Make Your Girlfriend Miss You in a Long-Distance Relationship

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How to Make Your Girlfriend Miss You in a Long-Distance Relationship

One of the difficulties faced in long-distance relationships is not knowing if your girlfriend is missing you, or if she is too busy doing other things to even think about you. Here are some tips to help your girlfriend miss you no matter how far apart you are.

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    Don't call her for a while
    Make her wonder what you are up to.
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    Act like you don't care as much as her about conversing via phone/internet. When you do talk, make inside jokes about things she hasn't been a part of. Be aloof and she will start to chase you and that will make her want to make more frequent contact with you.
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    Have a healthy social life
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    Hang out with your friends, make new ones and do things that you enjoy. Post pictures of your fun on social media. Tell her how great of a time it was. She will start to miss you and wish that she could be a part of it.
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    Dedicate yourself to your work
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    Keep busy. Put in extra hours at your job or do more work in your free time. She will see how dedicated you are to your work while still trying hard to make time to talk to her and it will make her miss you even more.
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    Change your appearance
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    Work-out, grow a beard, dye your hair or make-over your wardrobe. Try changing up your look a bit and brag about it on social media. She will worry about others finding your new look attractive and she will miss seeing you in person that much more.
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    Pursue your own interests
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    Take up something you have always wanted to try. This can be anything from learning how to play the guitar to joining a bowling league. Find something that you enjoy and derive fulfillment from and try it out for a while. It will not only keep you busy, it will also peak her curiosity.
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    Send her a hand-written love letter
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    Write her a love letter or poetry. Be open, honest and sweet. Don't tell her about it and let her be surprised when she sees it. Remind her how much she means to you even though you are apart. She will not only miss you but she will be romanticized by your gesture.
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    Plan a trip to see her
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    To make her miss you, sometimes you need to remind her of how great you two are together. Try and arrange a visit, even a short one, to visit her and have a romantic date before you have to go back home. This will not only jog her memory of how happy she is to be your girlfriend, she will be missing you, even more, when you leave.
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    Remember important dates
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    Whether it's an anniversary, birthday, special occasion or upcoming appointment you should pay attention to the dates that matter to her and remind her on those occasions. Mark the dates on a calendar if it helps you remember but she misses you and will be touched by your attentiveness.
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    Give something of yours to her
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    This could be your favorite hoodie, a piece of jewelry or book as long as it's something significant to you. Give it to her while you're away and she will have something that reminds her of you - which will make her miss you.
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    Make her jealous
    You can read more about that in our VisiHow article; Make Your Girlfriend Jealous in a Long-Distance Relationship
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Questions and Answers

OK, my girlfriend left when she got pregnant but we kept contact through phone calls, she had a miscarriage after 5 months, it was terrible for both of us, she kept silent for a while, lately she is attentive but I think I was too nice for her and its like she doesn't miss me anymore! Please help to make her miss me, thanks?

Help so that she misses me because we were like soulmates and just need a strategy to wow her back. Thanks

Find time to see her in person. You both experienced a loss in your relationship and will have to work on a renewing your mutual feelings. This will work better if you can spend some time with her face to face. At least she is trying to communicate with you. You will need to continue to be just as attentive, especially since this relationship is long distance. If you really want to wow her then start making serious plans for a future together. Give her something to look forward to and will help you grow closer as you plan.

How to make my beloved woman respect more than before?

How to make my beloved woman respect more than ever before after our dispute

Since there was a dispute, be the bigger person and apologize to her. Respect is earned and if you took some away from yourself during your argument then you will begin to earn it back with an apology. Explain to her that you value her above everything else in your life and wish to move forward from the dispute. Get your girlfriend to forgive is a VisiHow article that explains more about the path towards forgiveness in a relationship. It sounds like you really do care about her so use that as a motivator.

We both started talking from December and now we both know each other well. Firstly we are friends and don't have any intentions of being boyfriend and girlfriend. But later we both started loving each other. Our night talks goes on till 5 AM and we do a lot of promises and all, to live always together

Actually, she is Muslim and I am Hindu. The basic reason for not to love each other, but there is no control over love. We both love each other badly as we met on Facebook and we are in a long distance relationship. Actually when she is my best friend she has her boyfriend and I'm being so normal. She doesn't want to be with him, but she doesn't have the guts to tell him that she wants to leave him. One day she tried they both talked for 3 hours and then she called me and told me that she is going to leave me, and cried the whole night and then told me please help, I want to come out from all that crab, help me. I don't know what to do as she only wants me and I need her also, but the circumstances made the situation difficult. Please help me? ===

If you are meant to be together then it will happen. But you have two issues against your relationship. Different religion and location. Which means that one of you will have to make a dramatic life change in order to be together. You both will also have to be prepared for your family to shun you for the decision. Though that is against the thinking of humanity and decency, it happens in certain countries with a caste system still in place.

