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Nearly all of us have experienced the pain of a broken relationship. Whether it be a friend, lover or a family member, ending a relationship with a person you used to be with is a very bad experience indeed. Some say that when bitterness finds its way into a relationship, it will never be the same. But time heals all wounds - even from broken relationships. If you think it's the right time to move on and mend your broken heart, then you must walk on thin ice. It will take time and patience to bring back what once was. Read on!


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    Think it over
    A broken relationship is most often caused first by a misunderstanding, words said in anger, and unmerited actions. Think of the reasons why the relationship was broken in the first place. Who caused the real problem, did you misunderstand his or her actions? Have you reacted without considering what was really meant by the person versus your preconceived idea aside from the context of what he or she was speaking about? The worst part here is the name calling which you or the other person may have said against each other. Did you call her names? Perhaps you said something out of anger and regretted it instantly. These things are very important for you to consider first before approaching the person.
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    Consider compromise
    Pride has no place in an honest relationship. It only makes forgiving hard and burdensome. If both you and the person you want to mend the relationship with have done bad things to each other, you need to just forgive. Talk with the person, speak about your concerns and talk about why you got angry in the first place.
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    Mending a broken relationship, even when you're the one who took action, is not only about you. Do not just blabber your concerns and your feelings and how you want everything to be okay again. You have to listen to what the other party has to say. When the other person is speaking, do not interrupt, even when you have something you really want to say in the spur of the moment while he or she is speaking. Stay calm and wait for your turn to talk.
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    Get real
    Now this is important - some people only want to mend a broken relationship just for the sake of not having someone as an enemy, or just because it's burdensome not to. The key principle in all relationships has always been honesty. Note that while using the fast lane in mending a relationship may work for a while, the time will come when this will cause you and the person more grief and potentially a more broken relationship, if the real problem wasn't ever addressed.
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Preparing for the result

You should remember that not all relationships can be mended just because you want them to, and sometimes a longer time is needed for relationships to begin mending again. You can't just hurt another person's feelings one day and expect him to forgive you the next, instantly. However, if the person does go with your attempt to reconcile and is willing to make up with you at the same time. You must not waste it, bellow are two of the possible outcome you may encounter when trying to mend a broken relationship.

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    Hopefully, your attempt has been successful
    If so, congratulations! It may have taken a long way there, but it's worth it right? Anyway, now you that the relationship is back on track again, take note that you should still be wary with the person. Don't just pretend that everything didn't happen. All sins or wrongdoing can be forgiven, but not all are forgotten. Start by reassuring him or her that you are really committed to do things right this time. What's better than reassuring her? Give time for the relationship to stabilize again. It might be absolutely perfect this time, but if it's not, that's okay.
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    If your attempt wasn't successful,
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    This doesn't mean the end of the world is here though. This simply means that he or she is not ready to forgive you and mend the relationship yet. The other person might still be recovering from hurt feelings from when you separated. Respect his or her decision, and don't grumble or be bitter about it. Everyone has the right to decide whether he or she is ready yet. What you can do is reassure him or her that if he or she ever becomes ready to forgive, you'll be there. Realize that you can only fail if you stop trying.
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Tips, tricks and warnings

  • Never blame the person you're trying to get along with for how he or she "made" you feel a certain way. Take responsibility for your own actions, words and emotions.
  • If you say that you are willing to change, be sure you're going to.
  • Love the person as you know they deserve to be loved.
  • Identify what the real issue was; you'll only go circles if you don't.
  • Find attainable, reasonable and mutually acceptable solutions.
  • Apologize sincerely and not out of necessity.
  • Listen to the Bee Gees. [1] :)

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