Know the Layout and Parts of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Knowing the parts and layout of your Samsung Galaxy Note3 allows you to maximize the use of your device. Below you will find the layout and parts of Samsung Galaxy Note3 and how to use each.

Front Layout of Samsung Galaxy Note3

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  1. 1
    Notification Light - This will emit light when there are notifications on your phone
    Notification will also blink red when your battery is running low.
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  2. 2
    Earpiece - This is where you will hear the voice of the person with whom you are talking
    The earpiece will work unless you insert a headset. Then the voice will be directed to the headset.
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  3. 3
    Proximity/Light/Gesture Sensor - The proximity sensor detects the distance between your phone and another object
    When making calls, it automatically locks your phone screen when it senses that your ear or head is near the sensor. This is set so you won't accidentally tap anything on your device's screen while you are on a call. The light sensor detects the ambient light available and automatically changes your device's brightness settings so you can use your device without having problems with screen visibility due to your surroundings being too bright. The gesture sensor allows you to use gesture and air commands on your Note3.
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  4. 4
    Front Camera - The front camera allows you to utilize the front camera to take self-portraits and/or use your Note3 when chatting with someone online.
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  5. 5
    Power Button - The power button allows you to turn your device on and off.
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  6. 6
    Touchscreen - The touchscreen displays the user interface of Samsung Galaxy Note3
    The touchscreen is also an input device where it recognizes gestures and air commands.
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  7. 7
    Back Button - The back button will cancel a prompt request, close a program, or take you back to the previous page.
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  8. 8
    Speaker - The speaker lets you play music files using the loudspeaker whenever there is no headset connected to your Samsung Note3.
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  9. 9
    Multi-Purpose Jack - The multi-purpose jack's main purpose is to act as a charging port
    It can also be used to connect other devices to your phone, such as USB devices, HDMI, and other accessories.
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  10. 10
    Microphone - The microphone picks up your voice and sends it to another target via calling
    You can also use the microphone to record audio memos and reminders.
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  11. 11
    Menu button - The menu button shows you all the settings and available options on your device.
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Rear Layout of Samsung Galaxy Note3

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  1. 1
    IR LED - This is your infrared port
    It allows you to transfer files wirelessly using infrared technology. S Beam also uses this feature when sending and receiving files.
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  • 2
    Microphone for Speakerphone - This will serve as your microphone when Loudspeaker mode is enabled.
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  • 3
    Headset Jack - The headset jack is where you will put a headset tip plug-in
    Currently, it is using 3.5 mm jack, but can be used with adapters so it will be usable to your Note3.
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  • 4
    Volume Button - This has two buttons on it
    The button on the upper part is the volume up button, while the lower part is the volume down button.
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  • 5
    Back Cover - The back cover shields the battery of your device as well as the SIM cards and memory cards.
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  • 6
    Main Antenna - The main antenna will capture signals from your network providers
    If you are in a place where there is a little to no network coverage, make sure that there are not any objects obstructing the signal between the two devices.
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  • 7
    S Pen - S Pen allows you to issue and do commands using the S Pen.
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  • 8
    Flash - Flash allows you to capture subjects' photos at low light.
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  • 9
    Rear Camera - The rear camera allows you to take pictures and videos using your Note3.
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  • 10
    GPS antenna - The GPS antenna will help you determine location
    It will also give you the option to navigate from one point to another.
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  • Questions and Answers

    Where are the inputs for the temperature and humidity sensors?

    Where are the inputs for the temperature and humidity sensors?

    Following the update to the Samsung Devices, there are currently no temperature or humidity sensors on the device. There may have been an option before, but there isn't at this time.

    External antenna to get better reception?

    I bought a case that seriously cramps my service. Any way to get better service with the case still on?

    You could get an external antenna for getting a better signal. It looks like this:

    Make sure the signal within your area is not really weak. (using an external antenna will not really do anything if that is the case)

    You can also contact your carrier to ask why the signal is weak on your part, ask if there is any way your phone could be wading off the signal.

    Try your phone without the case and check the signal, if the signal is okay without the case, consider buying a new one that will not interfere.

    Why is multipurpose jack weird looking and you can connect micro USB or double jack

    It may appear as a weird-looking thing that is built in on your phone, however, coming from its name as multipurpose jack, it works in multiple ways, specifically for transferring data, charging the phone using USB and can also be used for charging using the native charger for Samsung Galaxy note line. If you notice that some older phones do not have it kind of design to work in multiple ways, as it can only work for charging. If you look at the port on your phone, there are multiple pins residing inside and also the cable itself, those pins have their own purpose to work for data and for charging. It's been designed by the needs of features from the manufacturer and to work in multiple ways.

    Can I connect a USB keyboard to my Galaxy Tab 3 via the multipurpose jack?

