshades, you can make the necessary adjustment on your lampshade makeover to fit any sizes of lampshades that you have at home. This is a great and exciting bonding activity for the whole family to enjoy right at home. You just need a few inexpensive materials at which some of which you could already find in the house. Gardens are such a magnificent and refreshing view that moms, dads, and kids alike would definitely appreciate and love to come home to after a long busy day. A lighted vegetable garden helps you sleep and rest better without the stress of your day-to-day grind.

Materials and Steps

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The following materials is tailor-fit to a medium-sized lampshade:

  • Plain white lampshade (7 x10 inches)
  • Large sheet of plain paper (36 x 25 inches)
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Permanent markers
  • Paintbrush
  • Tissue paper (brown)
  • Colored paper
  • Mod Podge (sold in craft stores) or any all-surface sealer glue

Steps on Making a Garden Lampshade

  1. 1
    First off, you have to make a template of the dirt hills on tissue paper
    To do this, you need to tape the large sheet of plain paper on the surface of your workstation. You can now proceed to setting up the shade, seaming it up right on top of the plain paper, and then rolling it with one full revolution while you carefully trace along the lower edges. You can now draw a straight line which connects the starting point (A) to the ending point (B) of the line. You can then proceed to cutting out the template and then marking the different points at about 3 inches above the rounded edge. You can now draw the curvy lines which will make up the dips and peaks of the dirt hill for your garden lampshade.
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  2. 2
    Help your child draw and identify different animals or basic vegetables that you can include in your garden lampshade
    This will get her acquainted with varied animals and veggies in the garden while getting busy with the pen and scissors. Be careful with handling the scissors or any sharp objects when doing activities with children. Cut out all the garden animals and vegetable shapes from that of the colored paper. You can now play around and add more details to your creations with the use of a permanent marker. You can draw the eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers, and other details using the permanent markers of your chosen colors. Be playful and experiment with shapes and colors. When the vegetable and animal shapes are already cut out, you can brush a thin layer of the sealer glue on the shades and then press it on the paper shapes to make sure that everything is in place. Gently smooth out the cut-out shapes to remove accumulated air.
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  3. 3
    To complete the garden scene of your lamp, you can now attach the dirt hills by brushing a sealer glue to produce an even coat while pressing the tissue paper over the different animal and vegetable shapes
    You can do this easily by following the pencil line and making sure that the images are flat by pressing on it with your fingers. Make some adjustments and allow slight overlapping of edges. Trim it when necessary. Be careful not the brush the sealer glue on the brown tissue as the color might run and ruin the lamp presentation. Apply sealer glue seamlessly right where the tissue paper ends meet.
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  4. 4
    Set the garden lampshade aside to dry for at least 30 minutes
    Make sure that the edges are clean and properly held in place.
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  5. 5
    Switch the spring garden lampshade on and enjoy the soothing view of the vegetable garden while you indulge in a good book, do home chores, cook savory dishes, or rest and retire to bed with the whole family.
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