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IDENTITY THEFT - SCAMS - HACKING - these are just a few of the security problems and crimes that can hound you as you explore cyberspace. These cyber crimes can threaten your security. Be warned that hacking is among the biggest crimes on the Internet, and it is devastating people's lives. Unfortunately, you leave yourself open to let everyone in; not so smart, but it is just how it goes in the big web. The problem sets in when some trigger-happy criminals and hackers target you and succeed in unlocking your password, sometimes just for the thrill of it. For you, however, it brings a threatening thought that your files, records, and financial information are never safe on your computer. Whoever cracks your password, gets access to these.


Passwords are not supposed to be known by anyone but the account owner. You need to guard yourself, particularly when there is a mine of vital digital data available to those unscrupulous enough to steal their way into your computer - your life.

About Safe Passwords

Your password is the only thing between you and the world of hackers! If you are one of those people who do not give much thought to passwords, beware. Keeping your account and website secure requires commitment. Once your account or website "goes live" you are already welcoming everyone inside, and that includes criminal-minded hackers. Once expert hackers make your account or website their target, soon enough they'll be able to crack your password. There is no such thing as an "un-crackable password", but you can certainly make it harder for them. Your goal is to make that hacking process a difficult one so that they give up and find an easier target.

Make Your Passwords Hard to Crack

There is really no perfect strategy to make your account or website hack-proof; just make it as hard as you can for them to hack you. This article will show you how to make your password less "hackable", so you can keep your account as safe as possible.

One of the easiest ways to breach security is by cracking the password. This is why it pays to adhere to rules in order to create strong passwords, as this is about the most efficient way to avoid someone hacking you. It's like a mind game where you need to outsmart the hackers.


Did you know that ethical hackers use word list that contains combinations of possible words that you might use as password? This combination only consists of abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890 and other allowable characters like _ and a period. That's right, brute force password hacking is straight out guessing, but this guessing process is amplified by using a computer.

What can you do to prevent this?

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    Make an un-hackable password, a password that is not included in a word list or a password that is easy to remember.
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    Off Limits
    Remember that a wordlist just consists of letters a to z and numbers 0 to 9 and other allowed characters. If you are thinking of including characters like #, $, % or even ? and !, you cannot because these characters are not allowable in a password.
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    The password
    This is very simple. Include letters and numbers. Capitalize the first letter to make it look stronger. Adding a plain SPACE, which is not often done, can make a huge difference. Funny, by simply adding a space before the password, you can make a password that's very difficult to hack.  
    1. Example: If my old password is "nsane_000" simple change it to " nsane_00" (without the quotations I just put it to emphasize the space).
    2. Yes, it's that simple. And if you want to make your password easy to remember, simply choose a password and make it your password on all your accounts so you won't forget it.
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Other Ways to Prevent Hacking


If hackers can see that your website or account is uncrackable, they might just quit and move on to the next easier victim. Be warned, however, that some of these hackers are in it for the challenge. How do you arm your website to the teeth?

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    Stay in sync with current OS
    Be in the know when these updates are available. Get them installed as soon as they are available. Hackers will be hot on your trail. There is no such thing as perfect system or software. These updates try to correct these flaws. There are certain vendors or providers like WordPress that routinely install security patches if and when these become available.
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    Install a Firewall
    This is a security measure that can block all messages and sites from penetrating the server from a local network or the Internet. You have the choice to install this yourself or find an expert who can help you.
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    Control access
    Never let down your guard; choose only the people you trust when it comes to your password. The less people that know your password, the better.
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    Use password managers
    If your idea of a strong and uncrackable password is something long with a lot of different combinations of letters, numbers and allowed symbols, memorizing the "hard-to-remember long passwords" can be very challenging. There is an effective digital remedy; use a password manager.
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    Be ready to fend off viruses
    If your hackers can't get through, they might use a virus called "key logger" to plant into your system and crack your password. To fight these, install, operate and update your antivirus regularly.
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Tips, Tricks & Warnings

  • Don't tell anyone your password, even your family, and never give a hint.
  • Do not save your password cache on someone else's computer, even he or she is your family member or friend.
  • Clear your browsing cache and cookies after every session on computers other than your own.
  • When your un-hackable password has been breached, learn more about the problem and what data has been compromised. Learn more about how they got through and get back on your feet. This is the sweetest revenge you can wreak on your "enemies."
  • Never do things like banking when you aren't logged onto your own WiFi, unless it's absolutely necessary.

Questions and Answers

How can I make un-hackable and easy to remember passwords?

When I make a new social networking site's ID, it gets hacked in 3-4 months. All my account details and contact lists get lost and also contacts to my friends. Please tell me a way or software through which I can develop un-hackable and easy to remember passwords. I have tried: I have tried to set a very strong password with many code words, periods, numbers and letters with both small and big characters but no benefit. I forgot my passwords in 7-8 logins. I think it was caused by: This problem has caused many problems with my contacts with my friends, relatives and working circle, and also included the stealing of confidential information like my account details, passwords and usernames!

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