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Ever wished that you could get one of those sexy soft clutches that are covered with feathers (which makes them seem so soothing to touch and hold), so you can walk into a party to feel like a star? Well, as usual, there is always a way to get the things you wish for, and all it takes is a bit of hard work and determination, and the result will be a unique fashion item that you made yourself. The glamour that the feathered clutch adds to your style is breathtaking and it will make you feel like you are different in a sexy feminine way, especially with the way it flatters any classic outfit you would wear for a wedding or a cocktail party. And you could even wear the bag with a sexy classic dress while you are going on a hot date. Here, you will have a way to turn your boring old clutch into a sexy feathered clutch that defines time and always in fashion, with all the details you need to make the fashion glamour happen.

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  1. 1
    You will need to have the following items to start working on the clutch
    1. The old clutch you will revive and feather up
    2. The feathers in the color of your choice (feel free to tickle yourself or anyone around a little bit to spread a happy mood)
    3. A strong type of glue (like Goop adhesive)
    4. A long thin ribbon (around 6 mm - it will help in attaching the feathers), and a pair of scissors
    5. Duct tape (in case you need it to hold down the ribbon while you work)
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  2. 2
    The technique for making this clutch is in forming horizontal lines of feathered ribbons
    So, to make the feathered ribbons:
    1. First, measure a piece of ribbon that stretches from the left side of the clutch to the right side, and make it run over the edges for extra security. After you measure the right length you need, cut the ribbon. ##Next, to know how many ribbons you need to cut to cover the clutch's back and front with feathered ribbons, you will need to leave about 1 inch of space between each horizontal line of feathered ribbon, so you have a good space that will help your feather have a descending pattern, while covering the clutch well enough with feathers that no gaps are showing. So, if your bag is around 5 inches tall, you will need to cut 10 equal length ribbons (5 for each side).
    2. Place your ribbon on the table, hold it with duct tape, so you can prevent it from moving while you are attaching the feathers. Now, take each feather, add a drop of glue on to the ribbon, and place the feather on the glue, and press on it gently.
    3. Glue the feathers to the ribbon, leaving no spaces between them. Keep on gluing the feathers side by side to all the ribbons you have for the clutch.
    4. Now, you have the number of feathered ribbons you need to cover your clutch with ready.
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  3. 3
    To attach the feathered ribbons to the clutch, you will need to determine the place you want to glue the feathered ribbon to, and note that you will start from the bottom of the clutch, making your way up with the feathered ribbons
    Feel free to use a pen to dot the horizontal line places, if you want to be accurate about the space you leave between the feathered ribbons.
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  4. 4
    Apply the glue to the back side of the ribbon, and starting from the last row at the bottom of the clutch, secure the extra piece of ribbon you left for the side edges, by placing it and pressing down on the ribbon firmly while you keep attaching it to the clutch, bit by bit
    While still holding it down, move upwards row by row till you reach the top.
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  5. 5
    Finish one side of the clutch, and let it dry for a while before you start working on the other side, to avoid messing the feathers with the wet glue or moving ribbons out of place
    After the glue dries, start working on the other side by following the same steps of attaching the feathered ribbons.
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  6. 6
    Let the clutch dry for a bit, then get some extra feathers
    Add some glue in the middle part of the feather, then glue it onto the lower part of the side of your clutch, and press it down firmly to secure it. Then get another feather, add glue to it as well, and then place it onto the upper part of the side. It is the same way used to glue the feathered ribbons.
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  7. 7
    Repeat for the other side of your clutch
    After you are done, check the clutch for feather gaps or spaces, and if you find a place that needs better coverage, then add more feathers, by gluing each feather on its own to the place you want to cover up. Let it dry well, because you want the lower parts of the feathers loose and free as a bird (to have that fluffy and smooth sensation), not sticky with glue.
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  8. 8
    That is it
    Your new feathery clutch is done and ready to accompany you to your next party.
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  • Of course there are different types and sizes of feathers out there, so you can stick to one design or type to do your clutch with, or you can go for mixing two types of feathers or more to give it a multi feather design look.
  • You can get creative with the colors of the feathers;
    Feathered clutch 1.jpg
    you can try harmonizing the feather's colors to have matching tones, like gradually arranging the tones. For example, you could get shades of purple, or blue, or any color you would like, & arrange them horizontally (with the darkest shade at the bottom and ascending with the lighter shades to give you a faded out look). Or you can use two colors or more from contrasting tones and add them in a random pattern.
  • You can add a little piece of jewelry to the clutch after you are done for extra glamour. But keep it simple so you will keep the focus on the feathers, and also so you won't lose the clutch's elegance.
  • You can use small sized feathers, to decorate part of your old clutch, as you don't need to cover the entire clutch. Some types of feathers should only be used to compliment the clutch, as less is more, like when using peacock feathers, because of their unique colors and design that makes them stand out.

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