Locate Your iPhone 5 (When Misplaced or Missing)

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Mobile phone is very important and an expensive device especially if your phone is an Apple iPhone 5. Sometimes even if our device is very expensive there is still a tendency that we misplaced it and or forgot where you left it. Sometimes someone just simply stole your mobile.

Usually when your phone is misplaced, we tend to use another mobile or phone or even borrow from someone to call your number and follow the tone / sound of your mobile to find where it is. But what are you going to do if your mobile was left somewhere else or was taken by someone? iPhone 5 has a feature that can make you locate your mobile this is the GPS.

First, what you need to do when you purchase your iPhone is turn on or enable your GPS so in the event that becomes misplaced or stolen you can just use your locator to find your iPhone.

Steps to locate your iPhone5

  1. 1
    Make sure you enable your GPS (You'll never know when things can happen)
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    In your computer and or in any other device, open a browser.
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    Then on the address bar go to http://www.icloud.com then press enter.
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    You will then see an iCloud box where you can sign in.
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    Type in your Apple ID / Username and Password then click the arrow sign to sign in
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    Once you are signed in, click on the green icon 'Find My iPhone'
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    Then wait while your iPhone is being located.
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    Then once located, a map with the exact location will show where your iPhone is.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • You can also use this to locate your iPad and iPod.

How to Keep Your iPhone Secure Even When You Misplace It

  1. 1
    Always make sure your phone's pass-code lock is activated
    If you do not have this, when you lose your phone, it will be very easy for other people to be able to see the contents of your phone, including pictures, emails, messages, notes, and the like. In addition to setting a pass-code lock, make sure that your pass-code lock is also strong enough. It will be best as well if you would be changing it from time to time, let's say every 3 months, so that in case someone else found it, they will still not be able to access your phone later on.
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    Turn off the preview function for certain apps
    Even if you have a pass-code lock but your preview function is activated, it is very much possible for other people to see the messages that are coming through your phone. They will be able to see everything on your lock screen and even scroll down through it when there are too many messages. If you cannot fully turn off all the preview functions for all apps, you may just want to select those which are really important. Being able to preview is very comfortable because you do not need to open your phone in order to see messages that are coming through. Therefore, if you cannot avoid it, select only those apps which you commonly use. Also, if you are going to a crowded place and the likelihood of you losing your phone is high, you may want to deactivate that function temporarily.
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    Do not take down your passwords and other important information on your notepad
    If you would like to use something for reference later on, you may want to record it somewhere else, but not on your notepad. If in case the person who got your lost phone is good enough, he may be able to go through your phone. If you have all of your passwords saved in one notepad, it's like giving a jackpot prize to the person who got your phone. Do not be so comfortable with your phone and think that it will be secure all the time.
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  • 4
    Do not use the same passwords for everything
    Do not use the same code for your pass-code lock or apple ID for example. If the person holding your phone is able to break into one of your passwords, it will be very easy for him to access everything else if you are using identical passwords. Though it may be more difficult to remember, assign different passwords for different things.
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  • Questions and Answers

    Is it possible to locate my iPhone even if I don't have the app Find my iPhone?

    I lost my iPhone and I don't have find my iPhone app installed on it. Is there other way I can locate it?

    Fortunately, there is another way you can track your device. You don't need to install Find my iPhone to use your iCloud account's Find my iPhone feature to find your device. Follow the steps below to find your iPhone:

    • Go to iCloud.com.
    • Click Find my iPhone.
    • Choose your iPhone to locate it.

    You'll be able to find your iPhone now, provided that it hasn't lost battery or been turned off by someone who found it. If you can locate it, you can also lock it down and provide a message so somebody can return your phone to you.

    I misplaced my iPhone and now its turned off, what's next?

    How can I track if my iPhone is turned off

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