Make Zodiac Weapons on FFXIV

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In Final Fantasy Fantasy XIV, Zodiac weapons are the strongest weapons in the game. However, getting your relic weapon upgraded to Atma or Animus will require a lot of your time. It will take some time and dedication before you acquire a Zodiac or +1 weapon. This article is a step by step guide on how you can get your own Zodiac weapon.

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Prepare for battle!

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Upgrading your FF XIV relic weapon to Zenith

  1. 1
    Before you can get your relic weapon to be upgraded, you must acquire your own relic weapon
    Getting a relic weapon is discussed in this article: Acquire Relic Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV a Realm Reborn.
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    To upgrade your weapon to Zenith, you will need to hunt down 900 Pieces of Allagan
    These can be found in the Allagan Tombstone Of Mythology dungeon, which you can join through the Duty Finder. If you take on the dungeon in hard or extreme modes, you can get at least 50 Pieces per run. The Pieces cannot be bought or traded.
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    Trade in your 900 Pieces of Allagan for 3 pieces of Thavnairian Mist
    To do this, go to Mor Dona - Revnant's Toll.
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    Visit the fireplace near the blacksmith in Mor Dona
    Unequip your relic weapon (if it isn't already) and exchange it for a Zenith weapon.
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    Talk to Gerolt for another side quest, which will direct you to Jalzahn who is in the same town
    Talk to him and he will then give you the quest of Up in Arms.
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Upgrading your FF XIV Zenith weapon to Atma

For the "Up in Arms" quest, Jalzhan will ask you to gather 12 Atma stones. This will be the bloodiest part of the quest, as you need to participate to 12 "FATEs" to get the desired items that he needs to upgrade your weapon. The drop rate of the atma items is unknown since each fate participant has a chance to get it randomly. Cross your fingers. If you're lucky, you can get one atma per hour. Here are the locations where you will need to go to participate in fate raids.

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  • Atma of the Maiden - Central Shroud
  • Atma of the the Scorpion - Southern Thanalan
  • Atma of the Water-bearer - Upper La Noscea
  • Atma of the Goat - East Shroud
  • Atma of the Bull - Eastern Thanalan
  • Atma of the RAM - Middle La Noscea
  • Atma of the Twins - Western Thanalan
  • Atma of the Lion - Outer La Noscea
  • Atma of the Fish - Lower La Noscea
  • Atma of the Archer - North Shroud
  • Atma of the Scales - Central Thanalan
  • Atma of the Crab - Western La Noscea

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You will need all 12 almas before you can turn in the quest. Equip your relic weapon and return to Jalzhan. He will exchange your Zenith relic weapon for an Atma relic weapon.

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Upgrading your FF XIV Atma weapon to Anima

  1. 1
    After successfully upgrading your weapon to Atma, talk to Jalzahn again for another quest
    The new quest is called "Trials of the Braves," and contains some Easter Egg throwback to Final Fantasy Tactics.
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    Visit Mor Dona - Revnant's Toll and speak to Rowena
    Rowena will tell you to speak to G'Jusan, where he will then give you some background about the quest that you will be taking (The Trials Of The Brave).
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    Purchase 9 pieces of a book from G'Jusana
    These will become available after you speak to her in exchange for 1,500 Allegan Tombstone of Mythology. Since you need 9 of them, you will need to gather 13,500 Allagan Tombstones of Mythology. 145 Crystal tower dungeon as it will give you 100 Allagan Tombstone of Mythology per quest. 290 Dungeon quest per rotation that are in hard mode which will give you 50 pieces. The FATE raids you'll need to join are not the typical FATE raids that automatically re-spawn to your map and let others join. Needless to say, this will take a very long time (hours!) and a lot of luck.
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    Go back to Jalzahn and speak to him
    Have your Atma weapon equipped and he will upgrade it to the Animus level with boosted stats and a high item level.
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  • Questions and Answers

    If I started as a summoner can I get Atma if I'm bard zenith?

    I started out as a summoner and that was my first zenith, now I'm 50 bard with zenith, can I get Atma as bard even though I did the quest for it as summoner initially?

    Yes, after you've completed the quest once, so long as you have a Zenith weapon equipped, you can collect Atma from FATEs. Keep in mind that Atma are not specific to the weapon you collect them with either. You could farm all 12 Atma using your Summoner, but then trade them in with your Bard's Zenith for the Atma bow instead. This is important to keep in mind, as farming FATEs is harder on certain classes, or should you wish to save up for any future classes that may come out. Remember though, you can only obtain Atma if you have a Zenith weapon equipped, Atma weapons and above do not drop them.

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    As a dragoon, what order do I do the 'Trial of the Braves' books?

    I have already completed all of the strength ones. What order do I do the other trials in?

    There is no set order for completing the Trial of the Braves books. However, you can only have one book from the full set of nine at any given time. Likewise, you absolutely must have the relic weapon atma that you are trying to enhance when you purchase any of the books. Since they are 1,500 Allagan tome stones of mythology, you will want to make sure you don't mess up and not have the proper relic weapon atma equipped.

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    To purchase them, simply talk to Rowena, and she will take you to one of her underlings, who has the books. The underling is G'jusana, who has all of the books in stock. All you need is the right weapon equipped, and enough tome stones to be able to purchase them. Then you just complete the trial for that book, and move on to the next one.

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    I fail to find the blacksmith (step 4)?

    You were not descriptive enough with the part on finding the blacksmith, I cannot find that npc and it would be nice if you could resolve this issue, I know you can describe more than just (visit the fireplace by the blacksmith). Aside from that, I guess you meant to say that I needed the 900 for the weapon itself, as the 3 items required before it only cost 40 a piece.. I have tried: Searching around. I think it was caused by: Lack of communication and detail.

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    The furnace you need is next to Gerolt (the quest giver) and just behind the NPC called "Drake <Replica Vendor>. In North Shroud (Fellgourd Float), to the right side of the map (NorthEast). The small village is called Hyrstmill. Coordinates: X:30 Y:20.

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    Where is the Mor Dhona blacksmith?

    I cannot find him so I can upgrade my weapon

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