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Dogs are one among the most loved pets in the world. Wherever you go, you can see a household with a dog. So why does the world love dogs? They are smart, trainable, gregarious ( for most breeds) and above all smart. Due to their loyalty, you can even see some single people happily contented being in company with their dogs.

But what if you would also want to have a cat? We all know that cats and dogs are never a perfect pair. Dogs of busy owners often get depressed too especially when they are left home alone most of the time. Like humans, they also need some company. For people who love both cats and dogs, the idea of having them together in one house could be a dream come true; you can have company for a depressed dog plus you too can pet another of you favorite animals.

But we all know that they kind of hate each other, there are some ways however, that these two animals can get along well together.

Getting Your Cat and Dog in Harmony

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    Prepare your dog for the introduction
    When you plan to have them in the same house, be sure to come up with a good and proper introduction. If you have adopted a cat, make sure first that your dog has some exposure to the feline world. But just a warning: never ever take your canine in a cat shelter just to get the exposure needed. You may ask the administrator if there is any cat in the shelter which is canine-savvy and let the two 'meet' under controlled situations. If you can't find one in shelters, a friend or a neighbor might have one.
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    Give them their own niche for the meantime
    Give some time and space for each animal to roam around. For few days let your dog get loose then the cat after few days. This way, each animal will have familiarization with each other's scent. When both animals seem to feel calm, then it is unleashing time.
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    Get them in the same room
    Have the dog and the cat in the same room making sure that the dog still is leashed. Go on with the introduction. Observe whether there is an air of aggression or maybe fear between the two. If there still is a bit of an obsession in the part of the dog, go back to the confinement process but when both seem to be relaxed hanging around together, then you may leave them unsupervised. (but still keeping an eye on them for a little more time).
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Other Tips and Things to Consider

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    Dogs also want to get rewarded for good deeds
    Give some praises to your dog each time it barks ( not violently) at your cat. This is one way of telling the dog it's doing a good thing. Give it a loving touch and your dog will in no time start loving your cat.
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    Observe your cat's behavior
    If it is acting differently like stopping to interact with the people at home or if it stops eating or drinking or maybe does not use the litter box anymore or sees some signs of depression, then it is not happy anymore. You may want to consider having a new one ( if you have a resident dog) or if you want to keep it, consult an expert on animal behavior.
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Animals get depressed too, so if you think you can't manage them then better not have one. Though you can always have another pet for their company, your love will always be the best for them.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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