Lose Weight with Fennel Seed Water By Brewing Fennel Seeds vs Soaking Fennel Seeds Overnight

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A jar of fennel seeds.

Fennel seed water is made from the seeds of a root vegetable and herb called Fennel that is known for it is diuretic and fat-burning qualities. You can expect to lose about two pounds of week if you drink at least four cups of fennel seed water a day.

Fennel seed water triggers weight loss because:

  • Fennel seed water is a mild diuretic that helps you flush water out of your system, rinsing it of fat and toxins
  • Fennel seeds have a relaxing anti-spasmodic effect on your digestive system, which helps prevent the sensation of hunger
  • It contains calcium, which is essential for the health of the endocrine system and helps prevent high blood pressure and diabetes
  • The calcium in fennel seeds also calms the nervous system, making it easier for you to resist the irritability and cravings that come with dieting
  • The magnesium in fennel seeds helps your body turn carbohydrates into fuel instead of fat
  • The magnesium in the fennel seeds helps you get the rest you need at night, important for resetting your metabolism
  • Fennel seed water is also a good source of melatonin, which also helps you sleep at night and assists your endocrine system with repairing itself
Fennel seed water helps your system produce melatonin.
  • Fennel seeds contain phosphorus, which boosts your energy and helps your body process protein
  • Fennel seeds contain potassium, which helps flush excess sodium out of your body, which in turn reduces bloating
  • The water replenishes the water because it is rich in Vitamin A, and this in turn helps prevent fatty liver disease
  • The high Vitamin C content in Fennel seeds strengthens the immune system and prevents inflammatory diseases that can lead to metabolic disorders and weight gain
  • Fennel seed water contains the whole fennel seeds, soaked, which provides your body with fiber, which in turn helps clean waste out of your digestive system
  • Fennel water is also effective at flushing excess uric acid out of the blood and kidneys, which prevents the kind of point pain that could stop you from expending calories through exercise
  • Fennel seed water breaks down bile and fats in the liver, preventing disorders that lead to obesity caused by Type II diabetes and Fatty Liver Disease

Method 1: By Brewing Fennel Seeds

Be sure to drink the fennel seeds as well to add fiber to your weight loss efforts.

This is the fastest way to make fennel water. You can also double or triple this recipe if you wish to make a larger batch to drink over a period of a few days.

  1. 1
    In a large saucepan, bring four cups of water to boil
    Use distilled water if possible, but pure Spring water works as well.
    Bring a pot of water to boil.
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  2. 2
    Add two heaping tablespoons of fennel seeds to the water and shut off the heat
    Be careful not to cook the fennel seeds by leaving the heat on.
    A heaping tablespoon of fennel seeds.
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  3. 3
    Cover the pot with a lid and allow the seeds to cool to room temperature
    This should take about 50 minutes.
    Leave the lid on the pot and let the fennel seed water cool before drinking
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  4. 4
    Transfer the water and seeds to a glass jar and drink it four times a day
    You absolutely can drink the seeds too, which will be soft and a bit a slippery, as they are an excellent source of fiber.
    You can strain the seeds from the fennel water if you like but it is best to consume them to recieve the benefits of the seed's fiber.
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Method 2: By Soaking Fennel Seeds Overnight

Soaking fennel seeds helps turn them into a soluble source of fiber..

This method of making Fennel seed water is thought to be slightly better than brewing the seeds with heat, which can possibly destroy some of the nutrients in the seeds. Cold brewing the seeds in a jar overnight is also less time consuming in terms of preparation and energy.

  1. 1
    Fill a wide-mouthed glass jar, like an 8-ounce mason with two tablespoons of fennel seeds and then add vapor distilled water or pure Spring water.
    A wide mouth mason jar is perfect for brewing fennel seed water.
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  2. 2
    Cap the Mason jar and leave it overnight on the counter
    The seeds will swell up and become soft and the water will become fibrous and infused with nutrients in the fennel seeds.
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  3. 3
    Drink four glasses of the cold brewed soaked fennel seeds a day
    Be sure to swallow the seeds as well to take advantage of the fiber content, as the fiber is also an essential component in helping your body detoxify so you can lose weight.
    Be sure to drink the fennel seeds as well to make sure you are getting all of the benefits of drinking the fennel seed water.
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Tips and Tricks

Consult with your physician before taking fennel seed water every day, especially if you have a bowel issue like IBS.

  • Always consult with your health care practitioner before embarking on any healthcare regimen, especially if you are diabetic, pregnant or have issues with your digestive system, such IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome.)
  • As an added bonus, drinking fennel water also freshens your breath
  • Always use vapor distilled water to make Fennel seed water
  • Briefly toasting the fennel seeds in a frying pan for about twenty seconds before you add them to water can help intensify the flavor and release aromatic, therapeutic oils
  • If fennel seed water causes flatulence or cramps in your lower intestines, lessen the amount of fennel seeds that you use in each batch or drink less of it during the day
  • Fennel seed water stores well in the refrigerator for about three days
  • Fennel tea can help you sleep so it is a good idea to drink it at night before you go to sleep or just before you take a nap
  • You will lose more weight drinking fennel seed water if you also a adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet to go along with it
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water when you are on this diet to help the fennel water flush fat from your system
  • When buying fennel seeds buy them from a good source, such as a natural health food stores and do not buy seeds that appear to be musty or old.
  • Throw any left over fennel seed water out after about three days to prevent any pathogens from growing in the water
  • Fennel seed tea can also be bought commercially in tea bags, but may not be as effective as if you make your own, especially if you buy organic seeds from a health food store

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