    Can I connect a USB keyboard to my Galaxy Tab 3 via the multipurpose jack

    There are keyboards made specifically for the Samsung Tabs but a simple solution is using a Bluetooth keyboard. These are able to be used on any device that has Bluetooth built in. They are fairly inexpensive and widely available in stores and on websites like Ebay, Amazon, and NewEgg,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note3 from Verizon. I've got no reception now. I used to have great reception in my location. Where is the antenna jack on the model SM-N900V

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note3 from Verizon. Model number SM-N900V. I used to have excellent reception and now I get nothing to one spot at best. Where is the antenna jack on this phone so I can attach an antenna?

    If you used to get good reception then take your phone to Verizon and request they set up your network connections again. Your internal antenna may be damaged but that needs to be replaced carefully. The part on eBay retails for under $3. It is located at the bottom of your phone. There is no outward jack on the Note3 to plug in a portable antenna but you could purchase a cell tower booster for your home. These simply plug into a wall socket.

    AT&T signal is weak for SM-N9005?

    I have an SM-N9005. AT&T signal is too weak when I put it in my SIM card after purchase. So I visited AT&T store they just changed to a new SIM. After I got the new SIM, I checked the phone info. The model number is changed to 'N900A' also CSC is changed AT&T. Anyway, the signal is still too weak. I think this phone is supporting 4G LTE but now I just connect with 2G signal. I got "E" sign at network signal point sometimes. My question is: If I change the rear housing (for N900A), will I get a better AT&T signal? Actually, AT&T service doesn't know how to make it better. Please give me some good idea. Thanks.

    Go into your Settings to Network. Toggle to LTE only or Automatic. See if this makes a difference. Personally, I would do a hard reset to see if you get a change in how the new SIM is accepted and the phone functions. It sounds like there is a conflict issue that is stopping you. Changing the SIM should not give you a new model number.

    5 pins inside back cover above the batteries?

    What are the 5 pins meant for inside the back cover of Note3? Those are adjacent to the battery compartment

    These are your NFC/Antenna connections.

    Can I plug a PayPal card reader into the Note3?

    Note3 question for using PayPal

    Yes, the PayPal Here card reader plugs into your headphone jack on the Note3. Any Android with a headphone jack and Android 4.0 OS or higher can use the dongle.

    I broke the port on the motherboard for the external antenna and I have no network signal?

    T-Mobile Note3, need parts and or advice

    You will need to replace this. Without the antenna working then there is no way for the signal to reach the device. It is not recommended to do this on your own without professional help.

    Galaxy Note3 - back camera lens replacement?

    I have a cracked lens. Do I need to replace the back housing or does the lens itself come out of the back housing? Thank you

    The lens can be ordered as a separate piece. In this YouTube Tutorial you can see that the entire back housing needs to be taken off first for replacement. Although time-consuming, it is not that difficult to fix.

    I have a problem with echo on Note3. Anybody calling me hears his/her voice?

    Echo problem on Note3 ; anybody calling me hears echo of their voice

    Go into your Call Settings and disable Noise Reduction. You might also want to put a piece of tape over the microphone or remove any secondary hard cases you are using.

    Hi, my Note kept rebooting randomly and freezing, now the screen is just dark even if its on?

    I opened it and found one of the small metal things had fallen off but it was in the back. What can I do? Was it the cause of the problem?

    You had a loose connection from the LCD display that is now completely come apart. This will need to be repaired for you to see the screen again. Usually, this happens when you drop your phone. You think you did not do any damage when in fact the damage can't be seen like a loose cable connection.

    Is the GPS signal affected by magnetic back cover or induction receiver?

    My GPS freezes very often and I am trying to understand if it is a hardware issue

    There was an issue of freezing with Google Maps. They have since updated the app but you might have missed that update. Update any location apps you might be using and then put your phone into Recovery. Choose Wipe Cache Partition. Now see if the GPS apps are freezing. Also, check your storage. These map apps use a crazy amount of cached storage and if you are not regularly cleaning the cache on your phone then it will bog down and freeze when using the GPS.

    My Mic does not work anymore on my phone after cleaning the charging port?

    I was cleaning my charging port because the USB cable was having trouble charging the phone, so I cleaned out some dust from the port with a needle while the battery was out and now my Mic does not work when I talk to people.

    Right next to the charging port is the MIC port. It is highly likely that you pushed and dust or debris now into the mic port. Clean it the way that you did the charging port and see if this makes a difference. If not, then you could have disconnected a cable when cleaning.

    What does a digitizer look like?

    How hard is it to change the digitizer?

    You can see in this YouTube Tutorial what the digitizer looks like on the Note3 and how to replace it.

    The s pen what is the benefit of it whats the most important thing?

    What benefit is the s pen and how does it work best. I have tried: Nothing can't figure it out I don't know the benefit of the s pen on my Note3

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