Make Your Own Coconut Oil Face Moisturizer and Get Rid of Expensive Treatments

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Are you tired of making trips to generic cosmetic stores for facial creams and moisturizers which can replenish or rejuvenate your facial glow? In this HowTo article, we will be sharing an inexpensive guide to making your very own facial moisturizer in an all natural way. This is a quick do-it-yourself guide for your beauty needs.

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for the Face

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  1. 1
    It acts as an organic sunscreen
    Coconut oil has the ability to function like a sunscreen. It helps repel the harmful rays of the sun. Dabbing a very thin layer of coconut oil on your face and body before going to the beach can help a lot in preventing extreme sunburn.
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    It spreads easily and evenly on the skin
    It feels good to apply because it is very smooth to lather through the body because of its overall fine consistency.
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  3. 3
    It hydrates the skin much better than cosmetic moisturizers
    It is able to penetrate deep into the different layers of skin and keep the existing moisture for a long time. It helps the moisture in the body to stay and not evaporate quickly. It is good to apply coconut oil while the skin is still damp because it will be able to retain the water that is already on your skin.
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  4. 4
    It address some of the most common skin problems like
    1. Mosquito bites. It helps relieve the itchiness and also soothe the bruise that you might have developed out of scratching it.
    2. Bruises. It helps bruises heal quickly. You just need to apply it directly on the affected area and you will notice after a few minutes that blood has completely clot. Also, it helps avoid ugly scars and marks once the bruises have completely healed.
    3. Flaky skin. If you are suffering from eczema or other conditions in which your skin becomes flaky, applying a small amount of coconut oil will immediately solve it.
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Things You'll Need

  • 1 cup Aloe Vera gel - this needs to be a genuinely produced gel or a commercialized one
  • 3/4 ounce beeswax - you have to make sure it is for use in skin cosmetics not for making candles
  • 1/4 cup almond oil
  • 1/4 cut coconut oil.
  • 10 drops of your very own essential oil
  • Any soap or chocolate melter
  • Your very own blender
  1. 1
    Use a chocolate melter and begin melting beeswax and coconut oil into the almond oil.
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  2. 2
    Cool the ingredients and pour the melted oil into your blender
    It usually takes an hour and a half to process the cooling of the melted ingredients. If you do not let it cool, prepare to see disarrayed ingredients.
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  3. 3
    The Aloe Vera gel should be mixed with the essential oil.
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    Start up the blender and cautiously put the Aloe Vera gel into the blender
    You will begin to notice a frothing effect on the ingredients as they begin to form a semi-moisturizer look.
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  5. 5
    After completing the final steps, you should put it in a nice container and keep it in a cool place.
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Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure to remove debris from the lower part of the blender, or it could build up and cause your blender to not mix the ingredients properly.
  • To distribute the ingredients thoroughly, be sure to mix it deliberately slowly.
  • The Aloe Vera gel must heated congruently with the other oils, and a 10 second microwave heating should do just fine.
  • Additionally, mix the ingredients again with an egg beater, to procure a beautiful cream, at least if it appears gooey or inappropriate for use around your eyes.
  • In case you do not have any beeswax available you can opt for carnauba, a soy wax or emulsion, to replace the missing beeswax.
  • Always take into consideration asking a medical expert before making and applying this solution.
  • Bear in mind that everything expires, so if you feel like it begins to look or smell weird, discontinue its use.
  • As soon as you see some adverse reactions on your skin, discontinue use right away.
  • Avoid applying coconut oil near the eyes as that may clog your tear glands and cause dry eyes. Dry eyes occur when the tear ducts in your eyes become unable to produce natural tears. It is a very bothering condition and may even lead to more serious irritations.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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