Make Monster Balloons

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It's ecstatic and even whimsical how a single balloon or a whole bunch can make your little one smile or shriek with excitement. Balloons have always been a part of celebrations for kids and adults alike. This reminds one the clever arguments on when to hold on and the time to let go to watch things happen and unfold like magic. It is all about chasing dreams and rekindling happy thoughts time and again. It's a classic way of celebrating life at its best and odd ways.

Making monster balloons is one exciting and educational way to get those creative juices flowing with your kids. This delightful activity allows them to be spontaneous with their thoughts and ideas of how to liberate monsters in the closets and reveal them as the otherwise friendly, hilarious, and entertaining monsters for parties or everyday crafts bonding activities with your kids. Come to think of it - this can indeed be very therapeutic for both kids and kids-at-heart who still believe that all monsters are terrifying. With this activity, you will laugh and smile at a peculiar thought or mention of monsters.

The great thing about this activity is that you can do this right at the convenience of your own home as this does not need expensive or elaborate materials. More so, you can also share this with the community or in day care classes. You can even ask other parents and children in the neighborhood to come over and do their own monster balloons with the family. This is indeed a fun way to get to know your kid's friends and their moms and dads while sharing balloon craft ideas, laughter, and sumptuous food.

Easy-to-Follow Steps to Make Monster Balloons

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  • Balloons (helium-filled)
  • Black and white tissue paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Card stock
  1. 1
    To create monster eyes, all you have to do is to cut out small black circles and large white circles from the tissue paper
    You can be creative with the edges or if you want to make it really big for the eyes to pop out. Next, you can now attach the black circles onto the white ones to make up the eyes with the use of a glue stick. Prepare to stick the monster eyes on the balloon.
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  2. 2
    To create monster mouth, cut out black or red (any color preferred) mouths and then white teeth out of the tissue paper
    You can now attach the mouth and pearly whites on the balloon with the use of a glue stick.
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  3. 3
    To create monster antennas, simply cut strips out of the card stock and leave circles on top
    With the use of a glue stick, you can now attach the antennas on top of the balloon.
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  4. 4
    If you want to create curly antennas, just cut thin strips out of card stock and then wrap the card strips around a pencil to create the curly form of an antenna
    Gently slide the twirled strips off the pencil and voila! Carefully attach the monster antennas on top of the balloons using a glue stick.
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