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The Aviation Industry is steadily growing worldwide. Even though there are global recessions, it is predicted that the aviation sector shall continuously affect the economy worldwide because of increasing amount of air transportation, air cargo, and the tourism industry. This, in turn, results in increasing manpower demand of the skilled workers coming from aviation school. However, the great challenge that is facing the aviation schools is the mismatch between the skills needed in the aviation industry and the readiness of the graduates. To develop and maintain an aviation school is a challenging opportunity. Here's how to maintain the quality standards for an aviation school in a few simple steps:

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    Design your educational goals in a simple equation, which means quality standard enrollment is equal to employment
    Every student that enrolls in your school should be given opportunities in the aviation industry and not to any other sectors which will make them underemployed. Take care of your students' needs once they decided to enroll and assist them until employment.
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    Make sure that your students are known to possess industry desired and global citizen attributes, and are critical and creative lifelong learners
    These features will make the airline companies seek graduates from your aviation school because they will be considered assets in their workplace. You are not only creating skilled workers, but also employees who have the characteristics to lead and sustain the aviation industry.
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    Hire and train technical instructors from the aviation industry
    Technical instructors who have been in the industry for years are effective experiential lecturers. However, they need training in the methods of teaching and assessment to help them execute lessons based on the learning styles and individual needs of the students.
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    Consult the aviation sector on the design and execution of each lesson
    They are the best people to consult on the latest news in the aviation industry. From the usual wide-bodied aircraft to the composite designs to the green and fuel efficient aircraft. Establish industry visits, on-the-job training and seminars, and invite people from the industry. They will inspire students to craft their career based on the compass of the actual people from the industry. The aviation sector will also give aviation schools the avenue to purchase aircraft parts that you can use in your laboratory.
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    Educate the parents
    At home, it is much easier for a student to adjust if they have common grounds with their parents. At school you can invite the parents into the conferences so they will also be excited and proud of the achievements of their sons and daughters, and can support them emotionally and physically.
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    Make sure that you maintain and excel in the standards of international and local governing bodies in the education and aviation sectors so that the diplomas and training certificates that you give shall bear their seal and logo for authentication.
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