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The first impression is very important when meeting someone for the first time. Especially so when it comes to things like job interviews and parties, where we likely want to see that person again. It all comes down to how we present ourselves in that one moment. Whether intentional or not, we can be judgmental about people we meet for the first time. This often has to do with stereotypes and our past experiences with people who show similar qualities. Although it's often wrong and unfair, it's human nature to categorize people before we get to know them. We subconsciously try to fit them into our current ideas of how people should look and behave. Whether we're applying for jobs, being introduced to a new circle of friends, or meeting our fiance's parents for the first time, it's important to make a good first impression. Some people place more importance on the first impression than others, so follow the tips in the article below to put your best foot forward.

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How to make a good first impression

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    Dress to impress. Whether you're dressing for an interview or looking to impress someone special at a party, it is important that you dress accordingly. One of the first things people notice is how you dress. Be mindful of the occasion and try not to come under-dressed. Always wear clothes that you're comfortable in. Make sure your clothes fit well so you don't look or feel awkward. If you plan to wear heels, make sure that they're not going to hurt your feet. Also, remember that your shoes, accessories, hair, and makeup are all things people notice when they first meet you, so make sure they're all clean and neat, and that they display the type of image that you want to project.
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    Practice good hygiene. This one is obvious, but neglecting basic hygiene can really distract people from getting to know the real you. Always brush your teeth shortly before a meeting or gathering. If you don't have the chance, keep some mints handy just in case. Always shower or bathe every day, and make sure to wear deodorant. A light amount of cologne or perfume is nice, but don't over-do it, as many people are sensitive to strong scents. Make sure to keep your hair and nails well-groomed.
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    Engage in friendly conversations. One-sided conversations aren't fun for anyone, so remember to listen to others as much as you talk. Monopolizing the conversation can make you appear stubborn, self-centered or annoying, which is definitely not how you want to appear when meeting someone for the first time. If you have a hard time balancing between talking too much or disappearing in silence, pay more attention to those around you. After you make a statement or observation, watch your acquaintances' body language. If they look like they want to say something or they seem bored with the conversation, slow down and let them get a word in. You should always listen more than you talk. Remember, you do not want to appear like you're lecturing.
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    Try to make others more comfortable. Other people are likely just as nervous as you are about meeting new people and giving off a good impression. If you pay more attention to making others feel comfortable instead of just yourself, they will view you as warm and personable. Once you put someone else at ease, you'll find that you feel more comfortable, as well. Go ahead and talk to someone who is all by themselves with no one to talk to. You might just make their night.
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    Smile. A simple smile is enough to make people comfortable, and smiles are contagious. You'll appear more friendly and likable, and people will be more inclined to approach you.
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    Make eye contact. You don't want to stare, but making brief, comfortable eye contact can help improve your first impression. If you look down or away too much, you may appear disrespectful or dishonest.
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    Make a statement and ask a question. If you want to strike up a conversation with someone, perhaps mention one of their accessories, a current happening or even the food. Everyone likes to talk about food. After making a statement or observation, ask the person a question about it. For example, if you like someone's purse or shoes, tell them so and ask them where they bought it because you would like one yourself. It might lead into a bigger conversation. Try to avoid asking more than a few questions, though, as it may make you appear nosy.
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    Mirror other people's body language. If you're talking to someone, try emulating their body language. Subtly mirroring others' body language sends them a signal that you are interested in them. If someone is animated, you may want to act the same, as well. On the opposite side, if someone seems disinterested and passive, you may want to move on and talk to someone else.
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    Avoid social, religious or political discussion. These topics are often delicate, and you don't want to offend anyone or be offended. Understand that everyone has different views, and it's best to keep such views to yourself when meeting new people. If the conversation is headed that way, just politely decline to discuss the topic. This can help keep people from labeling you one way or the other, and it can make you appear more level-headed. When the situation calls for it, you just have to respect other people's thinking.
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    Mind your manners. This seems simple, but it is so important when it comes to making a great first impression. Always arrive on time or a little bit early for meetings or events. Make sure that you're prepared for the occasion and offer to help the host. Don't talk badly about anyone or anything, even if someone else does it first. Always ask politely if you need something, and remember to thank people. If you're bored and want to go home, try not to let it be known through your behavior. Politely excuse yourself instead of watching the clock and showing disinterest.
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    Avoid smoking. Unless it's generally accepted and allowed, try not to smoke. It may bother people even if they don't say anything. If you're in the company of other smokers and you know it's allowed, try not to chain smoke. Doing so can make you appear nervous and uncomfortable.
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    Do not get drunk. If there's alcohol involved, know your limit. Do not drink more than a few drinks, as this will severely limit your ability to act with social grace. Even if others are drinking a lot, avoid it if you're concerned about showing a good first impression. You don't want to drink so much that you do or say something that you don't mean or can't remember. Do not drink and drive under any circumstances.
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