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Abieygurl Glitter texts became very popular around the turn of the 21st century, and they are still a favorite with many teens. Glitter texts basically contain shiny lettering in lieu of normal letters, and are usually in larger, thicker fonts.


Glitter texts first gained popularity with the advent of MSN Messenger, HiYo, Orkut, and other communication applications in the first decade of the 21st century.


Research has indicated that teen-aged girls and girls in their early twenties were the most frequent users of glitter messages. Glitter messages were used to send texts in order to show strong emotions, excitement and happiness. Glitter texts are fun, and add a little whimsy, or glitz to a message, so they became very popular. Email providers followed suit, and companies like Hotmail and Yahoo started providing glitter fonts for people to use in their emails.

Today, glitter text messages are not provided by mobile service providers, and are not featured in the "traditional" text messages. Cheap WiFi, combined with the widespread use of Smartphones, different communication apps have become essential features in nearly everyone's lives. Apps like Viber and Facebook, with over 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store, offer glitter texts. Many Facebook games have glitter texts as well. Viber, however, has certain text templates in glitter font, like "Hi!", which people often use when greeting someone, in order to add a little pizzazz to the conversation.

How To Get Glitter Texts

Other apps can generate anything you wish to say in glitter font. All you have to do is download them.

  • Choose the font style you want (in some applications, it's even possible to make the glitter text bold or italicized).
  • Choose the font size and color, type, and then voila!
  • You have glitter text.

Applications, as anybody with an internet connection knows, are often available for free, or for low prices in the Google Play Store, or from individual websites. has many applications, both for desktops and Smartphones.

Glitter Text Apps

Some of the most popular free glitter text apps are;

  • Pimp My Text-Color Text.
  • Text in Picture - Text Image.
  • Glitter Taps.

Pro versions of these apps usually aren't free, but the "Pimp My Text Pro" is available online for less than $2. Another popular glitter text app that you need to pay for is "Glitter Anything".

Whichever app you choose, today, sending a glitter text is just one download away.

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Gradually, glitter texting seems to be losing its appeal, while emoticons are becoming more popular and taking the place of glitter texts to convey emotions. However, the Disney, Kidz and Cartoon Network channels (appealing to children under 12), still use glitter fonts in order to attract children and make their programs more appealing. More and more children today own a Smartphone, and can use the internet, so perhaps future of glitter texting is not so dire after all.

Questions and Answers

What is the best glitter font for texting?


As long as the font that you choose is easy to read, there is no limit to the fonts you can use to make whatever creative designs you wish. Fat wide fonts are easier to read, than skinny fonts, where the letters are tight. Glittering fonts are just a medium to attract design people to your message. If you want to play it safe then use the regular fonts or the standard fonts. Examples of the most used fonts are Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, Tahoma, Verdana and many more.

If by texting you mean using SMS, unfortunately, there is no way to send a "glittery" SMS text (as a font). There are apps that have this feature and can only be used solely on their app. It can only be used on the internet using a glitter text generator, and can be posted on blogs via HTML code.

How to add Glitter and Pimp My Photo?

To add glitter in your photo:

  • You can visit a website that allows you to use their graphics software to add glitter to your images. Some of the websites may require you to sign up for a "New User" account before using their software.
  • Upload the image you would like to add glitter to by selecting the "Upload" option. Some websites will also allow you to enter a URL (web address) for the picture you would like to add glitter to.
  • Your image will appear, once the upload process is complete.
  • Some websites will allow you to choose the style and color of the glitters you would like to add to your image and preview your glittered image to see if it appears the way you want it to appear.
  • Copy the HTML code for your glittered image and paste the HTML code into the website you would like to place your image on. If the website you use doesn't offer the option to copy the HTML code, you can right click on the image and select "Save As" to save the image to your computer.
  • You can pimp your photos using some of the best online photo editing software.

Click on THIS LINKto download an application for pimping out your photo from your device:

How we can I upload glitter pictures in their real shape on a Facebook fan page?

I can't upload glitter pictures in their real shape on Facebook fan page.

This is because Facebook doesn't have the ability to upload .gif photos or glitter pictures, unless it's a screenshot of the glitter picture with no movements whatsoever. As of this moment, Facebook is looking into it but has not given any date of when it will be available for their site.

GOOD NEWS! Here is a video tutorial - How To Add Glitter Text In Your Facebook Status.

How can I create glitter text?

I want to create a digital image for someone - and add one word in glitter text. I haven't done this before. I am fairly versatile in Photoshop and have created some GIFs before, but it has been a while. I have tried: Nothing - I was looking at this site to learn how.

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