Make A Winged Eye Liner

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The perfect winged eyeliner seems nearly impossible to achieve. After all, it only takes one wrong move and you've smeared the corner and ruined your whole look. With the right tools and technique, along with a little practice, you can easily achieve a sharp, flawless cat-eye look in only a few minutes.

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    Choose your eyeliner
    You can create a winged liner look with any type of eyeliner, so use whatever type you feel most comfortable with. You can even combine two different types of eyeliner or enlist the help of a matching eyeshadow with a liner brush.
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    The best time to apply the eyeliner is after the eye shadow and before the mascara
    However, if you are trying to create a smudged look, then the eyeliner must be applied before smudging with the eye shadow or brush.
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    Decide which type of wing you want, whether it's thick and pointed upward; straight out from the corner of the eye or thinned outward and upward.
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    You want the wing to look as if it is a continuation of the lower lash line.
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    Draw a line with the liner from the outer corner of the upper lash-line at a thin, diagonal angle, letting it go upwards in the direction of the point where the eyebrow ends
    Wing the liner as far as you want, but for a daytime look, you shouldn't extend beyond the outer edge of eyebrow.
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    If you want a liquid eyeliner look, or you're using a gel liner and have a shaky hand or can't seem to make a straight line, then use a pencil liner first to create an outline
    The pencil will help keep the hand steady and allow you to make the desired kind of wing.
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    After that, you can use the liquid or gel liner and draw over the outline you've made
    If you want a thicker, more dramatic line, add to the line.
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    Decide whether you want to take it all the way to the inner corner of the eye or leave it near the middle
    If you're taking the line to the inner corner, gradually decrease the line in thickness as you love e toward the inner corner of the eye.
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    If you make mistakes or smear the liner, use an angled brush or Q-tip to clean up the area
    Dip it in water, makeup remover or concealer and lightly trace along the edges. You can increase or decrease the angle of the wing, make it longer or shorter and curve it or leave it straight and pointed.
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    Apply mascara to complete your look
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Tips, Tricks & Warnings

  • Be careful when using eyeliner. Avoid getting it into your eyes, since it can cause irritation.
  • If you're using a soft cream or pencil liner and want it last all day, set it by tracing over the liner with a thin liner brush dipped in a small amount of matching eyeshadow. Apply it carefully to maintain the shape and avoid falling shadow. Spray your finished makeup with a makeup setting mist to lock it in for even longer wear.
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Eyeliner Basics

With a dizzying array of options on the market and dozens more added every day, picking the right eyeliner can seem like guesswork, but each type serves a different purpose. Whether it's cream, gel, liquid or pencil, it requires a slightly different application technique and creates a different finished look. Check out the information below to learn more about each eyeliner type, what it works best for and the best method of application.

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Pencil Liner

Pencil liners are one of the best types for beginners because they're much more forgiving than liquid or gel forms. If you don't have a steady hand, practicing with pencil liner first can save you a lot of trouble. Wax-based pencils are the most common, and they're found in a large variety of colors in either a wooden pencil that you sharpen or a mechanical pencil that you twist. Pencil liner works best for lining the inner rims of the eyes or for when you desire a more natural liner looks. It's possible to create winged liner with a pencil, but the line won't be a sharp as gel or liquid liner because of the application method. You can also find kohl versions of pencil liner which are softer and emollient, so they glide on easily and smudge for a smokier look, but they are prone to fading.

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Gel Liner

Gel or cream liner has arguably become one of the most popular eyeliner types in recent years due to its color payoff, staying power, smooth, creamy consistency and versatility. It's great for subtle eyeliner looks as well as dramatic ones, and it's easy to build up or smudge for a smokier look. Gel eyeliner typically comes in a pot and requires the use of a brush for application. Most gel or cream liners set within a few minutes and last all day.

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Liquid Liner

Liquid eyeliner requires the steadiest hand and a lot of practice, but it provides a sharp, bold look and dries quickly. It also doesn't smudge as easily as other types. You'll typically find liquid eyeliner in a tube with a brush or felt tip applicator. There are also marker-style liquid liners that have a built-in felt tip applicator, and these are much easier to apply than other traditional liquid eyeliners. They usually dry faster, too. Liquid liner is one of the best types for a perfect winged liner look, but you'll need a steady hand for precise application.

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Questions and Answers

Which is Better? Liquid gel or pencil eyeliner for oily skin?