She also has a boyfriend that she is not willing to break up with. Why? Because he is close to her geographically, he has her parent's approval, and he is easy to be with. All of these reasons work against you. Right now you are a novelty infatuation for her. If you and she are really serious about each other then you need to start formulating a plan to be together soon in the same location. When you have this discussion, keep in mind that there may be resentment and blame later because one of you will have to make major life changes in order to be with the other.

About my girlfriend I'm confused? because she has two Facebook accounts?

My girlfriend has two Facebook accounts one of her name and one of her mom's name. She has a boyfriend yet she always says her elder sister is using her account. She talks to me from her mom's account help me in this problem. I have tried: Asking her why she has two accounts. I think it was caused by: Maybe she is fooling me

Stop the confusion and just end communication with her. The two Facebook accounts is definitely a red flag and then to add more she has a boyfriend on the secondary account. There is something going on and you should not invest more time in a relationship where there is the large potential for you to get hurt. She could have ended her older sister using her account by logging out and changing the password to her social media account so that is not a valid excuse. Most likely she is just biding her time so that she can make a decision between you and her boyfriend.

My girlfriend never calls me and never asks about me. Yet she uses her phone a lot. I do not feel that she misses me. I am sure she loves me but she never tells?

My girlfriend never calls me and never asks about me. I do not feel that she misses me. I am sure she loves me but she never tells. I have tried: I tried not to see her that often I tried not to call her so often I bring her flowers every time I see her I grew my beard I dedicated so many hours at work. I think it was caused by: I think because of her family is so conservative. she spends so much time at home she reads a lot she is not good at phone conversations

If she was raised in a conservative home then culturally it is emphasized that the male makes all communication efforts. She may seem hesitant on the phone because she does not really know how to communicate in a relationship yet. Give her the benefit of the doubt. A good way to discern why she might be so hesitant is to spend time with her family and observe her parents. How the speak to each other might give you some indication of why she seems so shy with you. If she has only learned how a relationship is supposed to be from her parents then you will begin to understand. Your girlfriend also may not open up until there is a bigger commitment in the relationship. Give that a consideration if you care about a future with her.

Whenever she called we only conversed for a while and then she hung up?

She only spent few minutes conversing with me. I have tried: Texting her. I think it was caused by: She is busy hanging around with her friends

There is a fine line to keeping from feeling left out when you are in a long distance relationship. What you could do, is schedule "dates" over Skype. Maybe have a game night once a week where you play an online game together or Words with Friends. It is good that she has friends to enrich her life while you are away. Make time to hang out with your friends or take up a new hobby. This way you will not feel so left out when her life is busier than yours.

I want my girl back to fall in love with me. We had a fight now. No chatting. She blocked me in all forum. Please guide me?

I am Rakesh from India. My girl name is Anitha. She is known to me for 2 Years through my friend. She came to me for a job reference. We chatted over the phone and Skype. And I fell in love. Initially, she trusted me well. She shared all her feelings, business problems, family problems. I have financially helped her too. She already had a bad breakup. That I know through her only. But I never minded that. I proposed to her for marriage. She got angry and blocked me. And then after few months, we agreed to be friends. After some months, I again proposed to her. She blocked me again. We have repeated this cycle for 5 times. Now, the 5th time is the bloody worst. She abused me, abused all. She told me, I am untrusted. But I love her the most. It's my bloody character, I don't have enough capacity to handle " No contact rule". She always used to tell that I am not impressing her. Please guide me how to make her fall in love with me.

Here is the short answer. She used you. Now for the longer explanation, she used you because you were there at the time and an easy mark to financially support her when she needed it. If she really actually loved you, then she would have been elated when you proposed to her. Instead, she blocked you out of guilt and shame that she had let you develop feelings for her. Walk away. You do not want someone like this to love you and they never will love you. The only thing she loved about you is how easy it was to get money and emotional support from you. Sorry to be the bearer or bad news but you deserve honesty.

Long distance relationship probelm from 1 months what?

In first month when we chatted we were unknown then I told we know each other she asked how. Then she only called me and she was so happy in conversation then next day we started chatting then we had conversation for 15 days continuously.then I stopped suddenly because whenever I asked for coming to meet she denied then I stopped replying.she asked why you stopped I I told you don't have time to meet so why next day she came but after 1 Hr she went she have to go home she told me. Then she was taking interest in me but after some days I asked you love me she said see I don't know I love or not but I like you only talking. She said we will se in future .we had lots of arguments in conversation then she blocked me and after some days I asked why you blocked she told you don't have tone in language and thinking. Then after some days she removed . Block and chatted but less I have to text her first and now also she doesn't text or call. My ex was taking interest in starting after some arguments then one day I talked some rude in chat only one line then she blocked .I asked her after some day she told you don't have tone and ways of talking. Then after some days I called her then we talked for some time but then also she blocked me after that I did not told her to unblock .then I told I'm going away then she unblocked me . Today also she does not text me first

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