Lose Weight with Black Vinegar By Taking It Three Times A Day Every Day vs Adding It To Your Daily Diet

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A bottle of mature black vinegar.

Black vinegar, also sold as Mature Vinegar, is a rich black color, like soya sauce, but its taste is more like balsamic vinegar. It is made from a mixture of rice, sorghum, bran, millet peas and wheat chaff. It has a very strong, yet pleasant smoky flavor. There is a lighter form of Black Vinegar, made from rice only, but it is too glycemic and high in sodium to help with weight loss. Aged mature black vinegar is richer in texture and contains enzymes; nutrients and fermented ingredients that help you get off the pounds.

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The best way to tell the difference between mature black vinegar and other types is to look on the label at the ingredients. The labels on many black vinegar bottles will also tell you where it is made. The black vinegar that is effective for weight loss is made in the Shanxi Province. If the vinegar is made in the city of Zheniang or called Chinkiang vinegar, it may not be effective for weight loss. The light black vinegar known as Kurozu is also not as effective for weight loss as Mature Vinegar made in the Shanxi Province.

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Chinkiang Vinegar is the type of black vinegar that is not as effective for weight loss.

Black vinegar helps you lose weight because:

  • It alkalinizes your blood and tissues, helping your body to get rid of sodium, which in turn prevents bloating and the gathering of abdominal fat
  • It lowers cholesterol levels and fat lipid in the bloodstream, improving your overall vascular health and ability to exercise and lose weight
  • Black vinegar helps lower your blood pressure, which in turn lowers physical stress and the overproduction of cortisol that can cause weight gain
  • It is rich in the amino acids that your body needs to build muscle, and the more muscle that you have, the better able your body is to expend calories, even when you are not exercising
  • The amino acids in the black vinegar are also very good for the skin and may prevent the sagging skin and stretch marks that sometimes accompany weight loss.
  • It contains acetic acid, which is antibacterial, cleansing and helps your body dispel toxins and poisons that could cause issues with your metabolism
  • It is a natural diuretic that helps flush toxins and fat out of your body
  • The citric acid in black vinegar is a natural blocker of starch, which helps regulates your blood sugar and inhibit the absorption of fat
  • The citric acid and amino acids in black vinegar reduce fatigue and make it easier for you to lose weight faster

Method 1: By Taking It Three Times A Day Every Day

A small pouring jar of black vinegar.

It is best to think of Black Vinegar as daily constitutional that you take three teaspoonfuls of it every day. It is too strong tasting to take on its own. It is also best for you to avoid taking it with meals as in some individuals that could promote stomach upset. In addition, taking the black vinegar on an empty stomach may help you digest your food better.

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  1. 1
    Fill a small or short tumbler with ice with four ounces of orange juice, lemon juice or lime juice
    If you are diabetic, you can also add a bit of spring water, to dilute the strength of the natural sugars in the juice.
    Black vinegar goes well with orange juice.
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  2. 2
    Add one tablespoon of Black Vinegar and one tablespoon of raw, organic honey to the juice and muddle it all together with a spoon
    Jiggle the ice with the ingredients until everything is well mixed together.
    You can sweeten your orange juice and black vinegar with raw organic honey.
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  3. 3
    Drink this mixture three times a day, with or without meals
    The regular supplementation of the vinegar should result in a weight loss of at least two pounds a week.
    You can expect to lose about two pounds of weight a week by drinking diluted black vinegar.
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Method 2: By Adding It To Your Daily Diet

Pork seasoned with black vinegar.

