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Blogging opens the world up for millions of opportunities, both financially and socially. But the thing is, with so many people starting to blog now it can be hard to stand out and learn how to break your blog into a lucrative, and fun, career venue. Here in this guide, I'm going to discuss a few different ways that your blog can bring you money over the long term.

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Note, making money with your blog is not going to happen right away. It's a fairly long process to get the right method, or a combination of methods, that works for you and your blog.

General tips:

  • Do not start blogging as a means to make money, genuinely having the passion for it is the only way to get started.
  • Have a unique URL, defined voice, and some dedicated readers before pursuing to monetize your blog. It's best to have something to say and have content that shows your worth before going further.
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Method 1: Advertisement Banners

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The easiest way to monetize your blog is to set up banner ads with Google Adsense. Google AdSense is easy because anyone can use them! Anyone can sign up and add a banner to their blog. How does it work? The more impressions and clicks you get on your blog, the more money you can make.

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If you have a YouTube account and are uploading videos, once you sign up for their monetization program there are Google ads on your videos and that can create an additional income stream and fun supplement on your blog.

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Other websites have a similar invite only or application based programs, so do your research!

Method 2: Affiliate Networks

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Affiliate networks are a dime a dozen, if you do your research you will find networks for all blogging genres. A few popular ones include the Amazon affiliate network, Rewardstyle network, and Skimlinks. Affiliate networks work through referrals. If you recommend a product to someone, and that person buys it using a predetermined link from the network, you get a commission.

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Affiliate networks are wonderful for bloggers that often share their opinions on products and have readers that really value and trust those opinions. You can apply or be invited to affiliate networks.

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You can sell one high-end product and make $100 or make $100 for selling 100 low-end products, the commission rate varies.

Method 3: Brand Sponsorships

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Sponsorships can be through a brand or another blog. The basics involve a company or person paying you a fee for a review or for a feature. This could be simply making a haul post sharing some of the brands products or plugging a blog or other creator through the use of a banner or social shoutout.

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The important thing to know about sponsorships is that bloggers need to list an FTC disclaimer that they were paid to discuss their product. It's important to be transparent with your readers about these types of opportunities or you can lose their trust.

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Brands can reach out to you to request a sponsorship unsolicited, you can set up a page with details on the type of opportunities you accept (possibly sharing a media kit) to invite people to contact you, or you can reach out to potential sponsors on your own to pitch your blog.

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Fashion bloggers do particularly well with this kind of monetization.

Method 4: Selling Services

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If you have a blog that is in a particular niche that is teachable or something people want to learn about pursuing themselves, you can sell this information.

Some examples:

  • Create a webinar on creating a successful blog
  • Sell a guide on learning how to sew
  • If you designed your own blog, create designs for others
  • Offer writing services to other blogs and companies as a freelancer
  • Offer virtual assistant or social media work as a freelancer
  • Photography blogs can provide photography services to local customers
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Method 5: Selling Products

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There are so many ways you can sell products on your blog. This could be through selling products on Etsy and linking them to your blog or buying products at wholesale that you think your users will enjoy and selling them on eBay, a custom internal system, or another already-made product site.

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Potential items you can sell:

  • Home decor blogs can create an art line on Etsy
  • Design blogs can sell specialized fonts, launch a selfie and photo editing apps, and blog code templates for other bloggers
  • Fashion blogs can sell physical products like shoes, jewelry, or even sewing patterns for clothing
  • Writing blogs can sell their own fiction or nonfiction books
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The opportunities are endless. Think, what would your blog readers like to purchase from you? What can you all relate on?

Method 6: Becoming a Brand

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Blogs that have been established over many years can become their own brands, you can see this time and time again.

Some examples include:

  • Zoella's book deals and beauty products
  • Bethany's clothing line with Aeropostale
  • Joy's Target homeware collaboration

Making a name for yourself as being a blog of value and trust can lead to outside companies giving you collaborations and the means to run your own company or products line. This only comes to those that work hard, believe in what they are doing, and genuinely want to bring value to their readers.

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Becoming a brand is incredibly difficult and will take time, so don't jump into doing it by yourself without a plan.

Method 7: Adding Your Blog to Your Resume

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I wanted to add this last to remind people that even if your blog itself doesn't make you a lot of money, the fact that you blog can lead your career to new heights. My blog has been a deciding factor, the way that I've stood out, in almost every career opportunity I've accepted. I'm really excited about all of the paths my blog has LED me down. It can do the same for you.

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Wherever your blogging journey leads you, utilizing one or more of these methods when you are ready can help you earn some money while pursuing your passion.

Questions and Answers

How can I write a successful blog?

Hi! I want to start a blog on Google blogger for a part time and gain some experience too in the market. I want to ask you as you are a professional and successful blogger, about how to write a good and an attractive blog that will bring some haul of traffic?. The other thing I want to ask is about how to earn via that blog which I tend to start. Please give your advice to start me with new blog. Thank you.. I have tried: I have tried nothing so far.. I think it was caused by: Nil

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There are a variety of ways to earn money blogging but one of the best ones is owning your blog outright as a free standing blog. You can use Wordpress or Weebly for instance. Buy your domain name and then begin blogging. It will be vital to attain information on SEO and tagging for your blog. Successful ones are catered to a niche market with all the ad revenue coming directly to them. This also means that they pay for hosting yet the fees are nominal compared to revenue. Every blog income varies. It also can take up to two years or more before you begin to see revenue worth living off of. For instance, there are people who sail the islands or world and do this completely on their blog income. The income is probably around $3,000 a month and many also have popular YouTube channels which also now get revenue. You can integrate both the blog and YouTube channel.

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