Make Your Own Gift Bags

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Running out of options for wrapping your presents? VisiHow can help you make a gift bag from scratch.

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It is that time of the year again when people become busy with grabbing goods to give away for the holidays. We are all used to the stereotypical gift wrapping or gift boxes when we receive gifts, so it sometimes becomes less exciting. If you are giving away gifts for Christmas, you probably don't want to give gifts that look boring. Making a handmade gift bag will make your presents extra special. You can pick your own designs and use recycled materials to save some bucks. Making your own gift bags will also add a personal touch to your gifts. The recipient will feel that you have exerted an effort to prepare a gift for her and that you didn't just put it in a box and get it over with. You will spend less money and get more appreciation. Make your loved-ones feel excited as soon as they see your handmade gift bags. Read on and see how beautiful your gift bags will be.

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Gift Bag Out of Wrapping Paper

This gift bag can be used for light gifts such as shirt, accessories, small handbags and the like. It is made out of wrapping paper, so make sure that you do not use it for gifts that are heavy, as it could easily break. But it will make an excellent carrier for lightweight presents.

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  1. 1
    What you need
    1. Wrapping Paper
    2. Glue Gun
    3. Glue Stick
    4. Ruler
    5. Cardstock
    6. Paper Twist
    7. Gift Tags
    8. Decorative Scissors
    9. Washi Tapes (optional)
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  2. 2
    1. Cut the wrapping paper to 24 x 14 inches. To make the edges of the paper look prettier, put some washi tape on its side before starting to fold.
    2. Lay the paper on your working table face down. The longer edge should be on the top and the bottom, and the shorter ones will be on the left and right side. Fold the left side of the paper in= ½ inch and crease it. Including the folded paper from the left, measure 4 inches of the paper and fold it in.
    3. Divide the 4 inches part that you just made into two by folding it backward and creasing it. This will form a triangle shape. Measure 7 ¾ inches from the crease of the 4 inch part that you made and mark it. Fold it in and crease it.
    4. From the last crease you made, measure another 4 inch part then fold and crease it. Divide this part into two just like how you did it on step number 3. The remaining part on the right should have the size 7 ¾ inches.
    5. From the bottom edge, measure 3 inches then fold and crease it.
    6. We will now make three cuts. The cuts should start from the bottom up to the crease created by folding the 3 inches part. From the right side, cut the two creases that form the triangle. (Make sure not to cut the middle crease.) Then cut the next crease to the left.
    7. Using your glue gun, put some glue on the folder ½ inches part on the left edge. Take the right edge of the paper and attach the two together. Press the paper down to make the two edges stick together. Cut the crease that is behind the glued edge from the bottom up to the crease created by folding the 3 inch part.
    8. Fold the two short flaps up inside the bag and do the same with one of the long flaps. Put some glue on the bottom edge other long flap and fold it until it meets the first folded long flap. Press it down to the surface to make sure that the long flaps are pasted together well.
    9. Take each of the shorter flaps and add some glue the bottom of each of them. Press both of them down in the bag to make sure that they are pasted well.
    10. Grab your ribbons and card stock to make the handle of your bag. Cut a 4 x 4 inch piece of card stock and fold it into half. Cut your paper twist to your desired length and glue the ends of your handle to one of the card stock's side. Put some glue on the other side of the card stock and fold it together. Press it down to ensure that both sides are pasted well. Make two of these.
    11. Glue your handles to the inside of the bag. Let the bag sit for 30 minutes to an hour to make sure that the glue is completely dry before putting your gifts in it. Add a gift tag after sealing in your gift.
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Gift Bag Out of Fabric

It is time to revisit your old closet and grab those pretty fabrics that are still in good shape but no longer in use. Make them serve you the second time around by turning them into gift bags that are perfect for jewelry.

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Ghemgc gift fabric.jpg
  1. 1
    What you need
    1. 6.5 x 6.5 Inches of Your Chosen Fabric (2 pieces)
    2. Pinking Fabric Scissors (optional)
    3. Double Sided Tape
    4. Decorations Like Beads, Flowers, Ribbons, Washi Tapes, Gift Tags, Leather Thongings
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  2. 2
    1. Cut the edges of both your fabrics using your pinking scissors to make it look more appealing. You can skip this part if you want your gift bag to look simpler.
    2. Get the first fabric and put double sided tape on its three sides. Put the tape on the wrong side of the fabric. Remove the backing of the tape and put the second fabric over the first one. Press down the edge that you have taped to make sure that it is well attached. You can also use a glue gun and a glue stick for this step.
    3. You can now put your tiny gifts inside the bag and start decorating it. If you are in a hurry, you can still make your gift bags look nice by using washi tapes to seal it. You can also use leather thongings by wrapping it around the opening of the bag and tying a bow. If you want it easy, you can use a ribbon and tie it around the opening of your gift bag. To put on a gift tag, use double sided tape and attach it outside your gift bag.
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Purse Gift Bag

Impress your wife, girlfriend, mom or any other special woman in your life by giving her presents wrapped in this stunning purse gift bag. Show how creative you can be just to make her feel extra special.

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Ghemgc gift purse.jpg
  1. 1
    What you need
    1. A Standard Brown Paper Bag
    2. 2 Pieces of Card Stock (1st is cut 4 ¼ x 5 ½ inches, 2nd is cut 5 ½ by 6 ¼ inches)
    3. 2 Pieces of Pattern Papers (4 x 5 ¼ inches)
    4. A Pattern Paper Strip (1 ¾ x 5 ¼ inches)
    5. A Crocodile Puncher
    6. A Regular Tape
    7. A Double Sided Tape
    8. A Pair of Scissors
    9. A Ribbon
    10. Embellishments like Beads, Buttons, and Flowers
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  • 2
    1. Cut the brown paper bag across, 4 inches from the bottom. Your bag is now divided into two. You will only use the bottom part.
    2. Take the card stock that is 5 ½ by 6 ¼ inches size. Fold and crease the 2 inch part of the card stock on the left side of the shorter edge. The card stocks will serve as the base of the gift bag.
    3. Take both of the bigger pattern papers and tape each of them on each of the card stocks, using double sided tape. Take the pattern paper strip and tape is on the 2 inches fold that you made on the bigger card stock. It should look like a cover of an envelope.
    4. Make a hole on the bigger card stock, using a crocodile puncher. The hole should be 2 centimeters below the 2 inch fold and should be inches from the die of the card stock.
    5. Thread the ribbon from the back, going inside. The tail should be inside the card stock, so it will be hidden and it's not going to look messy from the outside. Make sure the ribbon isn't twisted before taping it inside.
    6. Take the brown paper bag that you have cut and put some double sided tape on one side. Attach it in the inside part of the last card stock that you worked on. Press it down to ensure that it is perfectly attached, and fold the flap down.
    7. Put some double sided tape on the other side of the brown bag and attach it to the other card stock. Make sure that it is perfectly aligned before you press it down.
    8. Decorate your purse gift bag with buttons or flowers on the cover to make it look like a real purse. You can use a sticky back to create a closure for your purse. You pretty purse gift bag is now ready!
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  • Tips

    • Before deciding what type of gift bags you want to make, make a checklist for the gifts that you are buying first. This way, no money, materials or time will be wasted.

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