Make Someone Fall in Love with You

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It doesn't take days of deliberation.

When it's real, you know pretty quickly, and with absolute certainty. Love is the closest thing to magic here on earth.

We keep on looking for it high and low but we often fail. So here are tips to make someone fall in love with you.


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    Love yourself - If you want to be love you must learn to love yourself first
    Be yourself, show people who you really are. Do not hide your personality, frequently show your interesting and good qualities. Lessen your bad attitudes. To be respected, you must show self-respect. Take care of your body. How you present and treat yourself shows the world how you should be treated. The first person to fall in love with you should be you. Show the world the best side of you.
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    Find someone who is right for you - Find that one person who you think is the best for you - a person who you can be with for hours or days
    You need to be compatible to avoid breakups, a person who is able to cope with the emotional stress of being with another person.
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    Get to know each other - Know the person
    Share their passions. Take interest in their passions and enjoy them. Learn to enjoy or appreciate the things that make them happy. Do not be plastic. It's easy to notice if a person is faking interest.
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    Acceptance - Now you know who they are
    You must learn to accept them, whatever flaws they may have, and they must do the same for you; otherwise you're both wasting your time. Love them for who they are and they will love you for who you are.
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    Show support - There will surely come a time that they'll have difficulties and they will come to you for support
    Support them through whatever hardships they may have. Give sympathy. Make them laugh. Help them to be the best person they can be, even in the worst times.
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    Show trust and create trust - Give them freedom and space
    Do not be overprotective. Be strict, but as well as strict, let them be their selves. Let them go out. You must also show them they can trust you, so be faithful and responsible.
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  7. 7
    Never give up - Relationships are full of ups and downs
    You must never give up on attaining a long term relationship. Show strength and dedication to them.
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    Make them feel loved - Show them you care
    Remind them constantly that you love them through a kiss or a hug. Text them "Good morning," and things like that. Never ever take them for granted. Always give them appreciation and take notice even in the smallest thing they do for you. And remember to always continue putting effort in your relationship
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    Be committed - Show them how serious you are
    Hold their hand sometime when you're out; this saves them from societal judgement. Show them that you want to be with them for the rest of your life.
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  10. 10
    Enjoy life - Though you are now in a relationship, DO NOT be boring
    Do not lose the exciting part of life. Don't just do the same things you always do. Go on trips, do things like hiking or any other adventurous stuff. Do something daring together.
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  • Never forget about yourself.
  • Enjoy life.
  • Never break your communication
  • Maintain trust.


  • Be sure of the person.

Questions and Answers

I'm falling in love terribly with a person who is 19 years younger than I?

It's a new college. I already expressed my feelings for him. His answer: "It will pass". He stays friendly, and we are still communicating. We see each other as friends. He has a girlfriend and no children. I have never been married and have no children. I realize that I have to give him time to think about the situation. I'm not putting any pressure on him. I told him that I cannot give him children. I'm too old for that (I am 49). I realize that I would take a high risk if he were to start something with me. If the relationship would not work, we still have to work together in the future. Love could become hate. I feel vulnerable. What should I do?

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The person is probably flattered by your attention, and he is happy to have a new person who can teach him something about this life; but he has already stated his point of view towards the relationship where either his girlfriend affected his choice or he feels no love. In general, age does not matter when one feels love; but it may happen that he has a certain age preference, which is usually a combination of the intellectual level, mutual hobbies and interests, and his overall vision of the ideal person of the opposite sex. Write a list of what talents, hobbies, ideas, philosophy, and habits you like and dislike in the person. See if you really can support him in the liked ones and put up with the disliked ones, as a person who is 30 is really hard to mold. If the list is empty or somewhat empty in some "liked" fields, then it may be infatuation. If the disliked area is not almost empty or not empty, then you have to realize that the disliked features will become irksome over time, which should be considered too. To avoid feeling vulnerable, you need a lot of support, which can be given to you by your friends, a therapist (a psychologist), or your new hobbies. Concentrate on gaining support for a time until you feel that your self-esteem has gone up (if you gained new hobbies and friends that he deems great, then it might affect his heart predisposition about you too), and then decide whether it is a good idea to pursue the goal of having him as a boyfriend. If you will still feel that, then you will have to give him a one-time offer to become your boyfriend with a short deadline for his final answer and tell him that his refusal will not affect your friendship.

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