Lose Weight on the Full Liquid Diet

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Lose weight fast by drinking liquids and eating soft foods.

The Full Liquid Diet was created to help individuals with kidney disease, fatty liver disease, and diabetes lose weight quickly. However, this convalescent diet is also often used as a way to lose ten to twenty pounds fast in fifteen days. You don't have to stay on the diet the full fifteen days to lose weight, most people lose eight to ten pounds after only being on it for three or four days. If your metabolism is damaged by insulin resistance or Type II Diabetes it may take you a bit longer than three or four days to get more than ten pounds off.

The Full Liquid Diet causes weight loss because:

  • You are eating 500 to 2000 calories less a day, which triggers weight loss because you are expending more calories in the form of energy then you are taking in, thus triggering weight loss.
  • The dairy products and eggs allowed on this diet are good sources of protein, which can help you stay full despite the scant calories of this diet
  • This diet, in general, is quite low in fat, which in itself, promotes weight loss
  • The broths on the diet are fat-free and high in protein, which helps stave off cravings and facilitate weight-loss
  • Many of the juices and other beverages in the diet are lower in sugar or contain no added sugar, which nourishes without causing glycemic reactions that can cause weight gain
  • The juices are rich in vitamin A and C, which helps fight the kind of inflammation that can cause insulin resistance and weight gain
  • The large amounts of tea and other fluids that are consumed as diuretics help to flush fat out of the kidneys, liver, and intestines
  • It gives your digestive organs a break from solid, which helps them regenerate and work more efficiently you do start adding more substantial foods to your diet again

Foods Allowed On The Full Liquid Diet

Gelato is allowed on this diet.

This particular diet allows all clear liquids along with a number of soft foods creamed foods, dairy products, and pureed meat.

  • Apple juice
  • Hard candies (preferably sugar-free)
  • Cherry juice with no pulp
  • Clear carbonated soft drinks such as 7up and Gingerale
  • Coffee with no cream
  • Cranberry juice
  • Melted Cheese (one egg or added to beef broth)
  • Plain Scrambled eggs or poached eggs
  • Organic beef broth
  • Organic chicken broth
  • Organic vegetable broth
  • Honey in very small amounts and only to sweeten tea or coffee
  • Ice Cream or gelato, preferably sugar-free or homemade to have less sugar
  • Lemonade with no pulp and no added sugar
  • Maple Syrup, to use as a sweetener in drinks or for soft foods
  • Pureed meat (chicken or beef in the form of baby food or pureed in a blender)
  • Popsicles (preferably without sugar)
  • Creamy soups, either vegetarian or not, as long as there are no chunks or pieces of vegetables in it
  • Sorbet or granita, especially if home-made to minimize the sugar content
  • Tea with no cream, including any type of clear herbal tea, with green tea being the most beneficial
  • Yogurt without fruit chunks, but mixed in low-sugar fruit puree is fine
  • Vapor-distilled water
  • Low-sodium, aspartame-free carbonated or sparkling waters
  • Mineral water, carbonated and non-carbonated
  • Pure spring water

The Full Liquid Diet Plan

Liquid Honey.

To shed the pounds with the Full Liquid Diet Plan, take the following steps:

  1. 1
    Keep a glass or bottle of water with you at all time to consume while you are on the diet
    You should drink at least eight cups of water a day in the form of distilled water, spring water, mineral water or carbonated water. This will help cut cravings for food, aid with detoxification and the flushing of fat and keep you hydrated.
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  2. 2
    For breakfast have one cup of fruit juice, one cup of Cream of Wheat and one cup of coffee or tea
    Drinking caffeinated tea and coffee is recommended in the morning to help boost your energy levels and also reduce any hunger pangs.
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  3. 3
    For a morning snack have one cup of pureed fruit and a cup of tea or coffee
    You may sweeten the tea or coffee with a bit of honey. Be aware that the more honey that you add to a drink, the less weight you will lose
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  4. 4
    For lunch have a cup of pureed vegetables, one glass of milk and one cup of broth
    You may also have soy milk or nut milk if you prefer, but it is whole-fat dairy milk that is recommended for consumption in the original protocol for The Full Liquid Diet Plan.
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  5. 5
    For an afternoon snack has a cup of ice cream
    You can have sorbet or frozen yogurt or a Popsicle, instead if you like. Read labels to make sure you are not consuming a treat that is loaded with sugar. You want to keep your sugar content less than 14 grams per serving is possible. It is also important to choose an ice cream or yogurt that is smooth without any pieces of fruit. Fruit puree swirled into the yogurt in the form of a jelly or a very smooth jam is allowed.
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  6. 6
    For dinner, have a cup of pureed meat or a pureed egg, a cup of creamy soup, a cup of fruit juice and a glass of milk
    Pureed meat should have the soft consistency of baby food and not be chunky.
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  7. 7
    For a snack at night have one cup of yogurt with one cup of fruit juice
    Be sure to be eating plain yogurt. You may also have a glass of herbal tea, such as chamomile before you go to bed.
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Tips and Tricks

Consult with a doctor before going on this type of crash diet.

  • See a health care provider or dietitian before decide to go on this diet, as it may not be suitable for people with blood sugar problems, diabetes and people with kidney disease
  • This diet works best for weight loss if you eat one food at a time, rather than combining foods to make a meal, so do not have pureed vegetables with eggs, have either eggs or pureed vegetables
  • Choose drinks and dairy products that have lower sugar content and that are organic
  • Choose organic broths, eggs and juices and products whenever possible
  • If you decide to eat pureed vegetables and meats in the form of baby food, check the label to make sure that there is not added sugar or sodium
  • If there is anything floating around in the liquid, such as noodles rice or fruit pulp, it may not be as effective for weight loss
  • You are consuming less than 800 calories a day on this diet, so it is not recommended that you exercise except for maybe a half-hour brisk stroll around the block
  • It is normal to suffer some detoxification symptoms for the first three days of this fast, such as muscle soreness, headache or dizziness actually experience a slight surge in energy after this
  • This diet is not recommended for people who have an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia
  • Alcohol is not allowed on this diet it dehydrating and causes insulin resistance and blood sugar swings

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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