Make Scented Candles

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Scented candles never get old. They can sit in your living room and be an accent piece, or they make an excellent present for any occasion.

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Scented candles also have aroma therapy effects. It is very relaxing because it stimulates our senses through some of its main ingredients, which are essential oils. Negative vibes can be set aside and a better mood comes on when our body absorbs the candle's calming effects. Grocery and department stores are highly likely to have these products available, but making your own scented candles can be a big plus. You can choose the scent you want and decide on the concentration that suits you best. This activity can also be very exciting, especially if you are giving the candles away for the holidays or any occasion.

No Wax Scented Candles

Have you ever thought that you can make candles without using wax? Yes! That is possible! This section will show you simple steps that you can follow to make no wax scented candles.

  1. 1
    What you need
    1. Vegetable Shortening
    2. Water
    3. Essential Oils (any scent of your choice)
    4. Citronella Oil
    5. Candle Wicks
    6. Glue Stick & Glue Gun
    7. Non-toxic Oil Pastels/Crayons
    8. Glass Jars or any Heat Safe Container
    9. Laces, Beads, Gem Stones, Glitters (or more decorations)
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  2. 2
    1. Put some glue on the bottom of a candle wick and stick it to the bottom of your container.
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    2. Boil 2 cups of water in a pot. While waiting for it to boil, measure 2 cups of vegetable shortening and put it in a Pyrex cup. Put the Pyrex cups on top of the boiling water for 5 minutes or until the shortening melts. Let the oil cool down for 10-20 minutes.
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    3. While waiting for the oil to cool off, grab a stick and position it horizontally on the container's opening. Tie the candle wick around the stick to let it stay upright.
      Ghemgc nowax3.jpg
    4. Cut a few parts of your chosen crayon color and place it in a spoon. Add a few drops of vegetable oil in it and set it on top of the stove on low heat. Once the crayon completely melts, mix it with the vegetable oil until the whole mixture is colored.
      Ghemgc nowax4.jpg
    5. Mix 10 drops of both the citronella oil and your chosen essential oils and stir the mixture well. Start transferring the mixture to your containers.
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    6. To solidify the candle, you can either freeze them for 30-45 minutes or let it sit at room temperature for 5-8 hours.
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    7. Once the candle has completely solidified, gently pull out the stick from the candle wick and cut the excess wick off the candle's top.
      Ghemgc nowax7.jpg
    8. Using the decorating pieces that you have picked, decorate your scented candles. Your scented candles are now ready. You can place them in the living room, bathroom or any other favorite spot in the house.
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This scented candle will not only give you calming effects, but will also protect you from harmful bugs because of its citronella oil content that is a natural insect repellent.

Colorful Crayon Candles

This type of candle makes excellent home décor and is so fun to make. Here are the steps.

  1. 1
    What you need
    1. Crayons
    2. Glass Candle Holders
    3. Dixie Cups
    4. Candle Wicks
    5. Clear Soy Wax
    6. Your Chosen Scented Oil
    7. A Toothpick/A Stick
    8. Adhesive Tape
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  2. 2
    1. Using your adhesive, attach the candle wick inside the candle holder.
      Ghemgc crayon1 1.jpg
    2. Pick the colors that you want to use and peel them off. After they are peeled, break them into small pieces.
      Ghemgc crayon2.jpg
    3. Line some Dixie cups and place each color in its own cup. Fill the rest of each cup with some wax.
      Ghemgc crayon3.jpg
    4. Put each cup in the microwave for two to three minutes. Once the wax melts, take it out of the microwave and put in 5 drops of your chosen scent. Stir it using a toothpick or a stick until the color comes out entirely. Be careful for the melted wax is very hot.
      Ghemgc crayon4.jpg
    5. Let the wax cool down a bit and start pouring it in the candle holder. To make multiple layers, let the first layer harden first before pouring the next layer. This will take some time, so be patient!
      Ghemgc crayon5.jpg
    6. When the last layer is poured, let it set for 30 minutes to an hour for it to completely solidify. Once they're ready, you can now put them in your living room or bedroom.
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Votive Scented Candles

  1. 1
    What you need
    1. 90 Grams of Paraffin
    2. 10 Grams of Beeswax
    3. Candle Wicks
    4. 1 Gram of Dye (the color is up to you)
    5. Your Chosen Scent
    6. Popsicle Sticks
    7. 2 Self Centering Wick Tabs
    8. 2 Wick Sticks
    9. Small Amount Glue Tack
    10. A Stick (for stirring)
    11. A Double Broiler
    12. 2 Small Stainless Candle Holders
    13. Pair of Scissors
    14. Long Nose Pliers
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  • 2
    1. Fill your double broiler with 4 cups of water and put the smaller pan on the top. Once the water boils in the larger pan below, put your combined paraffin and beeswax in it.
      Ghemgc votive1.jpg
    2. Start stirring the wax until it completely melts. You can leave it on the heat while you work on the next step.
      Ghemgc votive2.jpg
    3. Cut the wick to the length you need depending on your molder. When the wax is completely melted, drop the candle wicks that you have cut. Leave them off 5 seconds and remove them from the pan using a Popsicle stick. The wicks should set only a few seconds. Turn the heat down on the pan.
      Ghemgc votive3.jpg
    4. Thread the wicks on its respective self centering tabs and lock the lid of the tab using your pliers.
      Ghemgc votive4.jpg
    5. Pass each of the candle wicks through the hole of its respective wick sticks and drop it to the center of the molder. Fold the remaining wick on the top of the wick stick and secure it with some glue tack. This will ensure that the wick stays straight when we pour the wax.
      Ghemgc votive5.jpg
    6. Drop the dye on the wax and melt it. After it melts, put about 5-7 ml of your chosen candle scent into the wax. If you want it to be more concentrated, you can add 2-3 ml more, but 5-7 ml should do the job. Stir the wax for a few seconds to evenly spread out the scent.
      Ghemgc votive6.jpg
    7. Pour the wax on the molders and fill them up to about 90 percent. Drop each wick in both the molders and let it set for an hour.
      Ghemgc votive7.jpg
    8. After the candles have set, remove the wick stick from it and check if it has created a crated in the middle. If it did, reheat the remaining wax and pour it the middle of the candle to fill it up.
      Ghemgc votive8.jpg
    9. Put the wick sticks back on top to make sure that the wicks stay upright and in the center. Let it set for one more hour or so and it is now ready to be removed from the molder.
      Ghemgc votive9.jpg
    10. Remove the wick sticks and turn the molder over. When the candle is ready, it will just automatically pop out of the molder. Put your candle in a votive candle holder and it's now ready for use.
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  • Tips

