Look Classy when Wearing a Skirt

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A skirt can be very flattering, especially if you are able to carry it really well. However, there are also cases where a person wears a skirt, but does not seem to know how to handle it well. It is very important to note that movements when wearing a skirt should be totally different from when you wear your usual jeans or yoga pants. Wearing a skirt is sometimes an art and you are guaranteed to look really classy if you manage to do it well.

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Few Things to Pay Attention to

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    Do not sit down like you would when you're wearing jeans
    This is very important. In most cases, when someone is very used to wearing jeans, the moment she wears a skirt, she forgets to act a bit differently. This will not look very proper at all and not elegant as well. You would need to employ a certain level of care when you're wearing a skirt.
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    Pay attention to the position of your legs
    This is one of the most crucial things to consider when wearing a skirt. You have to make sure that your legs are put together in most cases, especially when you're sitting down. You can do cross-legs and this will actually help in making you feel more comfortable.
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    Pay attention to how you walk
    As compared to wearing jeans, a skirt will expose your legs and this calls for more attention on how you walk. If you walk in a very masculine or careless way, that becomes more obvious. Therefore, keep in mind that you have act like a lady when you are wearing a skirt for you to look classy.
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    Wear high heels
    Your main goal when wearing a skirt is to make your legs look longer and make the shape look slimmer as well. High heels will easily help you achieve that. However, make sure that you choose just the right height for you. Extremely high heels will make your legs and feet look awkward as well. Even worse, it can even make your legs look like they are spread apart. Also, it will make your feet get tired easily and when you're tired, you would not be able to walk properly as well. Therefore, choose only those which have about 2-3 inches of heels and that should be comfortable enough for you.
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    Wear stockings
    Although stockings had not been a big hit recently when it comes to wearing skirts, if you are dressed for an important occasion, wearing stockings with your skirt or dress is still the best choice. It adds a bit of elegance to what you are wearing. If you are wearing skirt for casual occasions, you can do away without stockings.
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