Make Videos More Convenient to Take and Faster to Access on Ios7

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There are times when you see something special around you and you search for your phone to attempt to take a video of that special moment. However, if you are not able to do this rather fast, you will soon realize that that moment has actually passed and you were not able to capture it timely. This can be rather frustrating, especially if what you are trying to capture is something that's really extraordinary or something that you can't possibly repeat anymore. Here are ways to access video on iOS7 faster:

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    Swipe up on your lock screen
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    Keep in mind that you do not need to enter your password and then go to your camera app in order to take a photo or a video. That will simply take too much time to do and would not be very convenient when you are trying to capture something fast. What you only have to do is swipe up the camera icon on the lower left hand side of your lock screen and then you will have the camera opened up for you right away.
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    Just select through the options whether you would like to take a video, photo, square or panoramic images. Keep in mind, however, that you cannot preview everything else on your phone when you have not keyed in the password. You will only be able to preview the videos or photos that you have taken when you have swiped up the camera icon without a password. If you would like to review other previous images and videos, you would need to enter your password.
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    Set up your camera to video all the time
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    If you are the type who likes to take quick videos of things that you see around you, it may work out better for your if you will just set your camera to video right away. This way, as soon as you open your camera, whether through your lock screen or after typing in your password, it is ready to take a video and you do not need to scroll through the options anymore. This will save you a few seconds only, but you will definitely find that extremely useful if you are capturing something that's one of a kind.
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