You can supplement your regular diet with extra doses of Black Vinegar (Mature Vinegar) by:

  1. 1
    Use it as a dipping sauce for vegetables all on its own
    You can also mix it with a bit of sour cream to make a healthy dipping sauce.
    Black vinegar and sour cream can be mixed together to make a dip.
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  2. 2
    Use it as a seasoning or condiment on rice, rice and beans or over Asian dishes
    Black vinegar can be a low-sodium alternative to soy sauce.
    Black vinegar can be used to flavor rice and bean dishes.
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  3. 3
    Add it to marinades for meat and chicken
    Black vinegar caramelizes nicely on the skin of barbecued or broiled meat. It helps to create a crispy finish on the meat that tastes sweet and a bit sour, but is also healthy for you.
    You can add black vinegar to a basic meat marinade.
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  4. 4
    Using it as a dressing on salads
    The taste of black vinegar is very similar to balsamic vinegar. It can just be drizzled on greens and raw vegetables and used as a seasoning in the same way that you would use balsamic vinegar. It also suits salads that contain roasted or cooked vegetables such as parsnips, beets or sweet potatoes.
    Black mature vinegar can be used as a dressing on salad.
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  5. 5
    Black vinegar can be added to soups to give them a sweet and salty kick
    This type of vinegar is also excellent for waking up the flavor of vegetables and meat in a soup that tastes a bit bland. It goes particularly well in onion soups.
    Black vinegar can be added to soups.
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  6. 6
    Cook seafood in black vinegar instead of butter oil
    Use a tablespoon or two of black vinegar for cooking or steaming the seafood and save hundreds of calories per dish. Black vinegar works particularly well as a cooking sauce for shrimps or scallops.
    Black vinegar goes well with scallops.
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  7. 7
    Brush black vinegar over Brussels sprouts and broil them in the oven for thirty minutes
    The black vinegar slightly caramelizes on the Brussels sprouts and gives them a delicious buttery flavor that is much healthier than butter.
    Brussels sprouts go well with black vinegar.
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  8. 8
    Add a teaspoon of black vinegar to green smoothies
    Smoothies with a lot of dark greens, such as spinach and kale are greatly enhanced in taste by the addition of Black Vinegar. A tasty blend would be a teaspoon of black vinegar, a frozen banana, a cup of packed kale, a cup of packed spinach and the flesh of one small avocado. Whirl all of the ingredients together with some ice and season with salt and pepper before drinking. To add extra Vitamin C to this healthy weight-loss drink you can add frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple or a whole kiwi.
    Black vinegar goes well in green smoothies.
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  9. 9
    Add a teaspoon of black vinegar to strawberry smoothies
    Combine the black vinegar with a cup of coconut milk, a half of a cup of frozen strawberries and a frozen broken up banana in a blender. Whirl it altogether to make a frosty drink that supports weight loss.
    Black vinegar goes well in a strawberry smoothie.
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  10. 10
    Add a teaspoon of black vinegar to chocolate weight-loss smoothies
    The vinegar has a rich smoky taste that goes very well with chocolate and gives it a bit of a salty flavor. To a blender filled with ice add one cup of almond milk, two heaping tablespoons of organic raw cocoa power, a tablespoon of raw organic honey or Truvia, one frozen banana, a dash of cinnamon and one teaspoon of black vinegar. Whirl all of the ingredients together in a blender and drink.
    Black vinegar goes well in any chocolate-flavored smoothie.
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  11. 11
    For a weight-loss inducing dessert, drizzle black vinegar over sliced fresh strawberries
    This naturally enhances the flavor of the strawberries and you enjoy the weight-loss inducing benefits of the black vinegar at the same time.
    Drizzle mature black vinegar over fresh strawberries.
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Tips and Tricks

Consult with a doctor before taking black vinegar.

  • Consult with your doctor before taking black vinegar, as it is not suitable for some people, especially those who have weak stomach acid
  • If you want to be gluten-free, then avoid Black Vinegar as it is made from grains and legumes that contain gluten
  • Keep in mind that this diet works best if you are living a sensible lifestyle that includes exercise and eating a healthy diet
  • Try not to consume more than six tablespoons of black vinegar a day to avoid effects such as stomach upset, cramps and gas
  • A tablespoon of black vinegar can be added to a cup of epsom salts and mixed well, and then rubbed on areas of the body that need smoothing due to cellulite deposits beneath the skin
  • Drink a great deal of water while you are on this regimen of taking black vinegar every day to assist your body with flushing out fat and toxins.
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