If you have oily skin, liquid gel liner is better to use than pencil eyeliner. When you apply a gel liner, it will dry within seconds, and it won't smudge unlike pencil eyeliner. The latter is prone to running or smudging around your eyes because of the oil on your skin, while gel eyeliner stays longer on eyes after the application. Just make sure that you will choose a brand that promises lasting or staying power, such as Maybelline. Also, almost all beauty makeup artists recommend using a primer before applying liquid gel liner so that it will last all day and won't smudge around the eyes.

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The pencil will be better if you have oily skin because the pencil will not provide more oil/moisture to your face that is already oily at this time. Also by using the liquid gel you will mix more moisture with your already oily skin which will not help your situation.

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I can't draw a straight line with gel liner? Please help?

You could not draw a straight line with a gel liner, because you were not using the proper eye brushes. Take note that there are kinds of eye brushes. The three commonly used are flat eye liner brush, small angle brush, and bent eye liner brush.

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  • Flat eye liner brush:
    Flat eye liner brush-ermin.jpg
    This brush can create a subtle line on your eyes, or what we call "tight line". So, if you just want a simpler look, and not too daring, you may want to use this kind of brush. It is very easy to apply because the bristles are firmly shaped for a perfect eye lining. This is how the eyes look like when using a flat eye liner brush:
    Eyes pc.jpg
  • Bent eye liner brush:
    Bent eye liner brush.JPG
    This brush can create a very thin line on eyes, and with its bent brush feature, it can create a fine flick line on the outer corners of the eyes. See image below:
    Fine click.jpg
  • Small angle brush:
    Small angle brush.jpg
    This brush can create a dramatic cat-eye look. Makeup artists use a small angle brush for creating longer lines on the outside corners of the eyes. This brush is also used for creating smoky eyes:
    Cat's eye.jpg
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So, with the brushes above, you can now make a perfect line. You can even choose which eye-lining style you want to apply on your eyes: Tight line, fine flick, or cat's eye.

There really is no immediate fix all for making straight lines with them. Your best bet is to just practice,practice,practice. Practice on your hand, cause you can wash it easier. Then once you are confident, just spend a day at home practicing on your eyes. Just try to pick a day no one is coming over, so they don't see the messed up eye liner.

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Best brush for gel eyeliner to do a wing?

One of the best brushes to use when creating a winged eye is the elf bent or elf angled eyeliner. If, upon shopping, you come across something called a studio angled eyeliner, this is the same thing.

You need to select the thinnest brush for this purpose. Also, select the one which is rather sturdy so you can easily create the shape that you want. You can also use a flat brush but with a pointed diagonal end. Apply your eyeliner by keeping the edge parallel to your eye-line.

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How to draw an outline for a smoky eye?

  • Make a an outline at the contour of your eyes with black-colored eye pencil. The line should be thick above your lashes.
  • Using an application sponge or brush, put the base eye shadow on the eyelid and in the crease of the eyes.
  • Blend the the eye shadow slightly.
  • Using a pointed applicator sponge, put on the eye shadow around the eyes. Blend it properly with a pencil liner.
  • With eyes closed, apply contour color all over the creases of your eyes.
  • With a V shape, in a horizontal position, you should create a defined corner in the eyes.
  • Blend the colors with a soft rounded brush on the upper lid and a flat brush on your lower eye lid.
  • Repeat the application until you have achieved the effect that you desire.
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You have to follow the outline that is formed by your upper eye lids. Once you have created that thick outline (with a black or charcoal black liner), you have to fill in with lighter hues. As you move further towards the eye, the lighter the shade you have to use. The best color to use here is gray or a dark shade of blue and then mix it with some white.

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How to make your winged eyeliner stay on all day and not smudge?

Avoid putting too much moisturizer on that area, as that makes your eyeliner easier to smudge. Instead, apply more foundation or even powder to keep it in place.

Avoid using water-based foundation as that will tend to smudge, specially when you sweat a lot. The eyeliner will easily go with that as well when it does smudge.

Can there be an easy way to apply eyeliner on weird shaped eyes?

I have vary round wide eyes like a walnut with small tips on both ends. I have been trying for years to find the perfect look on eye liner. I've even tried eye shadow to make a wing . I can't make them both look identical or the same thickness on my lid. Do you have an easy way to apply eyeliner? I know this is more than one question but I just don't know anymore.

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