Make Natural Nasal Inhaler Using Eucalyptus

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Eucalyptus has different scents, and they are all minty. It is an antiseptic stimulant. It can also kill the influenza virus. Eucalyptus produces oil which can be used in treating the body. It is often used as a body pain reliever, and thus it cures body aches. It has a good scent which is medicinal and is helpful in curing nasal problems. The oil is used mostly in stopping colds, and also in treating coughs. It is also used to reduce fevers and headaches.

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  1. 1
    Gather things needed
    1. Eucalyptus leaves. The number of leaves depends on how much eucalyptus inhaler you will make. Try using clean leaves, and those which are not eaten or bitten by insects. Using leaves bitten by insects may cause problems.
    2. Jar.
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      This is where we will place the finished product of the eucalyptus inhaler. This can be storage for the inhaler. It must be covered properly to avoid insects from entering.
    3. Steaming pot.
      Asset101.1221 steaming pot.jpg
      You will be using this to steam the eucalyptus leaves.
    4. Towel.
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      You will use it while steaming over the eucalyptus pot. Use it by placing it on your head while leaning over the steaming pot. This is to cover you and the steaming pot to avoid the vapor from spreading in different directions.
    5. Olive oil.
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      The amount of olive oil varies on the amount of the eucalyptus leaves and water. Olive oil has nutrients which are helpful to the health.
    6. Water. Use in cleaning the leaves. It is also an ingredient in making eucalyptus inhaler. The water to be used shall be clean. The water's vapor is what you will be inhaling.
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  2. 2
    Wash the eucalyptus leaves
    This will remove the dirt so they will be clean. Wash especially the back of each leaf. This is important since the front portion of the leaves are the only part washed during rainy days.
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  3. 3
    After cleaning the leaves, heat the steaming pot and put in the water
    How much water varies, due to how many leaves will be soaked in it. If you put in an excessive number of leaves, then they will not be soaked all over. It is advisable that the amount of leaves is proportionate to the amount of water.
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  4. 4
    Add in the olive oil
    This oil is also helpful to the human body, which has benefits to the health.
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  5. 5
    Soak the eucalyptus leaves
    You need to soak them to extract from it the mints that it contains. These mints are the ones which can be helpful to treat your respiratory problems.
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  6. 6
    Wait 5-10 minutes until the water is boiling
    This is to extract a large amount of eucalyptus mint from them.
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  7. 7
    When the water is boiling, wait until vapor is coming from it
    The vapor is what you will inhale to treat your colds or respiratory problems.
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  8. 8
    When vapor is coming from the steaming pot, turn off the stove
    Bring the boiling eucalyptus and place it on the table
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  9. 9
    Now, get the towel and put it on your head
    While leaning over the pot, place the towel so that it covers your head and the steaming pot. This is to avoid the steam going in different directions.
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  10. 10
    Start inhaling the vapor coming from the steaming pot
    Inhale the medicinal scent of the eucalyptus at least 5-10 minutes. Use the eucalyptus natural inhaler at least three times a day.

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  11. 11
    After using it, you can place the eucalyptus inhaler inside a jar
    Always keep the jar covered, so that insects do not get in it. You can use the inhaler three times after making it. You can also leave the eucalyptus inhaler in the steaming pot, but you should secure it to avoid accidents.
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Tips and Warnings

  • Use it regularly, three times a day, to help treat the cold symptoms.
  • Before transferring the eucalyptus to the jar, be sure it is already cold to avoid accident.
  • Do not let your child drink the eucalyptus. It is toxic. It may cause danger.

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