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Tired of standing on your toes and craning your neck every time you see a show? Are you always lost in a crowd of people simply because you can't see ahead of you? Is having a relationship difficult for you? I get it, you are short - and there's no easy way to admit it, but deep down, you know you want to be taller. In our world, stature is everything. Everything tall seems to be the better choice. A taller house you can buy, but a taller you? It's possible! Thankfully, there are couple of easy steps you can follow to increase your height for a moment, or maybe even permanently.

Height Enhancing Clothes

Choose Brighter Colors


Brighter colors work best if you want to emphasize certain parts of your body. If you want to make your legs look longer, put on brighter colored pants. It doesn't matter what color they are, as long as they're bright. Beware of neon colors though, as this can backfire and cause people to look at your upper body instead.

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    You can also emphasize your slim stomach by wearing brightly colored clothing
    Whatever the case, brighter colored shirts or pants can make your day. Remember to match dark colored clothing with bright. For example, wear a bright blue shirt and dark colored jeans.
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    On the contrary, wearing monochromatic clothes/outfits can also sometimes make you appear taller
    Dress yourself in one color - head-to-toe, and see for yourself if it works.
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Go for Tight Fits


Wearing fitted clothes may not be appealing to you, but the reality is, tight clothes can actually make you look not only slimmer, but also taller. If you wear baggy clothes that are very comfortable, do not fret, as slimming and tight clothes can actually feel comfortable as well. The important thing to remember is that tight-fitting clothes emphasize your lines, thus making you look taller than you really are. Baggy clothes make your lines diminish, making you look shorter and heavier. You can also opt for slightly baggier clothes if it's just a shirt and jeans. You can also try combining a baggy shirt with tighter jeans and you will find you look taller.

Shun Capris and Crop Pants


Capris and crop pants do look good on some people, and they certainly don't help if you are a small person looking for a way to enhance how people perceive your height. They make your legs look stubbier and shorter. It is understandable for you to feel confused about why you can't wear short shorts, but know that Bermuda shorts are a better choice for looking taller.

Bermuda shorts generally cut off right above your knees, or just below your knees. These shorts can make your legs look longer. Short skirts gives the same illusion; those that end at your ankles will make you look shorter, while skirts that end near your knees will make your legs look longer.

Say NO to Flat/Doll Shoes


It seems that everywhere you look today, you see people wearing flat shoes. Young and old alike are drawn to this fad, even if it doesn't enhance their fashion sense. Additionally, if you really want to look taller, then flat shoes aren't your best option. Doll shoes draw too much attention to your feet, which look very flat in them. This will make people think that you are even smaller than you really are.

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    Choose Medium Heels
    Medium heels that aren't too high or too low are your best bet. Use chunkier shoes to complete your style.
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    For Boys Who Want To Look Taller
    Refrain from wearing Topsiders, as these make you look shorter. Opt for shoes that have heels over an inch, or use extra foam to increase the height of the shoes, and ultimately, your height.
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Skinny Jeans Myth


Many people, especially in the past, believe that skinny jeans make accentuate chubby legs or make them look bigger, while making you appear shorter as well. This is a complete myth! This is only true in rare cases, so it's important to keep in mind not to follow trends and advice based only on popular belief.

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    Skinny Jeans Can Emphasize Your Slender Legs
    Darker colored jeans are the best option to make you look taller.
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    Jeans Make you Look Taller
    Generally, jeans give you a taller and slimming look; this is especially true with dark jeans. You may want to consider trying dark colored skinny jeans and decide whether this tip is right for you. You won't know unless you try.
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Choose Long Shirts


Your torso will look slimmer and longer if you wear long shirts. Wearing longer shirts will add the illusion of length to your entire body. T-shirts and tank tops are usually sold in longer lengths, so choose these over the crop style. Remember that tighter is better. Take note that a long, baggy shirt, on the other hand, can make your body look chubbier and shorter.

Maximize Layering


Layering, when done right, will help your body appear taller, enhancing your slim look and aura. There are simple ways for you to achieve this. Remember that darker colored shirts must go on the outside, because this is the color people see first when they look at you. Keep in mind what layers you are putting on.

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    V-Necks over Tank Tops
    It is generally better to layer a v-neck shirt on top of a tank top; this is because a v-neck shirt allows for a longer appearance to your body. Avoid layering ruffled shirts, specifically because they only add emphasis to your neck and chest area, making it appear chunkier.
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    Try out different kinds of shirts for layering and see which combinations make you look your tallest
    Then you may learn what works best for you.
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Utilize the right hair style


Many people think their hair does not play a vital role in making you look taller, when in fact, it does! Longer hairstyles can really make you look smaller, as a person's eye will wander to your hair and not your body. Shorter hairstyles make you seem taller, as it puts more emphasis on your neck and not on your hair. A longer neck gives the illusion of height.

