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Reset Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note2, Note3 Without Losing Data

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Moto x play black screen gets back to normal and again gets black. What should I do?

Sir, I have Moto x play but since past 15 days or so it's screen gets black automatically and again after 12 hrs or so it gets back to normal. It's now almost 23hrs or so, and it is not working. It is completely black. I have even tried to press power and volume down button simultaneously but it just vibrates. I don't want to lose any of its data, what should I do. The data is almost my 2 years of hard work and dedication. Kindly help as soon as possible.

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Some Moto X Play's have display options which you will want to check yours if the screen comes on. Pull the battery to soft reset and then try to turn the phone on. Plug it in to see if it shows that it is charging or completely dead. I would suggest a hard reset to fix your firmware if you can but even then this may actually be dust on the phone or a hardware issue with the LCD. The Moto X Play has a huge battery which also means huge heat issues if you are not careful. I have one and use apps to kill background apps if I am recording a video for instance because the phone gets so hot while doing so. You should not lose much in terms of data because this phone has the Google Apps like Google Photos and Contacts that sync regularly. Go to your Google Account and see what shows up. The good news is this phone is not rooted should you want to use ADB tools to try to backup your data. See if you can put it in Recovery Mode to Wipe the Cache Partition and Dalvik Cache.

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To hard reset the Moto X Play:

  1. 1
    Turn off the Moto X Play.
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  2. 2
    Hold down both the Volume Up and Volume Down
    After 5 seconds, hold down the Power button as well as the Volume Buttons.
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  3. 3
    The Android Man will appear when the phone boots up, release the buttons.
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  4. 4
    Click and hold Volume Up to enter the Recovery Menu
    Then click Power quickly.
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  5. 5
    Choose Wipe Cache Partition using the volume keys.
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My Kyocera Hydra Wave phone has gone black, but I know it's not dead, I want to get my pictures off?

My phone (I believe) is a Kyocera Hydra Wave. I think it's similar to the phone in the answered question. I tried getting the application on the phone. The first download sort of worked but I couldn't unlock my phone like instructed. The second didn't even show up. To specify, I downloaded one of the helping applications and I found my phone, it said my phone was good (or something similar) I looked around but didn't find anything about unlocking it and allowing my computer to access it. I have tried: I tried the "Automated installation (Universal)" and I found my phone on it. I tried finding an unlock option or a connection but nothing was found. The second download, "Manual installation" didn't end up working. I've plugged in my phone to my computer and I found a pop up where I would be able to get my phone's pictures, but I need to do something on my phone to finish, which I can't do because the screen is black. I think it was caused by: Well, I know this sounds stupid, but when I bought the phone it said "water resistant" and that it could take pictures underwater. So after about a year of owning the phone, I decided to try it. It worked awesomely and I was able to work the phone in the water without a problem. This ended up backfiring when, after I had gotten the phone out of the water, it started glitching out. I tried to send the pics to myself in case, but it wouldn't respond well. After a bit, the screen went totally black. But I can still get a vibration notifications from messages so I know it's not dead.

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