Lose Weight with Geranium Essential Oil With Aromatherapy vs By Using It Topically vs By Taking It Internally

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Geranium essential oil is made from geraniums.

Geranium oil is a powerful hormone balancing agent that is quite effective for helping peri-menopausal and menopausal women lose weight. It is also effective as a weight-loss for people without these issues as it also addresses anxiety and insomnia. Anxiety is a huge cause of overeating in men and women of all ages and individuals that do not get enough rest tend to become obese.

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Essential oil of geranium, when either consumed, rubbed on your body, applied to pulse points on your body (such as the wrists) can help you lose weight. It is effective because:

  • It contains geranial, a natural substance produce positive chemical changes in the brain, which improves mood and quells the type of anxiety that can lead to binge eating and weight gain
  • It promotes cell regeneration in all ways, which helps your metabolism to always be operating in an optimum way
  • It is a powerful diuretic that promotes urination and helps you release sugar, sodium, pollutants and hormone disrupting toxins and chemicals, so that it is easier to lose weight
  • Geranium oil has cicaristant properties that stimulate the blood circulation and help your body detoxify and rid itself of fat and excess water
  • The polyphenols in essential oil of geranium soothe joint pain and improves physical performance, encouraging the burning of carbohydrates and increasing physical endurance
  • Geranium essential oil is a powerful killer of bacteria that behaves as an internal cleanser, eliminating the mucus and yeast in the belly area that can make you look fat
Essential oil of geranium can help eliminate belly fat.
  • It is a powerful cleanser that helps to remove extra protein and fats from the liver and bloodstream and reducing the risk of weight gain
  • It kills candida yeast in the gut, which helps the stomach area to deflate and look slender
  • Volatile compounds in geranium essential oil stimulates the intestines to eliminate so that waste is quickly and efficiently cleansed from the system
  • Geranium essential oil contains limonene, which protects DNA from aging and conducts the cell repair necessary to achieve a healthy metabolism
  • It is very astringent, so when it is rubbed into fatty areas it helps tone and pull up the skin (it works particularly well when it comes to reducing belly fat
  • It is a natural healer and tightened of the skin, that when applied topically, can help tighten up sagging skin after weight loss
  • Geranium oil helps with nerve pain, common in Type 2 diabetics that can prevent them from exercising and expending calories

Method 1: With Aromatherapy

Woman inhaling essential oil.

When an essential oil like geranium essential oil is inhaled, it affects the limbic system and in turn produces physical, mental and emotional reactions. This works because the inhaled healing molecules in the oil are transported through the bloodstream where they produce positive actions in the body.

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You can inhale geranium essential oil in the following ways.

  1. 1
    Apply 10 drops of geranium essential oil on a tissue or cotton handkerchief and deeply inhale the fragrance deeply at least once an hour
    Keep the item with you can continually smell the aroma throughout the day and then add more geranium oil to it throughout the day as required.
    Inhale aromatherapy from a hanky periodically to take advantage of the fumes.
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  2. 2
    Fill an electronic essential oil diffusor with at forty to sixty drops of geranium essential oil or apply as many drops to the diffusor pad
    Electronic essential oil diffusors come in two main designs: one where drops of oil are applied to a pad and one where the diffusor is filled with a required amount of distilled water.
    Essential oil diffusor.
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  3. 3
    Fill a cold or hot steam vaporizer with up to fifty drops of essential of oil of geranium and keep the unit running all day
    It is best to use a cold vaporizer as the heat can affect some of the healing molecules in the geranium essential oil.
    You can nebulize oils in a steam vaporize.
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  4. 4
    Vaporize about forty drops of the geranium essential oil in an essential oil burner to disperse the aroma through the air
    This type of burner has a place for the oil and a candle beneath it to warm it. Note that this is the least preferred method of essential oil dispersal because the heat from the candle can toast the oil a bit and damage the healing constituents in it.
    Essential oil burner.
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  5. 5
    Mix about sixty drops of geranium essential oil in about ten ounces of water and mist your linens (such as your sheets and pillow case) and other fabric items so that the healing scent is always with you
    This also helps you to breathe in the aroma of the geranium oil before you go to bed.
    Spray bottles for essential oil.
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Method 2: By Using It Topically

Geranium essential oil works well for weight loss if rubbed on the feet.

