Make Halloween Gift Bags

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How to Make Halloween Party Gift Bags

Halloween gift bags make any Halloween party even better. Fill the gift bags with candy or novelty toys that your child's guests will love. This project is ideal for kids, with a little help from mom or dad.

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Get Supplies Together

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For this project, you'll need a plain gift bag. Choose any color you prefer, but yellow, orange, or black works best for the Halloween motif. The Halloween gift bags in this tutorial measure 5-1/4" wide x 7-1/2" high. You'll also need construction paper in orange and black, measuring about 12" x 9". You'll also need a straight edge ruler, a pencil, scissors, glue, a stapler and tape.

  1. 1
    Create images
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    You can cut out your own images from the black construction paper. Simple ones will be easier to draw and easier to cut out. If you aren't an artist, you can search for image silhouettes online and print them out on regular copy paper. Then, just cut them out so you're left with the black silhouette. If you have a little white paper showing around the edges where you trimmed, just fill it in with a marker of the same color as your gift bag.
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    Glue the images
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    Use household glue sparingly to attach the silhouettes onto the sides of the gift bag. Be sure to decorate both the back and front. The number of images you glue on is up to you.
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    Mark the construction paper
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    Take two orange sheets of construction paper, and fold them in half, lengthwise, making a light crease.
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    On the open end, measure down one inch in two spots and mark with the pencil. Use your ruler to draw a line all the way across the edge.
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    Next, draw vertical lines down from the bottom of the horizontal line, using your ruler to separate the lines. Do this all the way across.
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    Cut the construction paper
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    Use your scissors to cut along the vertical lines, starting from the folded edge and working your way up to the horizontal line. Don't cut past the horizontal line.
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    Remove strips
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    Cut out every other strip from the construction paper and discard.
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    Attach strips to bag
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    Turn the construction paper so the marked side is facing the outside of the bag. Center the construction paper flush against the top edge of the bag and staple once in place.
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    Bring the edges around the corners of the bag and staple once on each side. Bring the bottom edge of the construction paper to meet the bottom edge of the bag.
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    The stapler won't reach here, so use tape to secure in an inconspicuous manner. Use at least one piece of tape on the center, and one for each side. Repeat with the other piece of construction paper.
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    Smooth out the creases
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    To enhance the effect of the pumpkin around the bag, smooth out the creases from the construction paper, so the strips obtain a more rounded appearance.
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    Fill with goodies and enjoy!
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