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A lifehack will not be found in your dictionary, but it means any novel creation or activity that makes your everyday life more convenient or efficient. From novel ways of using items around your home you can do just that. Below are some lifehacks that you will find useful, and you will ask yourself, "Gee, why didn't I think of that already?" So read on and discover these lifehacks that you can begin using right away. Be sure to tell your family members and others about them, too. They will appreciate the lifehacks, and perhaps think fondly of you every time they use one of them.

How to Know the Best Lifehacks

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    What a match! Let's start off with one that will keep you from burning your fingers when you light a candle. It will come in handy at Grandma's next birthday party when she is 100 years young. To get that candle in the center, the trick is to save one stick of spaghetti from the birthday spaghetti dinner. Light the end of the dry spaghetti stick. It will continue burning like a long lighted match stick. Now you can light Grandma's birthday candles at the center without cooking your fingers in the process.
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    Don't be so quick to throw away those empty rolls of toilet paper. They make perfect holders for storing your cell phone charger cords.
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    Have a cold one! If you do not want someone to ostracize you for drinking a cold can of beer, use a can opener, and take the top off an empty soda can. Then insert a can of your favorite beer. Let them think you're drinking a cold Coke instead of that cold Budweiser.
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    Get rid of those nerve-wracking hiccups! This one works. Believe it or not I once had hiccups day and night for 11 straight days; even hiccuping in my sleep! Even after the ear-nose-throat doctor (otolaryngologist, but don't ask me to pronounce it) prescribed Xylocaine spray, it only slowed them down. A friend suggested to take a drink of apple cider vinegar, and surprisingly the hiccups curse ended within a minute! This should be a sure-fire remedy for you, too.
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    Protect your buttons - This is especially handy for active children. To prevent buttons from popping off clothes, cover the sewn threads with clear nail polish.
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    Open those plastic casings for new items easily and safely - To easily open those items that come to you in hard plastic casing, and prevent cuts, just use that winding-type can opener. It works like a charm!
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    If you are a bagel connoisseur, did you know that a bagel will fit perfectly in a CD spindle and cover? So, no need to discard that extra CD spindle. It will keep your bagel fresh for that snack away from home.
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    Find the right key immediately - Do you have a rough time finding the right key on that key chain? It is especially a challenge at night, and when you have two or more key identically shaped. The solution is to color code them with nail polish. If any of the keys go to a padlock, color code the padlock to match its key.
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    Untie those double-tied shoes in a split second - For a typical double-tied knot on your shoes, just pull the string on the right side. Voila! Your shoestring will instantly untie.
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    Use tape to make your shoe rack fit any shoe size. If you are using a shoe rack that stands like a bookshelf but only has two horizontal grids to hold the shoe per layer, don't be so quick to assume that it's only for bigger shoes. You can easily use a scotch tape to add extra horizontal grids so that smaller shoes won't fall off. Just make sure that you pull the tape tightly from both ends, so that it won't get loose in the middle of the stretch.
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    Buy boxes of baking soda and just keep them open inside the fridge to get rid of mixed food smell. If you are the type who dislikes the smell of food when you open the fridge, make sure that you put several boxes of baking soda on every corner of your fridge. You'll notice the effect right away and your fridge will smell more neutral.
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  12. 12
    Use nail polish to fix the run on your stockings. If you accidentally hooked your stockings into something sharp and it caused those unsightly runs, don't be too quick to throw them away. A few dabs of colorless nail polish will be able to mend the run and you can use the stockings all over again.
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    Use another bottle as a can opener. If you are out on a trip and forgot your bottle opener at home, don't fret. If you have another bottle to open, you can use that first as the bottle opener. Use the top part of the bottle with the cap on to unhook the cap on the other bottle. You'll be surprised how easy it is.
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    Hang clothes in the shower and let them absorb steam. If you are lazy to iron your clothes, hang them somewhere inside the bathroom where it can absorb the steam from hot shower. You will eventually notice that the creases are gone. If you still have to iron it, it will become relatively easier as compared when you would have to start from scratch.
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    Clip a few metal paper clips at the edge of your clothes a few hours before you wear them to get rid of static. What's really annoying, especially during winter time, are those clothes that simply clump into your body in a formless way. No matter how crease-free they are, if there is static, your clothes will still look very crumpled. Putting a few metal paper clips at the seam will absorb the electricity and remove the static from your clothes.
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