Make Lemonade at Home

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    To start, we're going to need a few ingredients
    We need a teacup, because what we're going to do is put one or two spoons of sugar into the teacup, followed by some boiling water, only a little bit of water, maybe two fingers worth in the cup, and then we're going to stir that up to make ourselves something sweet to sweeten up our lemonade.
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    We need a tall glass, because that's where we're going to put our actual lemonade when it's done
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    We need a plate, along with a sharp knife and a small spoon, because we're going to cut the lemon in half, and use the spoon and push inside of the lemon until we mash out all of the juice and pulp into our bowl
    Then we're going to put some ice in the tall cup, and take our hot sugar water and pour that over the ice. Then we're going to take our bowl and pour our lemon juice in and take a pitcher of water and fill the tall glass. This will make a delicious glass of cool, sweet, lemonade
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    Let's get started
    The first thing we're going to do is take our sharp knife, making sure our thumbs on the back end of it, so that we don't cut ourselves. My recommendation is that you always wash fruits, even citrus fruits, if you're going to be cutting them directly like I am, that way you're sure that you're dealing with something clean and you're not putting dirt or bacteria from the outside into your drink. I tend to wash them with the rough side of the sponge, then the soft side of the sponge using soap, then rinse them off, shake them off and cut them as I am doing now. Simply apply steady pressure to cut your lemon. Cut right down the middle.
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    Set your knife aside and get your bowl
    Now we have 2 halves of our lemon. The first thing we're going to do is just squeeze the lemon.
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    Then squeeze the other way with your other fingers
    That's just two easy squeezes.
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    Once that's done, I'm going to take the spoon, and I'm just going to twist in and out of the lemon, moving as I go through
    I'm not actually digging, I'm kind of pressing up, then pushing down. It takes a little bit of practice to do this exactly the best way. You can, of course, use a juicer, however lemons are a bit smaller, they don't make as much juice, and I take some pleasure in making them this way.
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    Now I've squeeze out most of the juice, and what I'm going to do is tilt my bowl just a bit and scoop out some of the seeds
    The seeds are usually quite easy to get out. The reason I'm doing this is so that I'm not drinking lemon seeds. There's nothing wrong with drinking lemon seeds, it's just not my favourite thing to do. You can also use a strainer.
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    Now I've got the seeds out, and with the other half I see a couple lemon seeds up top so I'm going to go ahead and get those out right now
    Again, same process, simple squeeze, then second squeeze. Use the spoon to squeeze the rest out. You also don't want to apply too much pressure because you'll cut into the white inner skin and put that in your juice. That is not tasty, not nice. You can see I've pretty much squeezed out all of the lemon. Scoop out any seeds. It's OK if you have one or two seeds in your lemon juice, there are worse things you could have in it. Those of you who have had lemon juice outside before and stepped away from your glass for a bit, and come back to find a bee in it know exactly what I'm talking about.
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    Now we don't need the spoon, plate or knife, so we can move those aside
    Now I'm going to swish my juice around and dump it into the cup. There's a lot of lemon juice here, it's probably going to make a pretty strong glass of lemonade but that's OK. I'm going to quickly wash my hands before we move on.
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    I'm going to take my sugar, and since I have so much lemon juice, I'm going to go ahead and put 3 teaspoons in this glass
    It may seem like a lot, it probably is, but I like a sweet, cool lemonade.
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    My water is boiled, and I'm going to put just a bit in with the sugar and stir it
    The purpose of this is to make a nice syrup. The same sort of thing they put in Coke or Pepsi in a fountain drink, this is just a natural syrup of sugar and water. It should stir down into nothing and be nice and clear.
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    Now I'm going to take my water pitcher and put my water in the glass
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    Then take the hot sweet water and dump that in
    As you can see I still have about 2 fingers worth of space. That's because I need to put some ice in here.
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    Here I've got a small tray of ice, I'm just going to knock out the cubes and put the cubes in the lemonade
    Now you've got what should be a very delicious glass of lemonade. Give it a few stirs, make sure you get it nice and cool. If you want to be fancy, when you cut your lemon in half, you can cut out a slice from the middle to put a lemon wedge on the glass. I'm going to enjoy this glass of delicious cool lemonade that I made.
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    Thank you for watching VisiHow
    Hopefully you will enjoy many glasses of lemonade yourself. Have a great day.
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