Learn Yoga with the Table Pose

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Table Pose, also known as Bharmanasana, is a basic level yoga pose that is perfect for beginners to practice before moving onto harder poses. This pose can also be linked to a number of other poses, such as Cat Pose and Balancing Table Pose which can easily be made into a sequence. The Table Pose is a brilliant starting position for any sequence and can also be used to transition between poses or as part of a warm-up or cool-down sequence. The pose is great for different floor poses and helps you to lengthen your spine and realign it.

However, owing to the nature of the pose, if you have had any recent or ongoing injuries to your wrists or knees, please do not try this pose or modify the pose to prevent further injury.

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What equipment will you need to get started?

  • Although the pose can be performed anywhere, it puts pressure on the knees; and it is highly recommended that you have a yoga mat.
  • Some yoga trousers or extra stretchy leggings.
  • A baggy shirt or vest to allow for maximum arm movement.

Table Pose Step-by-step:

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    Lie down on the floor on your hands and knees
    Bring your knees together so that they are around hip-width apart with each foot lying directly behind the knees. Put your hands palms-down onto the floor or mat shoulder width apart. Spread your fingers out wide and rotate them so they face forward.
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    Drop your head down to look between your hands and flatten your back as much as possible
    Press down through your palms and relax your shoulders so they are away from the ears. Press your coccyx outwards and behind you, towards a wall behind you if there's one there. Do the opposite with the top of your head and push it out in front of you to elongate your spinal cord.
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    Breathe in deeply and hold before exhaling
    Do this for around one to three breaths before standing to come out of the pose.
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    Don't forget to cool down after yoga
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Variations on this pose:

  • If you are struggling with this pose there are a number of things you can do to make it easier. To start, you can fold a blanket and put it underneath your knees in order to protect them from the pressure of having your knees directly on the mat. This is good if you've had a previous injury to the knees but still wish to attempt the pose. If you have injuries to the wrists or if you suffer from a chronic pain disorder that effects your arms, then you can ball your hands into fists to reduce the pressure in the wrist area.
  • If you have mastered this version of Table Pose, then you can attempt one of the harder variations of the pose, for example the Balancing Table Pose. You can also make a sequence involving this pose with the addition of some other basic yoga poses such as Dog Pose, Cat Pose or Threading the Needle. Table Pose is also a good pose to use when you're both warming up and cooling down, as it relaxes the body and can be easily combined to create a sequence that will allow you to warm up your body or cool down properly after intensive exercise.
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