Lose Weight with Guar Gum Diet Pills

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Guar Gum diet pills are often sold as capsules.

Guar gum, sometimes called guaran, is a carbohydrate blocker that comes in pill form that helps you lose weight because:

  • When taken before meals is a natural carbohydrate blocker that slows down the absorption of carbohydrates, thus preventing elevated blood sugar levels
  • Guar gum fiber expands in the intestines making you feel full, that you do not fill up on unhealthy treats later
  • The powder in the capsules has a texture that helps stimulate peristalsis of the intestine so that your digestive process is more efficient and painless
  • It clears fecal debris from the colon and helps clean it out so that your abdomen looks and feels flatter
  • The fact that guar gum is so fibrous scrubs away mucus and plaque from the walls of the intestine and helps you absorb the nutrients that you do eat more efficiently
  • It lowers bad cholesterol, which improves your overall heart health and makes it easier for you to lose weight
  • Guar gum is a diuretic that absorbs excess fluid in the stomach and intestines, thus for some people, reducing bloating and making them look thinner

Here is how to take guar gum diet pills to lose weight -

  1. 1
    Check with your doctor to make sure that taking guar gum pills is a good weight loss option for you
    As it is a carb blocker it can interfere with the absorption of vitamins and medicines and it is not suitable or people who already suffer from very low blood pressure or low blood sugar. Guar gum is also very thick by the time it enters the intestines and not suitable for individuals with irritable bowel syndrome. It also interferes with several medications like Penicillin, Digoxin, Metformin and birth control drugs. It is also not suitable for pregnant women or people who have low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) because it lowers it even further.
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    Take any vitamins that you are planning to take first thing in the morning
    As you will be taking this to lose weight, you do not want the high fibers in the guar gum to block your body's ability to absorb other supplements.
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    Take one 5 mg capsule of guar gum before each meal with ten ounces of spring water or vapor distilled water
    This means you are taking 15 mg of guar gum a day. If you have difficulty finding the capsules you can make your own by buying empty gelatin capsules and a bottle of guar capsules. Terravita makes good guar gum in a 4.5-gram strength, which is ample for encouraging your system to lose weight. This recommended dose is based on the assumption that you are eating three meals a day.
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    Be sure to drink green tea, broth and other hot beverages during the day
    This helps soothe the bloating and gas that is a normal temporary side effect of taking this type of carb blocker.
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Tips and Tricks

Digestive upsets during the first week of taking guar gum diet pills are common, but symptoms disappear after a week.

  • Guar gum can cause cramping, gas, diarrhea, and loose stools, but these symptoms often disappear after several days of use
  • If side-effects from taking guar gum seem uncomfortable or inconvenient, you can lessen your dose for the day or not take it all for a few days
  • Taking doses of guar gum that are too high can block your esophagus or your intestines, so do not take more than the recommended dose
  • Stop taking guar gum at least two weeks before you are scheduled to have surgery as it anesthesia lowers your blood sugar and guar gum does it further

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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