Make Your Thighs Thinner

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Wearing whatever you want is one of the benefits of having a slim body. This is what women work toward because they want to wear the latest trends or to have the freedom to wear whatever they find attractive.

The thighs are part of a woman's anatomy that can make it easier or more difficult for women to walk into a clothing shop with confidence and walk out with a new wardrobe.

It makes a woman look sexy when her thighs are in proportion to the rest of her body. If they are, she feels more confident in her every move, and men see this as very attractive.

That is why some women do their best to have thinner thighs. Some celebrities say that the thighs are the easiest areas to slim down.

Doing so will not only allow you to wear skinny jeans or short shorts, but it will also transform you in your own mind. You'll have a smaller dress size and a more colorful social life. If you know how to make your legs thinner, you could walk around in those heels and show off your tight, sexy legs. Slimming your legs and thighs means you won't have to worry about cellulite or jiggly steps.

The Thigh Gap

Some women are very particular about the thigh gap. It makes it easier to wear great clothes, not to mention cross your legs. Below are the reasons why women prefer having a thigh gap

  1. 1
    Crossing Legs. Sitting with your legs crossed is a sexy thing. It can be difficult to do this if your thighs are bulging. With skinny legs, you can also cross a leg over the other leg and position it behind the other.
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    Wearing skinny jeans. You can only wear this type of jeans well if you have a slim butt and skinny thighs.
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    Chafing skin. If you have bulky thighs, they will rub together when you walk. This may be painful if the skin rubs together for a prolonged period. Not only will you have chaffed skin, but it will ruin your pants by wearing out that area.
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  4. 4
    Miniskirts. It's easier to wear miniskirts if you have thin thighs. Mini skirts are not particularly flattering if you have bulky thighs.
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    Look hot. Though not all women feel this way, many will feel hotter when they achieve their slimmer thighs.
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    Look taller. Even short women will look taller with thinner thighs. If you are more than five feet four inches, then you have the edge, especially if you wear heels.
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    Leg warmers. You can pull this off with thinner thighs.
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    No more spanks. If you wear slimming wear, your flesh is compressed to make you look thinner. With thinner thighs, you won't have to wear this at all.
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    Short shorts. Short shorts are easier to wear with thinner thighs.
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How To Make Your Legs Thinner

It's not just the outside you want to improve, but the inside as well.

Physical Activities

  1. 1
    Purchase and use a pedometer. Use your pedometer to track how many steps you take every day. You can just attach it to your hip or conceal it.
    1. About 10,000 steps should be your aim every day.
    2. You should find excuses to walk so that you will fulfill your goal.
    3. Forget about the escalator or elevator and use the stairs.
    4. Run up and down the stairs.
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  2. 2
    Perform squats. You can do squats with or without weights. You can do squats while you are taking a break from your daily workload or while you have spare time. Maybe this is something you can do while your watching TV - during the commercials.  
    1. Belgian squats. Hold some weight as you stretch your arms forward. Lift your other leg as if you're resting it on a bench. Your leg should be parallel to the ground. Repeat these moves after you go back to your original position.
    2. Jump squats. This is a combination of a regular squat and a jump. You go down with the squat and then jump up as you go back to your original position.
    3. Old fashioned squats. You can do this by stretching your arms forward and sitting with your thighs parallel to the floor. Don't let your butt touch your legs as you go down. Return to your starting position and then repeat the action.
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  3. 3
    Use your jump rope. This exercise helps train your agility and burn your calories at the same time. A jump rope is economical and very effective.
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  4. 4
    Interval training. This exercise is a hard boost of workout that lasts for a short period. This burns more calories and improves your aerobic ability.
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    Perform jumping jacks. Do this in combination with your other workout regimens. This will maximize the intensity and you will be able to feel it burn off the fat in your thighs.
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    Bike rides. Doing this uphill provides more resistance. This will make your thighs skinnier faster.
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    Try scissor kicks. You work out your abdominal muscles (core) and your thighs at the same time - with scissor kicks. Do this by lying on your back and placing your hands under your bum. This makes it easier for you to raise your legs and kick forward and backward repeatedly. Increase the intensity by putting your hands to the sides.
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    Dance. This is fun and effective. You won't even notice you're making improvements because of the music and the thrill of the dance.
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    Perform lunges. Do this with dumbbells in both hands. You lunge with your one leg while you lower your other knee until it is only an inch above the floor. Do this repeatedly for each leg.
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  10. 10
    Get involved with organized sports. Basketball, tennis, or soccer and fencing are good to consider. Just make sure you have enjoy the activities you are involved in, and it won't seem like work.
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What You Put Into Your Body Counts

If you are what you eat...

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      Take in less calories than you burn. When you do this, you will definitely lose the weight that you need.
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      Count calories and start a food journal.
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      Do not starve yourself so that you can get a sugary fix.
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      Eat a heavy breakfast and less food during lunch and dinner.
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      Eat the right kinds of foods. These include lean protein, legumes, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and whole grains.
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      Stay away from refined carbohydrates.
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      Drink lots of water. This makes you feel full longer and hydrates you. It makes you eat less.
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Another way of helping you achieve slimmer thighs is thigh massage. This eliminates the cellulite and improves the circulation in your thighs. It also helps relieve stress in your thigh muscles. Thighs are weight-bearing muscles that experience strain when you stand, run, walk, and exercise frequently. You can improve the health of your thighs through massage that you can perform at least twice a week. Frequent thigh massage often results in slimmer thighs. It also indirectly helps you lose weight. Getting massages from spas can be costly, but oh so very wonderful!