    • Before putting your votive candle into its glass container, you can put in a little bit of water so the melted wax will be easier to remove if the candles are already melted.
    • When your candle dries, you can trim off the top of it to make it look smooth and clean.

    Questions and Answers

    I want to make a candle from oil pastels. Can you show how me to make it?

    I want it to present at my school exhibition.

    Making candles from oil pastels is very easy, and it allows you to customize your candle's color exactly the way you want. There are a wide variety of oil pastels available to choose from, which means you can make any color in the rainbow for your candle. It should be noted, however, that oil pastels do not give your candle any scent -- they're used solely for the purpose of coloring your candle. In addition, people with allergies may not respond well to candles that are made from oil pastels: oil pastels let off even more chemicals and soot than regular candles made with wax do, and people with allergies or who are sensitive to things in the air may find that oil pastel-based candles are hard to handle. Keeping all of that information in mind, you can follow the instructions in the great VisiHow how-to article above to learn how to melt down your oil pastels into a candle. When you are mixing the vegetable oil and the oil pastels and are heating them up, be sure not to burn the pastels or to get the vegetable oil too hot. Burning the pastels will take the color away, and heating the vegetable oil too much could cause it to pop and burn your skin.

    Do you know how to make strongly scented candle oils?

    I want to make highly scented candles at home.. I have tried: Adding essential oils but the scented candle aroma is never strong enough.. I think it was caused by: Does using vegetable oil overwhelm the scent of delicate essential oils?

    The wax used to make candles is like a sponge, it can only hold so much oil before it is saturated and adding extra will not solve your issue. Although essential oils are awesome, they work best with ultrasonic diffusers which disperse the essential oils in a fine mist of water.

    To make highly scented candles, you will need to use fragrance oils specifically for candle making. You can add one ounce of fragrance oil to one pound of candle weight. Switch to making soy candles which disperse the fragrance more evenly during burning. They also reduce the soot.

    Do not add fragrance oil until your wax mixture reaches 180 degrees. This will help the scent distribute better in the wax. If you are using paraffin then Vybar 260 can be added to the wax blend which will work as a binding agent.

    I want to know if I could add citronella to a shorting candle? If I can, can I add another scent without ruining the bug away of the citronella?

    I want to start my own business of homemade goods and trying to research as much as I can before I get started.. I have tried: Just getting information at this point. I think it was caused by: Just getting information at this point

    You can add Geranium, Lavender, and Rosemary Essential Oils to make bug away candles. They work just as well as citronella and can also be paired with the citronella for a more pleasant scent. Vanilla and cloves have been shown to keep flies and gnats at bay so consider blending scents and coming up with the best mixture and scent. This will help your candle business if the candles do not smell like the citronella ones you can get everywhere during bug season.

    Are scented candles bad for you?

    Studies say that oils and waxes add toxins to the air.. I think it was caused by: I want to avoid creating indoor air pollution as I have asthma.

    Asthma attacks can be triggered by scents. This does not mean that you would be as each person has a different trigger for their asthma. I use a diffuser in my home and my children have asthma. I have learned that I can't use certain scents in the diffuser as it can start to trigger an attack but my sister's children who have asthma have no reaction to her diffuser. Air pollutants like Febreeze can trigger an asthma attack, and aerosol sprays should definitely be avoided. If you do want some sort of essential oil in your house, use a diffuser and experiment with these scents:

    • Frankincense
    • Peppermint
    • Cloves
    • Eucalyptus
    • Lavender
    • Thyme
    • Oregano
    • Tea Tree Oil

    These oils work for my families asthma, specifically Lavender helping as an antihistamine in the air to reduce allergens. If you do choose to use these scents then you will want to avoid wax candled. Use either a diffuser, scented wax warmer, or soy candles which burn clean. The smoke and soot from candles can trigger an asthma attack. Be a healthy asthmatic has more suggestions for you and lifestyle changes to reduce your asthmatic attacks.

    I want to color melted candle wax for flower seed head dipping?

    I want to melt old candles and color them to dip agapanthus heads into for a floral display

    The easiest way to tint candles is to use wax shavings from a box of crayons. Add a little at a time until you get the desired hue you want. Stick with candles closest to the hue you are looking for because you can always go darker but you can't go lighter just like if you were trying to dye your hair four shades lighter than it is, you would have to bleach your hair first. You do not want to add anything like that to your candle wax so choose candles that are either white or close the desired hue. Remove the seeds before you preserve in wax. You will also want to wax the stem if you plan on leaving it attached.

    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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