Make Your Home Dog Smell-Free

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Dogs are awesome companions. They like to hang out with you whenever you're at home. However, you cannot deny the fact that they do leave that distinct "doggy smell" all over the house. They leave this scent on furniture, certain corners, carpets, bed, and other surfaces they frequent. It can be a tough challenge to make your home dog smell-free. Of course, no matter how difficult the task is, there are always certain ways to accomplish it. Eliminating dog odors in the house is an endeavor that requires patience and persistence. You also have to be resourceful and dedicated. Keeping your home dog smell-free sets the fact in stone that you are the pack leader, too. Maintaining the way you want the house to smell is the best way of showing your dogs that you rule the roost - a clean one at that.

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How to Make Your Home Dog Smell- Free

It can never be denied that many dog owners love to have their dogs inside the house all the time. It's an inherent part of the partnership that they share. Most dog owners can never imagine sleeping at night or going about the day knowing their dogs are out in the cold or the rain. However, the main task left to dog owners/lovers like you is to get rid of the lingering dog smell inside your home. Even if you're very particular with your dog's hygiene, there will always be that dog smell that you just have to get rid of. To help you have that homey ambiance without the doggy smell, here are some of the useful tips that you could follow:

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  1. 1
    Clean your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) filters regularly
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    Dog odors can be trapped in your AC filters and just circulate in your house repeatedly every day. This makes you used to how your home smells. Regularly changing the filters will help you extend the lifespan of your HVAC system.
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  2. 2
    Consider an air purification system
    This system will help you eliminate the dog smell in every room of your home.
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  3. 3
    Be ready with your baking soda
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    Baking soda is a chemical compound that naturally absorbs odors. This can be considered your trusty companion when it comes to eliminating dog odors. No matter where the doggy smell has stuck, baking soda will definitely get rid of it for you.  
    1. Make sure the fabric won't be hurt by baking soda. It is best to make sure that the fabric won't be damaged if you apply baking soda to it. Furniture, bedding, rugs, or carpets can all harbor doggy smells. To be safe, review the fabric they are made of, so that you won't have to spend more on repairs and replacements.
    2. Place some baking soda on urine spots. Dogs have a very sharp sense of smell. Even if you bleach or wash that area with soap and water, they will always return to that spot to urinate. After you wipe off the urine, put some baking soda on that same spot and allow it to dry. Wipe the used baking soda off. Clean the area or vacuum it again once the area is completely dry.
    3. Place baking soda in your dog's waste. You can do this to eliminate the nasty smell of accumulated waste in the garbage bin.
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  4. 4
    Use an odor neutralizer
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    This formulation will help eliminate the odors from home surfaces where your dog has urinated or defecated. You should consider using this on your carpets and rugs.
    1. Remove the waste completely before applying the odor neutralizer. Even the slightest trace of waste should be cleaned out before applying the odor neutralizer.
    2. Use an extractor or a wet vac if the waste or urine is on your furniture or carpet. Refrain from using a steam cleaner because this will just fix the smell into the fabric.
    3. Clean the carpet through and through. Urine, vomit, and feces penetrate the carpet's fabric up to the carpet pad. You should not stop at removing the waste on the carpet. Take care of it completely. Afterwards, apply the odor neutralizer.
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  5. 5
    Paint your house
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    Repainting your house is a drastic way to eliminate pet odors. However, it is a very effective way of getting rid of the doggy smell, considering the strong fumes released by paint.  
    1. Choose the washable type of paint. This type of paint can help you wash off the natural oils that stick to the walls. The oils may be what is creating the doggy odor.
    2. Use an enzymatic type of cleaner. Enzymes break down organic matter. Use a cleaner that has enzymes to remove the traces of body oil and odor on your walls completely before you start repainting.
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  6. 6
    Have a wash day for dog toys, bedding, and dishes, including their play area.
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    This should be done separately from applying air fresheners or fabric sprays every day
    1. Always clean your dog's food and water bowls. This will eliminate saliva and bacteria that cause doggie odors.
    2. Wash the dog toys. You can use your washing machine if the toys are machine washable. You should make sure that the toys are not ripped before you wash them.
    3. Clean the bedding areas and wash the bedding. Always clean the areas where your dog loved to sleep, rest, or hangout. Use a specific cleanser to prevent damage to that particular area.
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Providing a nice smelling home to your dogs is part of your love for them. Remember that they have a more sensitive sense of smell than humans do. A foul smelling house irritates them more. If you make your home dog smell-free, your dogs will always be happy.

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  • Insert fabric conditioner sheets in your dog's bedding. Just see to it that they won't get at it and ingest it.
  • When you vacuum your rugs and carpets regularly, use a carpet freshener.
  • Bathe and groom your dogs once or three times a week. Use a scented shampoo. When your dog is all dried up, use deodorizing spray.
  • Form the habit of burning aromatic oils or lighting scented candles whenever you are in your home.

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