Learn Yoga with the Happy Baby Pose

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Baby Pose, or as it is sometimes called Happy Baby Pose or Ananda Balasana, is a basic yoga pose that even beginner yogis and yoginis should be able to master with relative ease. Using this pose will allow you to gently stretch out the inside of your groin muscles and the back section of the spinal column. Being able to maintain this pose calms the brain, which helps to relieve the mind and body of stress and can relieve tiredness. However, you should exercise caution when attempting this if you are pregnant or if you have suffered from a knee or neck injury. If you still wish to try the pose out, be sure to support you head with a thickly rolled blanket and stop if you feel any of your muscles are being strained.

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What equipment will you need to get started?

  • Although this pose can be performed anywhere, it is recommended you have a good quality yoga mat.
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  • Some stretchy yoga trousers.
  • A baggy shirt or a vest which allows for maximum arm movement.

Happy Baby Pose Step-by-Step guide:

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    Begin by lying on your back, keeping your shoulders and neck relaxed and facing the ceiling
    Before you start, once again, if you have any injuries to your neck and shoulders, then roll up a thick blanket and then place that behind your head for extra support. On your next exhale, bend your knees up towards your belly and hold them as close as you can without straining your muscles.
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    When you breathe in again, grip your feet from the outside with your hands
    Then open your knees so they sit slightly wider than your torso and stretch them again so they sit facing towards your armpits.
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    Try to position each of your ankles over your knees
    This should make your shins perpendicular to the floor if you do it correctly. Flex your legs through the heels of your feet and then slowly push into your hands with your feet. At the same time, pull downwards with your hands so a resistance force is created between your legs and your arms.
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    To get out of this pose, release your feet from your hands and slowly bring your arms back down to your sides
    Then on your next exhale, bring your knees back down so your feet are back on the mat or wherever you chose to attempt the pose.
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    Don't forget to learn how to cool down after yoga with help from our guide on cooling down for yoga.
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Variants for this pose:

  • If you are struggling with holding your feet with your hands or if you are a novice at the pose and lack the flexibility of a more experienced yogi or yogini, then you can get two belts or some specially made yoga bands and wrap one around the sole of each foot. This will allow you to do the pose without having to potentially injure yourself by straining your back trying to reach your feet. However, be careful with the use of belts around your feet as using them incorrectly could potentially cause more injuries than they would help you.
  • To prepare for this pose, it is recommended you can do Child's Pose and Hero Pose. You can create a sequence using these poses before Happy Baby Pose to warm up; so, it is easier for you. After this pose, you can add more beginner poses to the sequence, for example, Downward-Facing Dog would be an excellent addition to a sequence.

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