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It is that time of the year, where you feel the joy of Christmas in the air. The best way to embrace the Christmas spirit is by making your own Christmas Jewelry that will give you a cheerful Christmas look, and of course, by being good and jolly as well. Christmas themed jewelry with the merry colors of green, red, gold and white, will definitely add something special to your holiday outfit; it is like a warm addition to your look. Let us not forget that they can be great as gifts - the type of gifts that you would give to the special people you love and want to give them something you made yourself. If you are wondering about the options you have for Christmas jewelry (like bracelets, earrings, or rings), then you will enjoy the following steps, because in every step, we'll have something different, with the details on how to do it.


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    The Christmas Tibetan style bracelet
    First, you will need to get the tools (plastic coated wire, pliers, eye pins, head pins, jump rings, crimp beads and a wire cutter), silver Tibetan style beads (spacer beads, hangers, and a toggle with T-bar), silver pendants (Santa Claus, Christmas tree, angel, and any Tibetan style pendant you would like), red and green glass pearls (in the size you'd prefer).

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    Now, roll up your sleeves and start on the bracelet:
    1. Take the wire and connect it to the toggle, then secure it with a crimp bead. Measure your wrist first, before cutting the wire, and make sure to leave extra wire for attaching the T-bar later, after you finish adding the beads.
    2. Start by arranging the beads in the layout you would like. Keeping in mind that there should be a distance between the pendants, so it's better that you follow a sequence where you place each main bead between two spacer beads which will be separated by a Hanger. Now, after you place the beads, attach the T-bar to the end of the wire, then secure it with the crimp bead.
    3. Then, start on adding the head pins to the pearls, and use the wire cutter to cut off the excess length after knowing the required length to make a loop that you link to the hanger beads with the pliers. As for the pendants that come with a linking loop, you will just attach them to the hangers by the jump rings with the pliers.
    4. Now, wear it and enjoy the Christmas spirit of your bracelet.
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    The Swarovski Christmas Tree Earrings
    The things you will need: Basic tools (pliers, wire cutters, head pins, French hook ear wire), 4 SWAROVSKI crystals margaritas in a green color (in the sizes of 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm and 14 mm), two crystal cube beads in a dark brown color (in the size of 4 mm), 2 crystal bicones in a red or pink color (of a 3 mm size).

    Here is how to do it:
    1. Use the head pen as the main structure. You will put the crystal cube at the bottom, then add the crystal margaritas starting with the biggest size, then following it by the smaller ones to form a Christmas tree shape. Top your crystal tree with the crystal bicones.
    2. Use the pliers, to bend the head pin wire and form a closed loop, then start wrapping the tail around the loop until you reach the top bicones, so there will be no space between the loop and the crystal.
    3. After you cut off the excess wire, make sure there's no edge sticking out of the wire by squeezing it. Now, to attach the ear wire, you will open it gently as you open a jump ring, then hook it to the crystal tree, and close it back.
    4. And you are done!
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    The Christmas button bracelet
    The required items: A collection of red, green, white and gold (if you have any) buttons of different sizes and shapes, silver jump rings in different sizes to fit the buttons, silver chain, pliers, a lobster clasp, and Christmas charms.

    Xmas bracelet 2.jpg
    Here is how to do it:  
    1. Connect the clasp to the chain using the pliers, and after fitting the chain to your wrist, cut the chain and add a jump ring to the other end as something for the clasp to close on.
    2. Attach the buttons to the jump rings, so you will be able to link the buttons to the chain.
    3. Connect the buttons to the chain, and add the charms as well, using the jump rings to hook them to the chain.
    4. Now, wear the bracelet and enjoy people's admiration.
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    The Christmas Brooch
    The required items: Brooch iron pin backs (Silver), 6mm transparent bicone beads (Red), 4mm bicone beads (Green), Silver brass rhinestone bead, Silver plastic coated wire (0.35mm), & a Wire cutter.
    Xmas brooch.jpg
    Now, here is what to do:
    1. Cut a piece of wire about 15 cm or extra to start making the bow.
    2. Add 3 of the red beads to the thread, then surround it on each side with 3 of the green beads.
    3. Get the brass rhinestone bead & cross the wire through it. Leave one end of the wire loose, & take the other end so you would make the other side of the bow, following the same pattern.
    4. Xmas brooch howik.jpg
      After you make both side of the bow, take the wire's end & pass it through the rhinestone bead. To have two loose ends coming out of the rhinestone bead.
    5. You will now work on creating the bow tails. For each tail use 6 green beads, & at the end add one red 6mm bead. To secure the beads on the tail, you will need 2 small red beads. You will attach the beads to each tail, then take the excess wire & pass it through all the beads you have added to the tail, till they are out of the other end, then tie them together will & feel free to use a crimp bead if you needed to.
    6. Glue the Brooch pin back to the bow & make sure you glue the tied part to the brooch pin back as well, then cut off the excess wire.
    7. Now, enjoy your brooch & merry Christmas!
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  • Always buy extra attachments and accessories, in case you lose a bead or a pin, and in case there is any other small flaw in the item.
  • You can use Christmas appliqués as charms and pendants by puncturing them and using a jump ring to attach it to your jewelry.
  • For the Christmas bow, feel free to use different sized beads, & mix colors like gold rhinestone bead instead of silver, or white beads instead of green, & so on.
  • You can use any of the previous techniques in making necklaces instead of bracelets.

Questions and Answers

Do you have designs for making a vintage Christmas tree brooch?

I would like to repurpose some old costume jewelry I have to make vintage-lok costume jewels.. I have tried: I have not thrown out any of my old costume jewels hoping to make some creative Christmas jewelry with it some day.. I think it was caused by: My Christmas jewelry is old but so many of the stones and charms are very nice.

There are many examples on Pinterest that can be seen here Most are done on felt or glued to fabric. You will want to take the time to arrange them starting at the top and moving further outward each section to create the tree. Do not secure the jewellery until you have exactly the look you want because you will probably arrange the jewelry a few times to fill in gaps. Use ribbon or a string of faux pearls to make garland to fill in gaps.

Styrofoam cones are available in craft sections of stores almost year round. You can cover the cone in fabric or paint and secure the jewelry all the way around the cone making a tree. I have seen ones done like this displayed for Christmas and others displayed year round. By friend found several pins and earrings at second hand shops during holidays and made one for Easter, Christmas, Valentines Day, 4th of July and just one for regular in between times that is completely vintage and dollar store "crystal" jewelry with feathers. She has this displayed on her mantle and it looks stunning.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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