Make Sure That You Are Not Eating Spoiled Pickles

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It is rather hard to tell if pickles are still edible or they have gone past the expiry date already, mainly because in itself, it is supposed to be rather old and soaked into the liquid. It would be rather difficult to rely on the taste and smell, as pickles are usually sour, which is usually what you look for to tell you if other dishes are already old enough and not good to eat anymore. Therefore, you need to look for other ways to make sure that you are still eating the right pickles and that you are not putting yourself at risk of getting poisoned out of eating food that should have been thrown away instead.

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    Label homemade pickles accordingly
    If you are making pickles at home, make sure that you label it properly on when you actually made it. Therefore, it will tell you later on if it's way too long ago since you have made it and that will help you make judgment on whether or not it is still OK to eat. On the average, pickles may stay good for a year, but anything over that will be rather risky. Also, it depends on the material that you use for the pickles. If you are using bread and butter, keep in mind that the shelf life of those two materials is relatively shorter. Therefore, if you would be allowing a year for your cucumber pickles, you may want to just make it a third of that for your bread and butter pickles. In general, knowing the date of production will help you a lot in making an estimate of whether something has been available way too long ago already.
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    Look for molds
    If you see molds or fungus-like substances inside your pickles, do not think twice and just throw it away right away. These molds will not grow if the food is still OK and so their presence tells you simply that something is not right in the food anymore. Do not attempt to just take out the molds and continue consuming the other parts which seem not to have it. Overall, your pickles have soaked in mold already and that would not be good enough for consumption just the same.
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