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    Still Want Long Hair
    If you really love long hair, and you can't help yourself from growing it, just keep it at medium length, and wear it up as often as you can.
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    Crew Cuts
    For guys, a military haircut makes you to look taller and more regal. Try it out and see the difference it makes.
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Experiment With Stripes

Yassora Stripe-Wrap-Dress.jpg

The right stripes can make or break you. In general, short people should wear clothing with vertical stripes, as this can give the illusion of a longer body. Horizontal stripes do the opposite - make you look shorter and wider. The trick here is to try out a few different types of striped shirts and decide for yourself what works for you, especially if it makes you look taller. Look at yourself objectively, and you'll notice that when you are wearing clothes with horizontal stripes clothes make you look shorter. From this, you can make your own choices.

  • Look at Celebrities - chalk stripe and herringbone will provide the visual length you're looking for. So, you should choose pants and jackets with these patterns and try out the various varieties of stripes to see which ones look best on you.

Use Heel Inserts


Physically adding height by using black heels will work wonders if you are wearing closed boots. Stick to black pumps for a more formal look or heeled boots in a more casual situation. Remember to always avoid athletic shoes or with dressier clothes, or shoes that come with an very high heel. - They are bad for your posture, your feet, and you'll just end up tripping yourself. A medium heel is your best bet.

  • Heel inserts, most of the time, are a matter of personal preference because they can add height, but can also be uncomfortable. It can also be embarrassing to take your shoes off in public, and have people see that you are using inserts. Definitely don't wear these inserts with an already thick-heeled shoe because you'll end up tilted forward like a woman when they wear high heels.

Try Shopping Internationally


Bulk manufactured clothing is perfect for specific regions, appeals to a common taste as well as average target client size. When shopping internationally, remember that American clothing is usually big; however, you will discover regions outside the USA make clothing for a smaller demographic. Think Japan and Italy - these are two nations where style is at the forefront, and clothing is manufactured for men and women who are built smaller than the average American frame.

Look At The Youth Department

There is certainly wonderful clothing available in the "youth" department of any store. Some styles obviously won't work for an adult, but there's a lot of clothing manufacturers who make scaled-down versions of perfectly presentable adult outfits.

  • Some of these clothes are cheaply priced. If you're short enough to fit into clothing sold youths, it's worth the minor hit on the pride to look in the children's section of a few high-quality clothing or department stores.

Tips, Tricks And Warning

  • If you choose to wear hosiery, just avoid solids and wear sheers. It will add contrast to your legs and its sheen gives a slender/longer affect on the legs.
  • Long Pants. Wearing longer pants (pants that usually drag at the bottom), can make your legs appear shorter. Buy pants that end at your ankle or even cropped pants or Capris are a better choice than those that are too long.
  • Avoid B. Belts draws attention to where your legs begin, emphasizing the shortness.
  • Wear a Skinny Tie. The thin line can draw the eye up the body, making you look taller.
  • Choose Shorter Jackets. They can make your legs look longer.
  • Go to a Local Tailor. Having clothes is made or altered to fit your body will generally make you look longer. Though you may think baggy clothes will hide your short stature, this is not true. Having a tailor personalized your clothing can actually help you tremendously.
  • Posture. Pay close attention to your posture. Always stand up tall and straight and be confident. Good posture can add inches to your height.
  • Love Who You Are. Remember that being short is not necessarily a bad thing. You should be truly happy with who you are, and besides, showing confidence will help you look taller as well.

Questions and Answers

How to look taller without striped clothing?

I am a tall, athletic teen who wants to look taller than usual, but the only striped articles of clothing I have, all have horizontal stripes. I don't own any heel inserts or anything of the sort.

Please help!

Many basketball type shorts and track pants have a line down the side of the pant leg. This line will elongate you.

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Follow the other tips in this VisiHow article to appear taller.

Do high-waisted jeans make you look taller?

I usually wear low-waisted jeans, but I am concerned they are not the right cut of jeans to make me look taller. I have tried: I wear low cut jeans with high heels to look taller. I think it was caused by: I am confused about what looks best on a tinier person.

You want jeans that are slim in the leg and flare at the bottom. Look for the flare to almost cover your shoes. When you wear low-rise jeans, you are actually giving people the perception that you are shorter.

Hi. My Height=170CM and I'm 21 years old from Afghanistan. I wanted to ask, can I still grow, and get taller?

I am 21 years old, 170 cm can I get taller naturally? I have tried: I don't work out a lot.

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I am too short, and want to increase height?

I am 23 and want to look taller. I have tried: Tried lots of things like exercise, swimming, and medicine. I think it was caused by: Tried lots of things like exercise, swimming, and medicine

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