How Massage Can Give You Slimmer Thighs

Maybe you're wondering how massage can make your thighs thinner. Below are some of the benefits that massage can bring to your thighs:

  1. Through massage, the nutrients are distributed evenly throughout your thigh's tissue and blood. This results in improved metabolism.
  • Thigh massage also removes cellulite. The pressure and kneading movements make this happen. This is almost like exercising your thighs all the time.
  • Massage also makes the skin of your thighs shiny because of better circulation.
  • Pigmentation is also reduced in the thigh area because of massage.
  • Stress is relieved through thigh massage. Lactic acid is removed through the kneading motions. The sciatic nerve compression is reduced as well.
  • Muscle knots are also removed, especially when you sit for prolonged periods of time.
  • Technique

    As most of us can't afford a spa, we will instruct you on how to massage your own thighs. Below are some of the techniques for performing thigh massage on your own:

    1. Sit on a floor mat or on your bed.
    2. Rest your foot on a flat surface and bend one knee.
    3. Stroke your thigh from your knee to your upper thigh.
    4. Gently rub your entire thigh.
    5. Knead and relax your thigh muscles.
    6. Punch your thighs lightly with your clenched fists.
    7. Use some oil to do this as your hands will move better over your skin. Warming up the oil is even better.

    Various Kinds of Massage You Can Do Yourself, Or Have Done

    You can change up different kinds of massage on your thighs to prevent monotony. Here are some of the more popular massages that you can benefit from:

    1. Muscle flush massage. Stroke your thigh muscles from below your thigh, moving upwards. This is a good way of releasing accumulated toxins in your thighs.
    2. Broad stroke massage. This is much like the muscle flush massage, but involves more pressure.
    3. Deep muscle massage. During this massage, you target specific points on your thighs with a lot of pressure, to relieve pain a lot quicker.
    4. Deep tissue massage.
    5. Refloxology.
    6. Shiatsu.
    7. Swedish massage.
    8. Aromatherapy.
    9. Thai massage.
    10. Hot stone massage.

    You can definitely make your thighs thinner with discipline and consistent health practices. Be persistent and patient and you will eventually fit into those shorts and skinny jeans in no time at all!


    • When you lose weight, you lose weight all over your body, including your thighs.
    • Stretch before each workout.
    • Stick to your diet and your workout.
    • Do not skip meals. You will only make your metabolism slow down.
    • Do not eat heavy meals. More meals of less food is best.
    • Be patient. Getting thinner thighs is not a magical process.

    Questions and Answers

    What body types tend to have bulky thighs?

    • People with the pear body shape tend to have bulky thighs. Marilyn Monroe is a perfect classic example.
    • The skittle body type also tends to have wider thighs. Imagine a bowling pin; that's what the body figure looks like. Think of Halle Berry and you are looking at a perfect example.
    • If you are knock-kneed, you won't ever have that space in your upper thighs. Sorry. Just the way it is...even if you don't have big thighs at all, you won't have that space.

    How to cross leg sit and without thigh gap in exercise?

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    Massage to slim down thighs?

    There are many health benefits of massage and one of these is to aid in slimming down thighs. Below are some rationales why massage is very helpful in slimming down fat deposits in thighs:

    • Increases cell metabolism. Massage efficiently improves blood circulation in the thighs and properly nourishes muscles which improves their interchange of essential nutrients between the cells and the blood resulting to increase your metabolism and burn more calories.
    • Breaks down fats. Deep and firm massages breaks down fatty deposits in the thighs. These get absorbed.
    • Burns cellulite. By firmly massaging your thighs, you are also creating enough heat through friction, which will slowly removes the unwanted fats on your thighs.

    In general, frequent thigh massage is quite effective in slimming down thighs.

    I am full of sitting down moments. How can I be more active?

    Its cold where I live and hard to workout at the moment. Can you suggest a way to become more active and boost my metabolism?

    Actually, cold areas make us more active. We eat more and walk and move faster outside to keep ourselves warm. Personal experience dictates that living in an area where winters are at -25 F and summers are +100 F, it is always easier to work out and be active during colder days. However, your body begins to store some fat for the winter too, which is normal; and your will drop the weight closer to summer. Boosting metabolism is primarily achieved by going to the gym. Do not work out at home, as your indoor temperature may be too low and harm your muscles; or you will be just be too reluctant to keep up with the workout program. Gyms always keep indoor temperatures warm enough to keep your muscles and ligaments warmed up. After a 1-3-hour workout (1 hour for most intense programs), your metabolism will be very high for a day or two. To boost your metabolism after the gym, eat healthy foods, drink water, and visit sauna. To stimulate your metabolism even more, eat food in small portions every hour or two.

    How can I have slim legs and arms?

    I can't wear that sort of clothing, I want to wear my shirt and Jerseys arm that became tight and I am uncomfortable wearing clothes that makes me look fat because of my legs and arms.

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