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Compose a Suitable Message for Your Girlfriend if You Find Out She Has Been Cheating

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I guess that my girlfriend has another Facebook account?

When I ask my girlfriend that do you have another Facebook account?she replied no!!! but I believe that she had another Facebook account...please help

There are people that have numerous accounts on social media because they got locked out and just started a new one. Then you have the spoofers that swipe your profile photo and name for their phishing scams. Show her the proof of the second account. If she says she does not have one, then it is probably one of the two situations. Also, even I have social media accounts that are the same as others because of my name. I do not know the person, nor is the account mine but we share the same name. Even if she did have a second account, this does not mean that she is cheating. Some people have a second account for personal so that their main account stays professional. What you should do is ask yourself why you have insecurity in the relationship. Do not try to control your girlfriend because this will push her away or cause resentment towards you.

I want to write a letter telling someone that I want to marry her?

Guide me on how to write the letter to my special one I want to marry. I have tried: Because I don't kno how to write it

Awesome Ways Propose to Your Girlfriend is a VisiHow article that can give you some ideas. As a female, I have to warn that proposing via a letter is not the best way to go about it. There are few scenarios where sending a letter of a marriage proposal is deemed romantic enough such as if you are serving in the military and can't Skype or leave. If you are intent on planning it this way, I recommend you write a letter listing all the ways that she enriches your life. You can even add a plan for your future together. Then arrange for her to meet you on Skype when she opens the letter so that you can be there for the reaction. You could propose to her over video chat at that point. The right thing to do would be to speak to her parents first to ask for her hand in marriage. Although this is an antiquated tradition, if she lived near them, you could arrange for their help in the proposal such as getting flowers or a token of your relationship. You could also send them the funds to pick an engagement ring or purchase one online and mail it to her parents.

My caution in this is that girls dream of their marriage proposal from very early on in childhood. You do not have to make it a big production but you do need to show that you put some effort and thought into the proposal.

My girlfriend lied and said she had to go see a sick relative?

My girlfriend lied to me, said she had to go see her sick relative, I found out she did not go see this relative or other relatives she said she was going to see. I know she was cheating, I still love her, but I can not deal with the lies. Is it better to just tell her flat out I know? Or to let her do what she wants until she moves on? Well, I know she is cheating, but she does not know I know. So how do I go from here? I have tried: I asked her to tell me where she was and she lied. I think it was caused by: She is not happy with our financial situation and is looking for a sugar daddy, or so it seems from what I found in her purse.

Do not ride this out with her and just wait for her to leave. Confront her with your knowledge of how she lied. She will not be happy that you went through her purse but ask for an explanation about what you found. If she does not come clean or give you an answer that you can live with, then break up with her.

What should I tell her, she lied to me yesterday?

She lied to me yesterday that she is going to see her sick friend and later I saw her inside a boy's car. I have tried: Have not been talking to her. I think it was caused by: Nothing

Have you asked her why she was in a boy's car? Perhaps this boy brought her home from visiting the friend or is the friend's brother. There could be numerous reasons as to why she was in the car. Jumping to the fact that she lied or is cheating on you is not a good way to approach it.

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Compose a Suitable Message for Your Girlfriend if You Find Out She Has Been Cheating

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