Live together without being married

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A lot of times it is difficult to maintain a positive environment with a personal without a commitment such as being married leaving more room for the couple to split up easily and with less ties. A lot of relationships of this sort usually fail when moving in together before marriage for either both parties or one partner will feel as if things aren't perfect a definite because they aren't married at all. This is a big step for the change to living together may be a deal maker or a deal breaker this article will explain how both parties can get along the best way they can while being in this situation.

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Points to Consider

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    Designate space in the closet for each person to have in order to maintain order in the house
    Women tend to need or require more space than men but ensure that their is adequate space for both people to ensure that the other persons space is not compromised during the move and also during the duration of the relationship of the two people living together. The closet can be one of the most important spaces to both parties while living together so ensure that this space is agreed upon either before moving or the day of moving in so that the rules are not made on the fly making things a bit more difficult to the newly living together couple.
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    Keep everything that means something to you when moving into the home, if you do not want the thing hung up or posted anywhere in the house then let the other person know but they do not need to throw away their memento away for the sake of not putting it up for decorative purposes
    If the argument is reasonable for not wanting the other partner to decorate the home with this item then yes put it away for safe keeping, but if the argument is not reasonable at all then just let it go and deal with the decoration. But if you need to be completely honest with your partner let them know that their decoration is horrid if necessary to get your point across but ensure that you come to an agreement from moving on to another subject matter.
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    Assign duties in the home for it will not only be one persons job for the up keep of the home but both parties
    Everyone hates chores but it is necessary to keep your home well maintained and in order. If you know that your partner has an issue with being clean then let them know as soon as moving in so that they can know that you have noticed this uncleanliness act and also for them to effectively fix the issue. If this issue continues then you will need to be more stern about the issue for your home is a place where you need to be comfortable at all times but if the money is available you can easily hire a maid to do the cleaning of the house. If you are in fact the person who does not make the money for the household or are the bread winner then unfortunately your job as the person who is always home is to clean up the house.
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    Ensure that you do not argue about every single thing that you dislike that goes on in the house
    If your partner happens to leave the toilet seat up, chips open etc. it is not worth complaining over or even starting an argument about with that person. Just simply fix the issue and let them know of the problem without having to yell or make a scene about it for it is only material or even little fixable problems that are occurring so keep your cool and press on. In a relationship you will need to engage in when it worth arguing about and not, things of this nature are not worth arguing about at all. Plus while you can complain about the issue when it is in front your instead of fixing it is a bit backwards for the longer you leave it unfixed the more damage it will cause (in your head) so just fix the issue and carry on with your day.
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    Make sure that the both of you have equal input and responsibilities in the house for this will bring more of a balance in the relationship making both people feel as if they are contributing to the relationship as well as the home which can help to strengthen the relationship
    If one person works and the other doesn't then divide the responsibilities for the worker will pay the bills and the partner at home unemployed can clean cook and etc. while at the home all day long which is only understandable for example.
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Questions and Answers

Is it really bad to live together before being married? Why does the bible say its bad?

It is not totally bad for two people to live together but it is frowned upon by the bible because the two people are not married and by living together un-married you are more than likely to conduct in relations which is also frowned upon by the church.

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Aside from the Bible aspect it is not recommended to live with anyone before being married for this mixture may cause more problems if you and your partner do not know each other well enough to take on the challenge of living together.

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