One of the most effective ways to use geranium essential oil for weight loss is to mix it with almond or rosehip oil at a ratio of one part essential oil to three parts oil. After you apply it to your skin, the healing constituents in the oil are then distributed throughout the body through the bloodstream. These areas include:

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  • The belly area, especially where you have areas of flabbiness
  • On your thighs in the areas where you suffer from cellulite
  • On your back in the area of the ovaries
  • In the hollow of your clavicle where the thyroid gland is
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Your thyroid is in the hollow of your clavicle.
  • All along the ribs beneath the rib cage, where your pancreas is
  • The back of the neck in the hollow of the skull where the vagus nerve is
  • The forehead, especially the temples
  • On the inside of the elbows and the length of the arm down to the wrists
  • On either side of the outside of your knees
  • On either side of the ankle joint
  • Anywhere on the soles of your feet, but especially in the center of the bottom of your foot

Note that you should avoid applying geranium essential oil anywhere near your eyes or geranium or on open wounds or burns

To achieve weight loss using essential oil of geranium topically, try the following: .

  1. 1
    Add two or three drops of essential oil of geranium to a dollop of unscented lotion or moisturizer and then apply it anywhere that you want on your skin
    If you ever feel a burning sensation or tingling on your skin at any time during the application, it means that you have an allergy to geranium oil.
    Add essential oil of geranium to unscented lotion.
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  2. 2
    Add twenty drops of geranium essential oil to a bathtub of warm water
    Immerse yourself fully in the geranium essential oil weight loss bath for at least twenty minutes. It is best to do this bath just before bedtime, as it is very relaxing.
    Geranium oil can be added to bathtub water.
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  3. 3
    Create Geranium Fat Dissolving massage oil
    In a half of cup of almond oil, mix together 20 drops of geranium oil. Massage this oil into your belly, thighs, upper arms, under chin, down the sides of your back and all over other areas of your body that are ridden with cellulite or fatty deposits. Do not wash the massage oil off. Let it soak into your skin and be absorbed for at least 24 hours.
    A massage with geranium oil can dissolve fat deposits.
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  4. 4
    Create a Geranium, Rosehip Seed and Orange Anti-Cellulite massage oil
    In a half-cup of jojoba oil, combine 10 drops of geranium oil with 3 drops of rosehip oil and 3 drops of orange oil. Rub this blend into the area of your body that has the telltale orange peel appearance of cellulite. Let the oil soak into your skin for at least twelve hoarse before taking a shower. Any left-over oil can be rubbed on your face, as these same oils clarify your complexion.
    Vials of rosehip oil.
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Method 3: By Taking It Internally

A little goes a long way when taking essential oils internally.

Essential oil of geranium is very powerful and when using it for weight loss, it is recommended that you use one drop of food-grade essential oil per every 8 ounces of fluid. It can have a purgative effect on some people, meaning that it causes diarrhea so be very judicious with your use of it.

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Here are some ways to add geranium essential oil to your diet to facilitate weight loss.

  1. 1
    Add one drop of essential oil of geranium to a glass of vapor-distilled water on ice with a squeeze of lemon
    Drink a glass of it in the morning and a glass at night to help relieve anxiety, tone up your system and prevent cravings.
    Add one drop of essential oil of geranium to a glass of lemon water.
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  • 2
    Add one drop of food-grade geranium essential oil to a smoothie
    Essential oil of geranium goes especially well in a fruit or citrus-based smoothies, green smoothies or a chocolate smoothie.
    Geranium oil goes well with orange smoothies.
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  • 3
    One drop of essential oil of geranium can also be added to a hot or iced tea
    It goes particularly well with teas that already have a strong herbal taste such as green tea, fennel tea, lemon tea, nettle tea or black tea.
    Essential oil of geranium goes well with iced tea.
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  • Tips and Tricks

    Geranium oil helps clear up your face.

    • As an added bonus, geranium oil helps clear up your skin and beautifies your skin
    • Be sure to that you are taking geranium oil that is marked as food grade before internally
    • Be sure to buy a high quality, pure organic essential oil that is not cut with petrochemicals or carrier oils
    • Essential Oil diffusors can be found at appliance stores, health food stores and specialty stores such as Saje or Whole foods
    • The best quality diffusors disperse cool vapor and are electronic and do not require the use of a pad or even distilled water, such as the ones sold at Saje
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    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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