Make Your Fingernails Look Good at Home

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Hi, you are watching VisiHow. My name is Kara. In this video, I will show you how to make your fingernails look nice in five minutes. If you are going out and you don't have time to soak your hands or trim your cuticles then this video is for you.

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    Smooth all sharp edges on your left hand
    My fingernails have grown a little bit and are already longer than I like them to be. You may prefer having longer fingernails especially if you like to paint them. The first thing I need to do is to smooth all sharp edges with a nail file. I like to keep my fingernails filed all the way down, because fingernails are inconvenient when you work with children or type on the computer. However, since we are in a rush we don't have time for that. So, I am shaping them really fast, as I don't have time to do something extraordinary or give them salon quality attention. I choose to use the metallic nail file because it gives faster results in less time. I find that when I use the paper files or the fake ones it takes longer to achieve the results that I want. I also smooth the nails downward to help get rid of the nail skirt, which is what I call it. If you have some discoloration on the side of your fingernail, the metallic file can get under your nail and you can file the area to remove the discoloration. If you peel vegetables like potatoes or carrots, sometimes the sides of your nails can become discolored.
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    Smooth all the sharp edges on your right hand
    Some people prefer a squarer nail shape, but my preference is semi-round. If you have a quick date or if you were planning to do your nails before work but you overslept, you don't have to leave with horrible nails. This is what you do. The less attention your fingers attract the better in this case. This is especially true when you haven't had time to properly care for them.
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    Trim any extra skin with cuticle pliers
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    Continue to remove any leftover skin with the v-shaped cuticle trimmer, which comes attached to some nail files
    I am going to use this only on the sides of my fingernails. Since we are in a rush and haven't had time to soak our fingers we don't want to remove any of the cuticle itself because it will result in a rough cut and my fingers will look worse than they did before I started the procedure. Only cut your cuticles if you have soaked your hands beforehand. Most of the metallic nail files will come with this attachment on the opposite end, which is very convenient. I would not recommend trimming the skin on a regular basis while your skin is dry, this should be done only in an emergency. We are just removing the roughness off the sides. Because I am right handed, the roughest parts will be on my right hand. Even when you hold a pencil to write it contributes to the roughness. When you have skin hanging off near your fingernail, you could hurt yourself if you try to remove it without using the cuticle pliers. Always use the cuticle pliers for thing like that.
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    Apply oil to the cuticle area
    Once you are finished trimming off any unsightly skin, you want to apply oil to your cuticle areas. I am going to pour a small amount of olive oil onto a saucer. Oops, as you can see I've poured too much, but that is OK. I am going to dab the tip of one finger into the oil and using that fingertip, I am going to apply the oil to the cuticles of the other hand. Applying oil will help to hide any roughness that may have been left over and it will help hide any cuticles that we have not yet cut.
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    Wash off any excess oil
    You can use this same trick on your toes. Whenever you think that, your toes look rough and you don't have time to fix them you just put some olive oil, or any other oil, onto them and rub it in. It will then look shiny and because you don't actively use your toes to hold things it doesn't really matter if there is any oil left, but because these are my hands I am going to wash the oil off real fast. When I washed my hands, I did not apply soap to the outer part of my hands so there is still some excess oil there that I will blot off with a napkin.
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    Apply lotion
    My nails look quite nice now. My fingernails are slightly oily on the nail and under the cuticles, but since I washed my palms with soap my fingertips are not oily at all. For the last step, I am going to be applying my hand cream. You can apply any hand cream that you like. I am using a Russian brand hand cream and I am just going to rub it in.
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    Now, you are ready to go
    Your hands look nice, clean, and there is no screaming painting on it. When you are not sure that your fingernails look nice, you might not want to apply fingernail polish because it will attract attention to your fingers and make any roughness more obvious. What I have done is made my hands look nice, clean, and taken care of without doing any extra work. Just shape up your fingernails, trim any roughness off the sides, applying olive oil, and applying a lotion of your choice. I am ready to run, thank you for watching VisiHow. If you have any questions on makeup and beauty please leave your comments in the section below. Thank you and bye-bye.
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Video: Make Your Fingernails Look Good at Home

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